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A place for healing and hope

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Denton County Friends of the Family provides compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence, partnering with the community to promote safety, hope, healing, justice and prevention.

DCFOF arose in the late 1970s from a 24-7 crisis hotline – jointly operated by the Denton chapter of the National Organization for Women and the Denton Area Crisis Center.

Many of those calling the hotline were victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. To provide a safe haven to those facing imminent danger, the organizations opened a 900-square-foot shelter in late 1978 near the Texas Woman’s University, naming it the Woman’s Project.

Before long, the Woman’s Project was grappling with financial challenges it couldn’t handle alone. The City of Denton stepped up to help, making a commitment of dollars and resources that would transform it into DCFOF – a full-fledged provider of services for victims of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.

Today, DCFOF operates a much larger emergency shelter and offers a host of programs and services to support this vulnerable population.

“Everyone has the right to live without fear, abuse or oppression,” says DCFOF executive director Toni Johnson-Simpson. “Working together we can change attitudes about – and how we respond to – relationship violence and sexual assault.”

Working together we can change attitudes about – and how we respond to – relationship violence and sexual assault.

– Toni Johnson-Simpson, DCFOF executive director


Disrupting cycles of abuse

DCFOF clients have access to free services, including but not limited to counseling, legal services, child-play therapy, on-site childcare, and case management services. They also have two emergency shelters and assist with transitional housing.

Aligned with their supporters, Denton County Friends of the Family is committed to investing in safety, hope, healing, justice, and prevention for victims of sexual and domestic violence across the Denton County community. In the past year alone, DCFOF has delivered over 29,000 hours of service for community members across their programs. Their devoted team responded to 6,369 crisis line calls, delivered over 6,534 hours of legal services, and ensured the safety of over 3,480 clients and their families. Through the generous contributions of donors and volunteers, DCFOF is able to continue providing life-saving resources for women, children, and families across Denton County.

DCFOF places a special emphasis on helping children heal. Over the summer, Camp HOPE America-Denton offers kids a week-long trauma-informed camping and mentoring experience. Participating youth gain experience and learn skills that help them break the generational cycle of domestic violence.

The nonprofit at the same time emphasizes outreach and education in the community. That outreach includes a 27-week course for anyone prone to controlling or otherwise abusive behaviors, teaching them new ways to communicate and process their feelings without violence.


Creating cycles of hope

The Denton community has witnessed the vital services DCFOF provides and responded accordingly. While most of the revenues the nonprofit needs come from government grants, a sizeable share stems from community contributions.

One of DCFOF’s most ardent supporters, Ryan Everet Insurance contributes whenever and wherever it can, through both volunteer work – agency director Linda Dodson serves on the board – and fundraising.

Among the agency’s most memorable fundraisers was a recent raffle it organized with local bike shop Velo Republic for a 2020 SE Marshawn Lynch BEASTMODE Ripper 27.5” bike. Wild in style and performance, much like its NFL running back namesake, the bike garnered more than $2,100 in raffle ticket proceeds – all of which went to DCFOF.

“We had an absolute blast delivering the bike and seeing the community’s excitement for the raffle drawing,” says agency owner David Call.

“We had an absolute blast delivering the bike and seeing the community’s excitement for the raffle drawing.”

– David Call, Ryan Everet Insurance owner.


Help Ryan Everet Insurance win $10,000 for DCFOF by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below. Voting ends March 30, 2024.

715 Votes
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4 months ago

Keep up the good work.

4 months ago

Super Cool

4 months ago


Gwen Ward
4 months ago

I’ve worked with abuse and trauma for more than thirty years and the need has never been greater. This team has stepped up to the forefront supplying answers to the need especially for children. In any society, they are our future and command priority. You’re to be congratulated when you commit to reach out to these with efforts or funding. You can be assured you can aid in changing lives and growing community strength and love.

4 months ago

Amazing group!

4 months ago

One of the greatest organizations there is! Thanks, Ryan Everest Ins, for partnering with them on this!

4 months ago

Awesome job guys

David Call
4 months ago

Love this!

4 months ago

Great Denton County Friends of the Family

Toni Johnson-Simpson
4 months ago

Such an awesome partnership between local business and a non-profit organization!

4 months ago

Denton County Friends of the Family is an agency with an important mission doing amazing work for the community!

Mary Ecret
4 months ago

Yeah DCFOF and Ryan Everet Insurance

Greg Illston
4 months ago

Great work!

Olivia Astrue
4 months ago

This is such important work! Great nomination!

4 months ago

Great job

4 months ago

Keep up the good work!

4 months ago

DCFOF is the best!!!

4 months ago

Yay DCFOF!!!

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