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City Center serves youth and families in under-resourced communities in Oklahoma City through programs and events that address both immediate and long-term needs.

Finding potential in everyone

City Center addresses pressing needs and challenges facing young people with more than a handout. The team offers guidance and creative pathways to confidence, self-worth and restoration.

Through partnerships and support from faithful donors, City Center helps youth and families get the essentials such as healthy food, hygiene products, clothing, school supplies and more. The organization also promotes valuable life skills through vocational training, educational support, mentorship, after school and summer programs and athletic activities to help young people create better lives for themselves.

The nonprofit was founded in 2016 by Jed and Julie Chappell, two people who understand firsthand the challenges faced by youth in crisis. Jed, a former drug dealer and self-described thug, managed to escape a cycle of poverty, violence and near death by becoming a pastor and committing his life to helping others. Julie was once a single mother living on welfare who relied on her faith and the goodness of others to help her rise above her troubled circumstances. Today, she’s passionate about supporting single mothers with love and dignity, empowering them to become self-sufficient members of the community.


Showing up for kids

Since opening, the nonprofit has served more than 500,000 meals through its food pantry and nutrition program, given away more than 200,000 articles of clothing and donated more than 5,000 backpacks with supplies for students. “We support City Center because we see the positive effects they’re having across the city,” said Richard Brown, co-founder and vice president of Centennial Insurance Group. “While focused on empowering youth, their holistic approach also helps entire families become whole again.”


“While focused on empowering youth, City Center’s holistic approach also helps entire families become whole again.”

– Richard Brown, Co-founder and VP, Centennial Insurance Group, Inc.


Centennial Insurance Group has steadily supported the nonprofit since 2018 with time, talent and donations. Team members volunteer at City Center’s summer meal program to assist with preparing and serving food several times a month. They also help gather and donate lightly used apparel for City Center’s clothing initiative, which allows people of all ages to select clean, free, well-fitting clothes so they look sharp and feel confident going to a job interview or attending school. Plus, throughout the year, the agency promotes the nonprofit’s work through its business network, social media and community events to reach those in need — and those who can further help support the cause.


An ecosystem of support

City Center’s collective model brings together local nonprofits, businesses, government agencies and churches to provide a web of support while eliminating duplication of services.

“The Centennial Insurance Group team is a key part of the local ecosystem of support that youth need to be successful,” said Jed Chappell, founder and CEO of City Center. “Along with helping young people, this collaboration helps build community and makes all of us stronger.”


“The Centennial Insurance Group team is a key part of the local ecosystem of support that youth need to be successful.”

– Jed Chappell, Founder and CEO, City Center


Providing hope and healing

Help Centennial Insurance Group, Inc. win $10,000 for City Center by taking a moment to add your vote below.

640 Votes
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Amy Lemaniak
1 year ago

LOVE the City Center! Did a short mission trip there and Jed & Julie are so amazing!

1 year ago

City Center is so amazing! To see all they offer our youth is incredible.

Christy Johnson
1 year ago

City Center has being an amazing resource to the families in the community!! They have made an amazing impact in our city!

Shannon Gorman
1 year ago

Love this!!!

1 year ago

The people that started the city center are such amazing people! The city center does so much for the community and is such a blessing!!

Kelly Gitchel
1 year ago

Wonderful place for youth and all that they support

1 year ago

City Center was very welcoming to my group and made us all feel like family. It was amazing to get to serve beside them!

1 year ago

City Center is an incredible group giving so much to the youth in OKC!

Jeremiah Thomas
1 year ago

Love city center and everything it’s done for me and my family. I am very thankful to have city center as family and can’t wait to see what the future has.

1 year ago

City Center is the best

1 year ago

Thank you everyone for all the love and support.

Christina Mummey
1 year ago

City center is awesome!!!

Kayla Chiara
1 year ago

Love this story!

Russell Eustace
1 year ago

Amazing group pouring back into our city.

Ali Molloy
1 year ago

City Center is such an amazing part of our community! We are grateful for all they do!

Elizabeth Partain Wood
1 year ago

An amazing resource for youth in our community!

Chad Mohler
1 year ago

City Center is the hands and feet, making things happen in their community

Al olivas
1 year ago

They do good work with the kids.

1 year ago

City Center is doing great work in our community!

Tiffany Brown
1 year ago

City Center is an awesome resource for so many families!

Kerrie Oliver
1 year ago

Best of luck!

Bryan Chouinard
1 year ago

City Center is such a great organization helping kids and families.

1 year ago

City Center has helped so many families!

1 year ago

City Center helps so many people and their work is much needed in our community!

Annette Heater
1 year ago

I love City Center and what they are doing! They exemplify compassion to every single person that walks through their door.

1 year ago

City Center is such a great organization!

shannon moore
1 year ago

So glad to see this ♥️♥️

Jed Chappell
1 year ago

Thank you Make More Happen team!

Lindsey Kirk
1 year ago

Love this place!!!

1 year ago

Keep doing the great work in your community!!

Joshua Lakey
1 year ago

You all do amazing work for your community!

Nancy Lyons
1 year ago

So happy that you won. I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Julie Chappell
1 year ago

This is amazing! Thank you to everyone for the support

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