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Consumers want more than just insurance from their independent agent. They want to know they’re doing business with a company that cares.

The Make More Happen Awards recognize, honor and reward independent agents who exemplify this mentality with nonprofit donations of up to $10,000 on their behalf and we’ll work with the agency to spread the good news to their community.

What’s new:

Make More Happen Award resources

Encourage agents who show extraordinary volunteer efforts and commitment to a specific nonprofit to apply for a Make More Happen Award. These are $10,000 grants given in the agent’s name to their chosen nonprofit. We also raise public awareness of the agency and the nonprofit by providing local media support for winners.

Make More Happen Award program overview (share with agents)

Help your agents participate in Make More Happen with the below resources:

If no one in the agency is active with a nonprofit:

You and the agency have some work to do—but it’s easy to get started and even small efforts count toward showing the public the agency has a heart.

Provide these agents with the Community Engagement Guide and talk them through those first few pages which explain why it’s so important to be a business that gives back.

Email with questions.