2024 Make More Happen winner toolkit

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You’re a 2024 Make More Happen Award winner! Liberty Mutual is proud to celebrate you, our agent partners and their nominated nonprofits, for the positive change you’re making locally. We’re excited to collaborate with you and inspire others in your community to create positive change too.

About the Make More Happen Awards

Financial support for community nonprofits

The nominated nonprofit has received an initial $5,000 donation commitment and a chance to double it to $10,000 through a voting campaign for your local community.

Promoting your cause

We know you might by shy about promoting your agency’s charity work, but the Make More Happen Awards is a chance to be inspirational and have fun celebrating an awesome nonprofit organization and cause you’re passionate about. We encourage you to be creative, using video and photos email and social media to rally your community to vote for your story.

Media outreach

Our partner, Tilson PR,  will do all the work to reach out to your local media outlets about your Make More Happen story and provide coaching for media interviews where appropriate. The team has supported Make More Happen teams since 2016, helping raise awareness about nonprofit causes in hundreds of communities across the country.

Program contacts

Alexis Holzer
Sr. Marketing Manager
Liberty Mutual
o: 206.664.9662
Jackie Rodriguez
Vice President
Tilson PR
o: 561.998.1995
Sarah Cobb 
Account Coordinator
Tilson PR

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Let’s get started!

Here are couple of items coming up to be aware of—and get started on now—ahead of your story launching next month!

Plan your content!

Within the month you are featured, you must receive 500 votes on your blog story to receive the additional $5,000 donation, so make sure you promote it in every way possible! Reach out to Alexis to brainstorm on content ideas or to be connected with a past Make More Happen winner to hear about their experience and strategy.

Approve your Make More Happen blog post

A Liberty Mutual writer will create your story from your award application and internet research. Then they will reach out to agency and nonprofit contacts for approval. Look out for an email from Alexis with an introduction to your assigned writer, and please give feedback or approval on the draft to them within two business days. This story will be published on this site for you to promote during the voting period.

Approve your first press release

To help promote your Make More Happen story and the nonprofit's mission throughout your community, Tilson PR will be pitching a press release to all your local media outlets. Look for an email from Sarah or Jackie with your press release and give feedback or approval within two business days. Please also provide them information on any media contacts you have where they can make a direct pitch, but please don't reach out to media directly to avoid confusion.


What to expect during the voting period.

Promote your story

Use agency and nonprofit communication channels to promote your Make More Happen blog and get people to vote by either clicking the vote button, leaving a comment or both! With a solid plan of action, teams typically reach their voting goal within a week.

We will promote your blog across our independent agent and IA consumer Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance social media channels, agent newsletters and ads. Tilson PR will pitch your blog to media and while placements are not guaranteed, they will share all media placements with you as they come in.

Track your votes

Each vote button click will automatically add a tally to the vote count, simply refresh the page the see comments added to your total vote count.

Reaching 500 votes earns the additional $5,000 donation and begins part two of our media activation: taking the large check photo for the second round of press outreach.

Promote your $10K!

After reaching the voting goal, the agency's territory manager will help coordinate a time to meet up and provide the large check for a PR photo, which will accompany the second round of press outreach Tilson PR conducts. See below for more information on the large check photo.

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Large check photo

Setting up the photo

  • A photographer is NOT provided and someone on your team will need to take the photo.
  • Use a high-quality camera on a smart phone to capture the image.
  • We request at least one person each from the agency, nonprofit and either Liberty, Safeco or State Auto employee be in the photo.
  • Other than that, include up to seven people in your photo and please provide a name, title and organization for each person in the photo when you send it.

Taking the photo

  • We prefer landscape orientation in front of either the agency or nonprofit logo.
  • Make sure all eyes are open, everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.
  • Feel free to take a variety of standard photos as well as more fun and creative versions to use in agency or nonprofit newsletters, etc.
  • Have each person complete the 2024 Make More Happen photo release form.

