Lisa Miller
Wallace & Turner, Inc.

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Lisa Miller, operations manager and commercial lines account manager at Wallace & Turner, Inc., serves on the board for On-The-Rise.
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A uniquely structured year-round farm program, On-The-Rise serves at-risk youth, ages 10-14, throughout Clark County, Ohio. On-The-Rise works with students to develop life skills, social skills and employment skills to set the stage for their success. Students learn responsibility by caring for goats and chickens, doing farm chores and running a brown egg business, while also enhancing their academic abilities by working with tutors on areas of struggle. Wallace & Turner, Inc. has insured On-The-Rise since its inception in 2002 and supports events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Lisa is pictured at the On-The-Rise farm to visit with students and meet the new baby goats they are raising.

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Claudia Truman
3 years ago

On-The-Rise is a wonderful program! Assuming the responsibilities related to farm animals and chores is such a great opportunity for these kids to develop strong work ethics and compassion, to interact with each other and to achieve rewarding satisfaction for their efforts. I hope this program continues for many years to come!

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