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Founded in 2015 by an 8-year-old girl battling cancer, Team Hailey Hugs runs donation drives and provides support and funding to children who are fighting the same fight as she was. The nonprofit continues to fundraise and raise awareness of childhood cancer.

In 2015, an 8-year-old girl named Hailey Steward from Bethel, Maine was battling cancer. Even though Hailey was fighting her own fight, putting a smile on other kids’ faces put a smile on hers, which is why she founded Team Hailey Hugs, a nonprofit dedicated to collecting donations, raising funds and promoting legislation related to childhood cancer.


Raising awareness and helping children

Since 2015, Wheelers Insurance has been directly involved with Team Hailey Hugs; CEO Michelle Walker serves as a board member of the nonprofit. Their mission was very close to home: multiple staff members of Wheelers Insurance have had children in their lives diagnosed with cancer. “We are a small, tight-knit community; we are all very familiar with the others around us, so a loss of a child to one is a loss to us all,” said Walker. All members of Wheelers Insurance volunteer for a nonprofit, and many employees have had repeated involvement in fundraising for Team Hailey Hugs.


“We are a small, tight-knit community; we are all very familiar with the others around us, so a loss of a child to one is a loss to us all.”

—Michelle Walker, CEO at Wheelers Insurance and board member at Team Hailey Hugs


After Hailey passed, her mother Tabitha Steward – known affectionately in the community as “Momma Bear” – was committed to advocating for children with cancer as the President of Team Hailey Hugs. The nonprofit works to fulfill the things that Hailey used to love to do to help others, including pajama drives, hat drives, offering gift cards to children and more.


Tabaitha has spent countless hours spending time with kids affected, while fundraising and working to pass bills in the state of Maine – one that made March the official Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and another that allows people to donate directly to Maine Children’s Cancer Research Fund when they file their state income taxes. “I will continue to fight this fight for the families, for funding, and to make sure she and so many others are remembered. Our kids deserve more; they deserve a cure,” said Steward.


“I will continue to fight this fight for the families, for funding and to make sure Hailey and so many others are remembered. Our kids deserve more; they deserve a cure.”

—Tabaitha Steward, president at Team Hailey Hugs


Contributing however they can

Wheelers Insurance works annually alongside Tabaitha and the rest of Team Hailey Hugs to put together the Go Gold Event every Labor Day weekend. These events help raise money for the nonprofit, offering a day of fun activities for children and families alike. After taking a two-year hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Go Gold Event was brought back in 2022 with a bang.


In addition to contributing to this event, the agency also regularly uses social media to spread the word about Team Hailey Hugs and their mission. The nonprofit has been Wheelers Insurance’s Referral Rewards Program partner for years, meaning every time the agency receives a referral, they make a donation to a nonprofit.


In support of such an important cause that affects and devastates so many families, employees of Wheelers Insurance have long been contributing to Team Hailey Hugs in whatever ways they are able. “We genuinely care about our community and want to help,” said Walker.


Help Wheelers Insurance win $10,000 for Team Hailey Hugs by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below.

1229 Votes
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8 months ago


[…] The original post in here: agentgiving.com/wheelers-insurance/ […]

1 year ago

Love it!!

Mariah Kulkin
1 year ago


1 year ago

Always will support

Nicole Wawrzonek
1 year ago

Wonderful cause, you have my vote!

Richard Kanto
1 year ago

Great cause and work by your agency! Congratulations!

Lora Rinow
1 year ago

Team Haileys Hugs does the most amazing things for families dealing with this horrific disease….they are awesome❤️

Michelle Boudreau
1 year ago

What a WONDERFUL thing Wheelers is doing by being a part of this! Even though I did not personally know Hailey, I can tell she touched so many in the short years she was given here on earth. Now that she is an Angel she continues to give by inspiring others to fight and the Amazing things Team Hailey Hugs does to help others who are fighting. IF I could vote every day I would to help cheer this cause on to Victory!

Last edited 1 year ago by Michelle Boudreau
Deborah McKenna
1 year ago

Please take a few minutes and vote for Team Hailey Hugs!!

Margaret Haberman
1 year ago

Please give your vote to this great organization!

Suzanne Newsom Pierce
1 year ago

Please vote for this great organization. Kids and their famiesneed our help.

Lori Swain
1 year ago

Team Hailey Hugs is one the most important non profit groups in our community. This group goes above and beyond the scope of work for family’s that have a child with cancer. They all care 110%.

Wanda York
1 year ago

Please vote it’s a great organization fighting for a great cause

1 year ago

Please vote for this great organization!!

1 year ago

Team Hailey Hugs is such a worthy cause. Please vote!

Penny Philbrick-Carver
1 year ago

Wheeler’s Insurance is truly a community-minded business. My claim with them was promptly handled and all my questions answered with professionalism. I’m glad I found them in my search for new coverage.

Heather Mason
1 year ago

What a great force of nature this little girl was and continues to be a source of hope for so many!

Kerrie Childs
1 year ago

My son Chance will always hold a special place in his heart for Hailey. They were ring pop buddies as they would say!!

Sara Estes
1 year ago

Team Haliey Hugs spreads much needed love and support. They see and treat everyone dealing with the unfathomable nightmare of childhood cancer as family and the world needs more of this until a cure is found. Thank you for all you do with Hailey’s spirit ❤️

Last edited 1 year ago by Sara Estes
Doug FitzGerald
1 year ago

Such beauty when one sweet voice makes our spirits soar together.

Kim Goudreau
1 year ago

Love Team Hailey Hugs and all our butterfly has done for other kids!!

John Steward
1 year ago

Love team hailey hugs and all they do

Debbie Wight
1 year ago

She was an inspiration for the entire community.

Leanna Bowie
1 year ago

Love Team Hailey, Love our Wheelers, and love Safeco&Liberty Insurance ❤️

Last edited 1 year ago by Leanna Bowie
Missy Wakefield
1 year ago

#WeAreAllFamily in the words of Hailey Steward our butterfly

Julie Berry
1 year ago

We are all family

1 year ago

Please vote for this amazing organization!

Tabaitha Steward
1 year ago

Please vote kids lives matter

Lou Marin
1 year ago

Vote for our beautiful children!

maryvonne Wheeler
1 year ago

Such a worthy cause . Please vote.

Lacey Zawojski
1 year ago

This is amazing! lets make this happen!

Michelle Walker
1 year ago

So proud to be apart of these amazing networks! From the bottom of my heart, thank YOU Safeco & Make More Happen!

Diane Merrill
1 year ago

Best team ever! Wheelers, Hailey’s Hugs & Safeco!

Daniel MacNeil
1 year ago

Such a great cause!!!! Conrats to Wheelers for making this happen and let’s get that $10k for Team Hailey!

Leanna Bowie
1 year ago

<3 <3 <3 <3

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