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Spring 2020 Make More Happen winners

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These 17 agencies won a Make More Happen Award for demonstrating extraordinary volunteer service to a nonprofit. Each team has won a $5,000 donation for the nonprofit, but you can help them earn more!

Good luck to all the winners and thank you to every agent who gives back to their community!

Spring 2020 Make More Happen Winners 1

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3 Votes
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Jami F. Cook, Sr. Territory Manager - Ohio
4 years ago

Congratulations to all Safeco Partners and the nonprofit organizations! Hunter Williams Insurance has been dedicated to the mission of the Stephen A. Hunter Hope Fund – providing Lunch/Snack Packs for local children throughout Southeast Ohio! Thank you for your dedication & partnership Mark & Virgie Hunter!

Anton Kalna
4 years ago

Can you still submit a photo to be a winner or is it too late?

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