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Providing nutrition to the severely ill

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Project Angel Heart compassionately delivers comfort and support through high-quality nutrition services, including medically tailored meals, to people living with severe illness in Colorado.

The people at Conexus Insurance Partners have always been passionate about serving their community. When choosing a nonprofit to support, they considered numerous factors – financial accountability, trustworthiness and alignment with company values – to ensure that they were choosing a truly worthwhile cause. Ultimately, they landed on Project Angel Heart, a nonprofit that was already making a meaningful impact on their community.


Serving meals to those who need them

Project Angel Heart prepares, packages and delivers meals that have been medically tailored to the unique dietary and nutritional needs of each individual in their program. Meals are made from scratch by a team of chefs, in partnership with dietitians, targeting the illnesses and side effects with which their clients are living.

The nonprofit is able to provide this service each week thanks to the support of volunteers and partners who give their time, talent and energy – and the employees of Conexus are happy to be among those who contribute to their important cause. Every year, Conexus hosts a “Meal Bag Decorating Party” to get people together to make meal bags even more special for the clients who receive them.


“We’re proud to have named Project Angel Heart our first-quarter Charity of the Quarter for the past five years.”

—Sara Hoffman, managing partner at Conexus Insurance Partners


Protecting Coloradans together

Conexus’s core values led them to create the tagline, “People first, people protected.” This motto refers not only to the insurance services they provide, but also to the contributions they make to their community. The employees of Conexus have served Project Angel Heart in a variety of ways – assembling meals and meal bags, decorating meal bags, offering financial contributions and bringing awareness to the program.

Each quarter, Conexus selects a Charity of the Quarter that will receive additional donations as part of the agency’s referral program. “We’re proud to have named Project Angel Heart our first-quarter Charity of the Quarter for the past five years,” said Sara Hoffman, managing partner at Conexus. “As such, we donate $10 to the nonprofit for every referral we receive during the first three months of the year.”


“Corporate partners like Conexus and their employees are invaluable to Project Angel Heart. We’re grateful to Conexus for the opportunity to apply for additional funding.”

—Tera Prim, chief development officer at Project Angel Heart


Raising awareness online is another major way that Conexus contributes to the cause. On their website, blog and social media pages, Conexus regularly spotlights Project Angel Heart and draws attention to their special events, encouraging clients and followers to contribute during times like Colorado Gives Day, Giving Tuesday and National Nonprofit Day.


A boost from donations

“Corporate partners like Conexus and their employees are invaluable to Project Angel Heart,” said Tera Prim, Project Angel Heart’s chief development officer. “As we have continued to expand our program to meet the needs of communities across Colorado, our challenge will continue to be growing our donor and volunteer base. We’re grateful to Conexus for everything they do, including the opportunity to apply for additional funding.”

Project Angel Heart has recognized that there are more people in Colorado in need of their services than they have previously been able to reach. For this reason, they have expanded to northern Colorado with a goal to provide 800,000 meals and serve 75% of the Front Range urban corridor by 2025.


You can help right now!

Help Conexus Insurance Partners win $10,000 for Project Angel Heart by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below.

833 Votes
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1 year ago

Thank you, Project Angel Heart!! We are so thankful for the work you provide to our community!

Jacqueline Crowley
1 year ago


1 year ago


Kayla Chiara
1 year ago

Go team!

1 year ago

Two amazing organizations- Project Angel Heart-thank you for all you do for our community! And I am honored to be a part of the Conexus team who does a beautiful job being part of give back to great organizations like Project Angel Heart!

1 year ago

It’s been an honor helping a great Cause!

1 year ago

Thank you, Project Angel Heart! ❤️

Kerrie Oliver
1 year ago

Best of luck!

1 year ago

Sooo grateful for Conexus and for their support! Thank you for helping our Colorado community.

Joe Jacobs
1 year ago

Great work Conexus and Project Angel Heart!

1 year ago

Great cause! Thanks for supporting your community, Conexus Insurance!

Travis Flowers
1 year ago

Thank you Conexus and Project Angel Heart for all that you do in our community!

Sara Nash
1 year ago

Project Angel Heart does such good works for our community!

1 year ago


Aaron Hoffman
1 year ago

Project Angel Heart is an AMAZING organization championing food as critical to healing! We’re so grateful for their work in our community!

Last edited 1 year ago by Aaron Hoffman
1 year ago

Love this!

Terry Schaefer
1 year ago

Thank you so much to Conexus for supporting Project Angel Heart! Keep up the great work!!

Meredith Hoffman
1 year ago

This is amazing!

Will Hoffman
1 year ago


1 year ago

Thank you for the opportunity to support an incredible cause.

Allison Bernhardt
1 year ago

What an incredible cause, we are proud to support Conexus Insurance & Project Angel Heart for all they do in the local community!

Kristy Adams
1 year ago

We’re grateful for the Conexus team’s commitment to Project Angel Heart and our work for severely ill neighbors. What an honor to be selected for this award. Thank you, thank you!

Brian Stevens
1 year ago

It’s been an honor to work with Project Angel Heart! The Conexus team always digs in to support local NGOs, and this one in particular has been inspirational.

Project Angel Heart Volunteering Day 2-2023.jpg
Sara Hoffman
1 year ago

Thank you so much Safeco/Liberty Mutual Insurance! We’re proud to partner with a company that supports our community alongside of us!

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