Protecting good days for children with brain cancer
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Protecting good days for children with brain cancer

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The Payton Wright Foundation provides financial assistance to families of children being treated for cancer of the brain and spinal cord — so that families can focus on their child’s treatment and recovery.

Going into Payton’s first surgery, her dad remembers her looking up at him and saying “Don’t worry, Dad. It’s gonna be a good day.”

Payton Wright was as loving and generous as she was spunky and strong-willed. She commanded attention when she walked into a room. She was fascinated with frogs, after being convinced that one had stolen her beloved binky when she was two years old.

When Payton passed away in 2007 at five years old from a rare form of brain cancer, her family was determined to honor Payton’s memory and help other families going through similar things. Thus, The Payton Wright Foundation was born, complete with a fighting spirit and a frog mascot.

“The collective support from CBIZ Insurance Services has allowed us to support dozens of families through the hardest time in their lives. Payton would be so proud.”

– Patrick Wright, board president at The Payton Wright Foundation, vice president at CBIZ Insurance Services and Payton’s dad


Easing the burden on families

Families of children with critical illnesses face severe financial burdens that make an already unbearable situation even worse. Payton’s parents Patrick and Holly Wright understood this all too well.

“We’ve heard stories of families with multiple children who have to decide whether to keep their power on or fill the gas tank to drive their child to treatment,” said Patrick Wright. “That’s not right, and we had to do something about it.”

They decided the most helpful thing their foundation could do was provide financial assistance for things like gas, transportation, rent, mortgages, utility bills and more so that families can focus on what matters most — their child’s treatment and recovery.


Payton’s story inspires action

As Patrick Wright’s colleagues at CBIZ Insurance Services got to know him and hear stories about Payton, they couldn’t help but be moved to act. At least 20 employees started volunteering and raising money for The Payton Wright Foundation.

Today, the CBIZ team has logged over 500 hours of volunteer time and raised countless amounts of funds for The Foundation’s mission.

“The collective support from CBIZ Insurance Services has allowed us to support dozens of families through the hardest time in their lives,” said Wright. “It means so much to be able to help families in this way and to have my colleagues with me. I know Payton would be so proud.”


Collective effort to relieve families

Not only are CBIZ Insurance employees passionate about Patrick’s cause, but their clients are, too. Last year, CBIZ employees and clients were instrumental in helping The Foundation raise $225,000 at their golf fundraiser for families in need.

“Working with The Payton Wright Foundation has brought our entire team closer.”

– Greg Cryan, CBIZ Insurance Services agency principal


“Working with The Payton Wright Foundation has brought our entire team closer,” said Greg Cryan, CBIZ agency principal. “We are supporting our colleague and friend Patrick, we are helping families in tremendous need and we are enjoying time together as a team. It doesn’t get any better.”

It’s gonna be a good day

If awarded $10,000 from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance, The Payton Wright Foundation would be able to help even more families, paying for everyday bills like car payments, utilities and rent so families can focus on their children’s care.

Like the silver frog that Holly Wright gave her daughter to keep in her pocket as a symbol of hope and strength, The Payton Wright Foundation will continue to uplift other children so they know it’s gonna be a good day.


Help CBIZ Insurance Services win $10,000 for The Payton Wright Foundation by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below by May 31, 2024

1334 Votes
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20 days ago

I love how this foundation helps so many families during the hardest time of their lives Thank you! For what you do.

20 days ago

An amazing foundation

Maddie Huffmaster
21 days ago

Thank you for all you do!

Kim Russo
22 days ago

Good luck and God Bless!

Yvonne Sica
25 days ago

Voted for your foundation and will continue all month. Try Hank you for all you do for BT families. It’s been awhile since we have seen you.

Last edited 25 days ago by Yvonne Sica
Haley Cannon
25 days ago

God bless you and your family, Patrick. Way to keep on Payton’s legacy. 

Philip Dae Han
25 days ago

I really admire CBIZ for being so generous. Best of luck!

Blake kelly
26 days ago

Keep helping families!

26 days ago

Great organization & cause that truly supports families in a way that immediately impacts them

Diane Radel
26 days ago

A wonderful organization that helps so many families!

26 days ago

What an amazing foundation!!

Kim Russo
26 days ago

God Bless you all!

Yarelys Vega
26 days ago

You are doing amazing work to help these families in need of support. Thank you!

26 days ago

Wonderful foundation. Thank you for all you do!

Nena Morelli
26 days ago

This is the most worthwhile foundation! So many families are being helped!

26 days ago

It is a blessing to help others and a bigger blessing to help children.

26 days ago

Kids need us. Let’s show them we care.

Stephanie Virden
26 days ago

Let’s help as many families as possible! Every vote counts!!

Holly Wright
27 days ago

Thank you for helping us help more families!

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