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RBI Services strongly believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed and that inclusion for all is important. 
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The Autism Success Foundation, formerly known as the 1 in 68 Foundation, works with students who have been identified to be on the Autism spectrum.  In August, RBI purchased 25 masks to be used in local schools by teachers who work in the special education field through the Autism Success Foundation.  Many individuals who are on the autism spectrum are uncomfortable not being able to see a person’s mouth when they are being spoken to.  This can hinder a student’s progress because their attention will not be fully on the lesson being taught.  RBI is proud to know that they have provided a contribution to the betterment of a student!

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3 years ago

Need to win. Go Jimmy

John Richards
3 years ago

Gotta love RBI Services team

Jen Omohundro
3 years ago

Love the team at RBI!

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