Supporting families when they need it most
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Supporting families when they need it most

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The Armer Foundation for Kids eases the financial burdens of families with children battling extreme medical conditions and life-altering conditions.

When a child is facing a serious illness, nothing else in the world matters for the families. Yet this heartbreaking situation can be made even worse when compounded with the pressure of having to pay staggering medical bills on top of the typical costs of living. This is particularly true should one or both parents or guardians need to stop working to care for a child.

The Armer Foundation for Kids serves families in and around Phoenix facing such situations. The nonprofit helps ease their financial burdens by paying for premiums, deductibles and various medical-related out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance. The foundation also covers the cost of medical equipment and transportation costs should families have to travel to receive essential care for their children.

We are forever grateful to the foundation for supporting our family financially and emotionally during the most difficult time of our lives.

– Eric Gidley, Principal, Diatom Insurance Company

Matt and Jennifer Armer are the owners of a Phoenix-based HVAC company. As their business grew, Jennifer met families with seriously ill children who were struggling to pay their medical bills. Seeing them dealing with the stress of caring for a sick child while also worrying about finances, Jennifer was moved to help. She organized yard sales, blood drives and other fundraising efforts to assist these families in need. Seeking to do more, she and Matt formed the Armer Foundation for Kids in 2019.

Eric Gidley, the marketing manager and co-owner of Diatom Insurance, and his ex-wife, Krystal Felts, experienced this trauma and relentless pressure first-hand. In 2018, their son Logan was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia). Over a three-year period, his cancer went into remission twice. Once, after receiving chemotherapy, and again following a bone marrow transplant. When the cancer returned a third time Eric and Krystal turned to the Armer Foundation for Kids for assistance in paying their mounting medical costs. The foundation responded by covering their medical bills as well as traveling expenses to Los Angeles so Logan could receive T-cell therapy. Tragically, Logan was too ill to receive the treatment and succumbed to his disease in 2021.

We are forever grateful to the foundation for supporting our family financially and emotionally during the most difficult times of our lives,” said Eric. “Now we want to help support other families when they need it most.”

The agency and its staff support the foundation by assisting with toy drives, blood drives, its annual fundraising gala and other events. They further assist by raising awareness of the cause. Eric and Krystal also worked with the foundation to create a program called Logan’s Healing Sounds Musical Memorial.

Logan had a passion for music and playing the clarinet, and one of his wishes was to help kids like him receive music therapy while in the hospital. In Logan’s honor, the program raises funds to purchase instruments for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and to hire a music therapist to work with the kids to find solace and strength in music.

“We support families facing the unthinkable so they can focus on the wellbeing of their child, not financial concerns.”

 – Jennifer Armer, Co-Founder, The Armer Foundation for Kids


Changing lives through generosity and love

Your vote can help the Armer Foundation for Kids cover hospital bills, prescriptions, medical equipment, transportation expenses, lodging costs and more for families so they can focus on caring for their children.

Help Diatom Insurance win $10,000 for the Armer Foundation for Kids by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below by June 30, 2024.

621 Votes
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1 day ago

Truly a great foundation!

1 day ago

Armer is a great nonprofit!

1 day ago

Such a deserving organization!

Amanda Z
3 days ago

Helping ease the financial burden while providing support to those in need is truly a wonderful cause.

4 days ago

Such an amazing & well-deserved organization!

4 days ago

Wonderful foundation helping many well deserving warrior children! They will make a great impact with this prize if chosen.

4 days ago

Armer Foundation is an incredible support to these families in need. Thank you for your dedication!

Jill Charles
4 days ago

They deserve this!

Breona Jaramillo
5 days ago

Glad we have organizations like this

Kenneth Gidley
5 days ago

A great organization

Renae Hardy
5 days ago

This organization sends the money directly to the families in need!

Esmeralda Lopez
7 days ago

A great organization!

Armer Air
10 days ago

Thank you so mucj

Zac m
11 days ago

They deserve this

Matt armer
11 days ago


Esmeralda Lopez
11 days ago

Amazing organization helping kids with extreme medical conditions. A true local gem!

Phil Leonardi
11 days ago

We’re in this together! Thanks for your great work! Play Like Robert.

Jessica B
12 days ago

Thank you for doing this!

13 days ago

Thanks for supporting such a great cause!

Eric Gidley
14 days ago

Thank you again Safeco for giving Diatom Insurance and the Armer Foundation the opportunity in reaching the foundation’s goal of supporting every family that needs help in our community.

Jennifer Armer
14 days ago

We are so excited to have been chosen

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