A home for healing

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A loving support system

Children facing a serious illness need a network of support to recover, and it begins with having parents and loved ones by their side. But when a family has to travel to access needed care, especially for an extended time, it can add financial strain to an already stressful situation. To help reduce this burden, Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a home away from home, free of charge, to families facing such a crisis.

There are Ronald McDonald Houses around the world, and each location plays an important role in its community. Located in Albany, NY, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region (RMHC-CR) gives parents and guardians across the region a comfortable place to stay, and much needed solace, as long as needed. It’s a loving support system that makes it easier for families to be actively involved in their children’s care.

Founded in 1982, the Albany chapter serves more than 400 families a year. The house has 25 private rooms and offers families access to kitchens, a dining area, laundry rooms, a family entertainment room and other amenities. Plus, several nights a week, guests are treated to home-cooked meals prepared by volunteers.

RMHC-CR also operates two other local facilities. One is a room inside a children’s hospital in Albany where families can rest and recharge. The other is a retreat facility in Lake George, New York, that is available to families with a child facing a serious illness.


“The staff and other volunteers of the Ronald McDonald House work so hard to reduce the stress on parents and guardians caring for a child experiencing an illness.”

– Michael Venezio, President, Northeastern Insurance


Rising to the challenge

Northeastern Insurance started supporting RMHC-CR just a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic began, so its 22 employees had to quickly think of creative ways to help. With in-person visits limited, the agency raised and donated money virtually to help pay for day-to-day necessities such as toiletries, laundry essentials, bedding, Covid tests and more. The staff also participated in food drives and helped prepare meals for families staying at the house.

When the lockdown prevented kids from enjoying regular outings and activities, the agency brought much needed entertainment to the children. It purchased new PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles, plus games, along with a 55” TV to play them on. Then they set it up in the family entertainment room and the kids were delighted. With everything they were going through, it gave them a chance to just be kids and feel a little more at home.

“We’re proud to support Ronald McDonald House Charities,” said Michael Venezio, President of Northeastern Insurance. “The staff and other volunteers work so hard to reduce the stress on parents and guardians caring for a child experiencing an illness.”


Expanding the nonprofit’s reach

In addition to donating time and money, Northeastern Insurance also helps spread the good word about nonprofit’s mission. Marketing Director Daphne Braun works closely with the leadership of RMHC-CR to coordinate events, amplify its outreach and increase its pool of donors. It’s a virtuous cycle that expands across the community.

“The support of local partners like Northeastern Insurance, Safeco and Liberty Mutual Insurance is vital to our mission of keeping families close to their child in treatment with all RMHC services provided free of charge,” said Dr. David Jacobsen, CEO of RMHC-CR. “When a child is in the hospital it’s important to care for the entire family. The support of our partners makes that happen and we’re so grateful.”


“When a child is in the hospital it’s important to care for the entire family. The support of our partners makes that happen and we’re so grateful.”

– David Jacobsen, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region


Relying on community compassion

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Jessica Wrigley
6 days ago

Keep the votes coming for this great cause!

David Harrison
6 days ago

Great cause!!

8 days ago

I know several people who have utilized these wonderful Homes!!

Bridgette Fredrick
8 days ago

HOH is a great program for young children and single moms.

Roger Grout
9 days ago

Love RMHC. GREAT Mission and wonderful staff & volunteers that make it happen for our families

10 days ago

Awesome all around!!!!!

Tara Ricard
10 days ago

Thank you Libert Mutual for choosing this worth cause

10 days ago

Always flipping Tabs for RM Houses.

Steph & Tim
11 days ago

Incredible cause, incredible people doing amazing things for families! Good luck, RMHC!

Ann Jeffrey
11 days ago

As a Ronald McDonald volunteer, I know that they are a wonderful charity. The families and their children always come first.

Jessica Wrigley
11 days ago

Happy to vote for this great cause!

Steph & Tim
12 days ago

Amazing charity, amazing people, fabulous families!!

Marian Price
13 days ago

I volunteer at RMHC. It’s a wonderful place to be when you have a sick child. Truly the House That Love Built.

Katharine B Harris
13 days ago

I contribute to the Ronald McDonald House annually and really appreciate the work they do and the solace and support they provide to parents with children in the hospital.

Ellen Kanuck
13 days ago

Truly “The House That Love Built”!

14 days ago

Great charity, they do a great job

Corky & Sylvia Risley
14 days ago

The RMHC of the Capital Region helped our family out immensely when our son was in ICU for TBI following a ski accident. Additional help was given to my wife by the director by bringing in special food for my wife as she has a Gluten allergy. What a great bunch of people

Patty Fusco
14 days ago

I love the RMHC of the Capital Region! The people, the house, the mission! Best non-profit around!

Steph & Tim
14 days ago

RMHC of the Capital Region is an extraordinary home with extraordinary people there to lend a loving hand to families during a very difficult time. Thank you for being there.

EJ Hayes
14 days ago

The RMH Charities of the Capital Region, Upstate NY has my vote.

14 days ago

RMHC is the best!

Regina Mintzer
14 days ago

I vote for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region, Upstate NY!!!

Eric Lawrence
14 days ago

I donate when I can afford to. The RMHC is a terrific charity.

14 days ago

RMHC is an extraordinary place doing outstanding work for a huge community. With love and kindness they do all they can to assist families in need.

Maria Debboli
14 days ago

Great Cause

14 days ago

1 more!!!

14 days ago

10k almost there!!!!

14 days ago

Amazing work, love RMHC

Cassidy M
14 days ago

Awesome! great work

14 days ago

Love the RMH. Everyone must help

14 days ago

Awesome work!

14 days ago

Amazing everyone!!

14 days ago

What a great cause!

14 days ago

Great work!!

14 days ago

15k wow!!

S Donnelly
14 days ago

Such a good cause!

14 days ago

Almost there!! Such a great cause!

14 days ago

Almost there!!

14 days ago

Great Job NE!

D Braun
14 days ago

So close to 15K!

Matthew S
14 days ago

Super close!!

Lynne Long
14 days ago

Great cause to support!!

Frances Batista
14 days ago

Great cause!!!!

Gianni Spensieri
14 days ago

Great Cause!

Joe Venezio
14 days ago

Great cause

14 days ago

Great cause!

14 days ago

Awesome job northeastern insurance

14 days ago

Awesome way to support a fantastic organization!! Great job!!

14 days ago

Great job NE!!!!

Matt E
14 days ago

Great job!!!

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