Sending the photo

  • Send the photo in the highest image quality possible, (such as “Original size” on an iPhone.)
  • We love variety so send a combination of standard and fun options.
  • Send photos to Alexis, Jackie and Sarah within one week of taking the photo.
  • IMPORTANT: Include everyone’s name, title and organization for the caption Tilson PR will send in the media press release.

Onboarding Toolkit 13

Social media

Tag us!

Follow and like Liberty Mutual and Safeco on all social media channels and be sure to tag us so we can share and engage with your content!

Donation details

When will the nonprofit receive the actual check?

  • The nonprofit will receive one check for the total donation amount in about one month from the end of the voting period. Likely after the large check presentation.
  • The check will be sent directly to the nonprofit.
  • If you feel that there has been a delay, or the check is lost, please contact Alexis.

Nonprofit W9 form

  • Send a signed copy of a W9 for the nonprofit, to Alexis as soon as possible.
  • Form must be completed on the October 2018 version. Earlier versions of the W9 form cannot be accepted.
  • If the check should go to a local chapter address instead of a national organization address location listed on the W9 form, please reach out to Alexis to see if special arrangements can be made.

Fidelity Charitable

  • Donations are made through a third-party donation custodian, Fidelity Charitable.
  • The nonprofit may be contacted be a Fidelty Charitable representative for due diligence and to confirm donation details.

Important info, FAQ's and to-do's


  • Let people know now about the voting and how to support your nonprofit ahead of the voting.
  • The voting period begins on or around the first day of the month and ends on or around the last day of the month. Exact dates be confirmed on your kick-off call.
  • Tilson will start pitching your first press release one week before the voting period.
  • Your blog will publish at least one day ahead of the start of your voting period.
  • Schedule the check presentation photo and meet up as soon as possible after reaching 500 votes.
  • Send your check presentation photo to Jackie, Sarah and Alexis within one week of the meeting.


Press and media

  • What if media contacts me? To avoid confusion on pitching your press release and conducting follow up with media, please forward all media requests and inquiries to Jackie.
  • Should I contact people I know in the media? Please forward your contacts to Jackie and Sarah, but feel free to let them know that Tilson PR will be contacting them about your story.
  • When will I be notified if I receive media coverage? Media coverage is not guaranteed, but we we will share secured stories in real time so you can share them out to your networks. We will also provide a full recap towards the end of the MMHA season program. 
  • Why don’t I see immediate media coverage? Media outlets typically work 1-2 weeks in advance while some post content within a few days of receiving the news. If there is breaking news, this could also affect the timeframe of the news coverage.

Agency to-do list

  1. Post award announcement.
  2. Plan, create and schedule content for the voting period.
  3. Approve Make More Happen blog with Liberty Mutual writer.
  4. Approve press release with Tilson PR.
  5. Send your social media handles to Alexis.
  6. Promote, promote, promote!
  7. Participate in large check presentation and photo, sign photo waivers and send photo with caption information.
  8. Thank your supporters.

Nonprofit to-do list

  1. Send a signed W9 form for the organization to Alexis.
  2. Plan, create and schedule content for the voting period.
  3. Approve Make More Happen blog with Liberty Mutual writer.
  4. Approve press release with Tilson PR.
  5. Send your social media handles to Alexis.
  6. Promote, promote, promote!
  7. Participate in large check presentation and photo and sign photo waivers.
  8. Thank your supporters.

Territory Manager to-do list

  1. Confirm your shipping address to receive the large check.
  2. Send out .oft about your winner and opportunity to vote.
  3. Post or reshare social media content to promote your winner during the voting period.
  4. Schedule and participate in the large check presentation and photo meet-up with agency and nonprofit. If needed, Tilson PR can help schedule this.

Canva, logo and copy downloads

Please reach out to Alexis with questions about logo use or if you need a different type of file.

There are a number of Canva templates created for the 2024 Make More Happen winners. You can set up a free account to drop your photos, change the text and add quotes and logos into our pre-made templates. Or feel free to create your own images for social media.

Please create a copy of the Canva file before customizing it.