Working together to create lasting change
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Working together to create lasting change

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Life Remodeled works with communities and organizations across Detroit to create neighborhood revitalization that lasts.

Life Remodeled was formed in 2010 by a small group of friends with an ambitious goal: to bring people together to improve lives by revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods. This group soon discovered they were not alone as hundreds of individuals and local businesses rallied to their cause.

The nonprofit’s unique model is to purchase and repurpose vacant school buildings into one-stop hubs of opportunity where families can thrive. These hubs house the best and brightest nonprofit organizations and facilitate collaboration to create transformations not previously possible when working alone.

Life Remodeled has three specific goals for its work. First, to ensure students in Detroit perform at or above grade level in math and reading. This is critical because 88% of third grade students in Detroit are currently reading below grade level. Second, to expand access to essential health and wellness services because 30% of city residents can’t access the healthcare they need. And third, to help community members obtain higher paying jobs in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

This comprehensive approach involves after-school programs and tutoring, workforce development and training and leadership programs to mold the next generation of community leaders.


Transforming communities, together

As Dearborn’s oldest insurance agency, the company has a vested interest in improving the lives of its residents. The agency first learned of Life Remodeled when they became a client in 2015. After learning about the nonprofit’s remarkable work in the community, the owners and 20 employees of the agency began enthusiastically supporting their quest to build a safe and productive environment for the youth of Detroit. It does this by donating about $10,000 per year and pledging volunteer hours to a number of programs and initiatives.

The agency participates in the nonprofit’s annual Six Day Project, which mobilizes thousands of volunteers to tackle specific areas of need. The agency sends two teams out to remove blight from vacant properties and to beautify and improve community centers operated by the nonprofit. The agency also attends the 313 Program, an annual networking event that gathers the nonprofit’s top 50 supporters and donors to collaborate on innovative ways to create more opportunities for residents in underserved areas of the city.


Fulfilling hopes and dreams

The agency also participates in Life Remodeled’s annual Career Vision Day where hundreds of local businesses educate youth about career options. The Dearborn Agency staff set up a booth to encourage young people to consider insurance as a future career that provides flexibility, professional development, helping the community and more.

In 2022, the agency sponsored Christmas gifts for nine families to make their holiday even brighter. “We love and support what Life Remodeled is doing for the people of Detroit — especially our youth,” said Jessica Juracek, the vice president of operations at The Dearborn Agency. “Many of our employees grew up in areas experiencing blight and struggle and we love supporting an organization that is restoring beauty to our neighborhoods and offering a safe and productive environment for the youth of the city.”

“We love and support what Life Remodeled is doing for the people of Detroit — especially our youth.”

– Jessica Juracek, Vice President of Operations, The Dearborn Agency

Life Remodeled is dedicated to increasing access to the opportunities that everyone deserves so they can reach their full potential. And they are succeeding.

“Our organization thrives because of our passionate partners, including volunteers like those at the Dearborn Agency, along with community organizations, donors, corporations and others,” said Diallo Smith, president and COO of Life Remodeled. “Our collective success shows what is possible when we prioritize the needs, hopes and dreams of our young people. When we work together, we all thrive.”

“Our collective success shows what is possible when we prioritize the needs, hopes and dreams of our young people.”

– Diallo Smith, President and COO, Life Remodeled


Building for the future

Your vote can help fund a current campaign by Life Remodeled to renovate and transform a vacant building in the Denby community of east Detroit into a community center that will provide youth programs, workforce development initiatives and healthcare resources for local families.


Help The Dearborn Agency win $10,000 for the Life Remodeled by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below by August 9, 2024.

515 Votes
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2 days ago

Thank you Dearborn Agency for your continued support!

2 days ago

Thank you for all ya’ll do!

2 days ago

Go Team!!

Chris Lambert
2 days ago

We LOVE the Dearborn Agency and are very grateful for this opportunity with “Liberty, Liberty, LIBERTY… Liberty!”

Kristen Juracek
2 days ago

Life Remodeled have done amazing things for the city over the years. We are so happy to be a part of it.

Brooke Adams
3 days ago

We are so grateful for our friends at the Dearborn Agency! 🙂 THANK YOU!!

Rob Shoemaker
3 days ago

What a great cause and a great agency! Keep up the great work!

Stacey Mitchell
3 days ago

Wonderful job supporting your community!

Lauryn Gibas
3 days ago

Life Remodeled has helped change the lives of many children and community members in Detroit. Voting is the least I can do to support their efforts! Vote Vote Vote!

Maegan Krigelski
3 days ago

Love EVERYTHING about this!! Let’s get that $10,000!

Dawn Bennett
3 days ago

Nothing makes me smile more than people willing to serve and give back to their community! What a great organization!

3 days ago

The Dearborn Agency has been there supporting Life Remodeled from the beginning. Way to go!!!

Drew Marshall
3 days ago

This is amazing! Love what they do.

Jim McCarthy
3 days ago

What a great cause! Cheering Life Remodeled on.

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