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Helping combat veterans in need

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The Xtreme Couture GI Foundation offers financial and emotional support to combat veterans and their families. It was formed to help ease the financial burdens many veterans experience during their return to civilian life.

Ensuring a smoother transition

Returning to civilian life following a tour of duty can be difficult for wounded veterans and their families. This is especially true if a veteran has an unexpected financial burden on top of the physical, mental and emotional strain they are already experiencing. The Xtreme Couture GI Foundation (XCGIF) was formed to help combat veterans and their families make a smoother and more successful transition to civilian life following their service.


The nonprofit gives returning soldiers grants to help them pay for housing, medical bills, mental health support, prosthetics and other essential items and services. They don’t have to repay the grants, and the XCGIF often deals with creditors on behalf of veterans to make things even easier for them.


In addition, the nonprofit helps fund consulting services for veterans affected by post-traumatic stress disorder, downsizing, lay-offs or job relocations. The XCGIF is there to ensure veterans have what they need to thrive once they get home.


The XCGIF was founded in 2009 by Randy Couture, an Army veteran and six-time Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion who knows firsthand about the needs of combat veterans. Couture is backed by an all-volunteer staff, which allows the nonprofit to give 100% of the money it raises directly to the veterans who need it.


“We have several combat veterans at our agency, so this cause is near to our hearts,” said Vincent Mannino II, the president of All Nevada Insurance. “We are honored to help these heroes make a healthy transition back to civilian life following their service.”


“We are honored to help these heroes make a healthy transition back to civilian life following their service.”

– Vincent Mannino II, President, All Nevada Insurance


Serving those who serve us

All Nevada Insurance has supported the foundation since 2010. About half of the agency’s 30 employees currently volunteer with the nonprofit in a variety of ways. They help with the set up, registration and check-in processes for the motorcycle riders during the nonprofit’s annual “Ride for the Troops” fundraising event.


They also donate money to three other annual programs run by the nonprofit, including their signature event, “Operation Knockout: Fight for our Troops,” an amateur mixed martial arts showcase. In 2022, this single event raised $137,000, which was distributed to about a dozen wounded soldiers and their families to help them cover living and medical expenses.


The agency’s long-running support also includes critical behind-the-scenes contributions. For example, along with serving as the chairman of “Operation Knockout,” Mannino II is a community ambassador for the nonprofit, helping spread awareness about the needs of combat veterans in Nevada and beyond.


Providing purpose and hope

The people at the XCGIF provide much more than financial assistance – they help combat veterans reclaim their sense of purpose and hope. While grant money certainly helps solve some short-term problems, it’s the mental and emotional support they offer veterans that has the most far-reaching effects.


“These veterans have sacrificed so much for us,” said Valerie Haney, COO/CFO of XCGIF. “Now it’s our turn to serve them, and we couldn’t do it without the steady support of All Nevada Insurance and other partners.”


“These veterans have sacrificed so much for us. Now it’s our turn to serve them.”

– Valerie Haney, COO/CFO, Xtreme Couture GI Foundation


Take a moment for veterans

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749 Votes
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1 year ago

Great organization

Randy Spence
1 year ago

Great way to support veterans in need!

Destinee Winburn
1 year ago

Thank you to our Veterans!

Tom Dormer
1 year ago

Thank you for your efforts in supporting our Veterans!

Mariah Kulkin
1 year ago

Good work!

Cassidy Arbeli
1 year ago

Let’s goooo!

Mariah Kulkin
1 year ago

Way to go!

Bob Donnelly
1 year ago

Awesome Charity

Mariah Kulkin
1 year ago


Kayla Chiara
1 year ago

Great work, team!

Cindy Kreutz
1 year ago

Good luck!

A. Pitts
1 year ago

Can’t wait to see the results!

Alexandria Turner
1 year ago

Thank you ANI for all that you are doing to support Veterans in need!

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