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IPS agents Brook Burt, Bridget Portis, and Clancy Walker deliver 80 hygiene packs to Show Power MS. They even brought doughnuts!
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Insurance Protection Specialists (IPS) in Flowood, Mississippi, has been named a Change Agent—earning a $3,000 donation from Safeco and Liberty Mutual to Shower Power MS, which provides mobile showers and other services to homeless individuals in the Jackson area. IPS agent Clancy Walker first learned about Shower Power through her friendship with the founder; now, the entire agency supports the effort. Here, she shares her giving story.

At IPS, we’ve always wanted to actually serve in our community, instead of just writing a check. Don’t get me wrong—financial support is vital, and we strive to provide that when we can as well. But “hands-on” help, like delivering lunches to workers at care facilities and volunteering our time for nonprofits, is more personal and meaningful to us.

That fits in perfectly with the mission of Shower Power MS, which was started by a friend of mine, Teresa Renkenberger. While Shower Power serves the homeless population in the Jackson area by providing clothing and meals, the organization’s main focus is something a little more personal, too—it offers mobile showers and hygiene resources.

You might not think that’s a big deal, but to these folks, it can be transformative. As Teresa likes to say, it’s more than a shower: It shows them that people truly care, and it goes a long way toward restoring dignity. One man even told her that he needed a shower more than he needed food! That’s how important a simple shower can be.

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The team at IPS and Shower Power MS got creative to thank their community for voting their photo to first place!


Even homeless shelters don’t always offer access to showers. So Teresa spearheaded an effort to convert a food truck into a mobile shower unit—here, in two separate stalls, individuals have hot and cold water, soap, shampoo, and some much-needed privacy. Shower Power serves 60-70 people each week, and they’re planning to create a space with washers and dryers for clients to do laundry.

Everyone at IPS takes part in our volunteering, from donating clothing and food to putting together hygiene packs—we made 80 of those recently. Each had deodorant, tissues, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, lotion, and lip balm. Delivering them (along with doughnuts, because everyone needs doughnuts at least once in a while) was so humbling and rewarding; we’re hoping to plan activities like this at least once a month.

Even though it’s not the goal of our charitable efforts, we have found that volunteering has an impact on our business. Clients are proud of our involvement in the community—they mention it in testimonials, and some have gotten involved themselves with the organizations we support. People have become clients after meeting us at volunteer events, too.

Of course, the best part of volunteering is the great feeling it gives you. And knowing that our work with Shower Power is helping others to feel better about themselves makes it even more powerful.

Insurance Protection Specialists
Insurance Protection Specialists agents Brook Burt, Bridget Portis, and Clancy Walker deliver 80 hygiene packs to Show Power MS. They even brought doughnuts! Shower Power MS provides hot showers to the homeless in downtown Jackson, MS. All eight IPS agents bought supplies and packed ten hygiene kits each with deodorant, tissue, toothpaste and brush, a razor, lotion and chapstick. Shower Power is more than a shower. They bring hospitality to the streets by delivering mobile hygiene services to people experiencing homelessness. For them, it’s about taking time to show people you care and restoring their dignity by providing them with the resources they need for self-care.
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Ronnie Moore
3 years ago

That’s another blessing guys! Keep up God Will to help others

Jami Paul
3 years ago

Shower Power is so amazing! Other than providing showed for those in need, they provide food, clothing, some essentials and most importantly LOVE and compassion, friendship and conversations. I could go on & on.

Reshea Alford
3 years ago

Thank you for being a servant. You have a heart gold.

Penny Lee
3 years ago

This is a great thing. My work Eye Care Professionals gave supplies at Christmas

3 years ago

Thank you for helping Shower Power

Gail Butler
3 years ago

This is a wonderful project!!! But, Why isn’t everyone wearing a mask?

Nancy Howell
3 years ago


3 years ago

Keep up the great work! ❤️

Johnson House
3 years ago

Shower Power to God’s glory!

Renee Knott
3 years ago

An amazing ministry! Shower Power touches lives in so many ways. I love watching this outreach continue to grow. I’m a Mississippi gal living in ATL and I couldn’t be prouder!

Clancy Walker
3 years ago
Sherrie McCall
3 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful help that you provide for people.

Bruce Cauthen
3 years ago

Shower Power is a Great service to the homeless community. They do so much more than merely provide showers. Above and beyond the call of duty…you might add. The volunteers and staff are kind, friendly, and professional. They are a God send. I should know. I should know better than anyone afterall they saved me from the streets! God Bless.

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