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Driving toward a cure for MS

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The MS Sucks Golf Tournament Raises money for multiple sclerosis research, treatment and programs that empower those affected to live their best lives.

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease that affects the central nervous system. While it is known to be partly genetic, scientists still don’t know exactly what causes it. Currently, nearly one million people in the U.S. are living with the disease.

There is no cure yet for MS, but thousands of researchers, scientists, and others are working hard to change that — and their efforts have achieved some remarkable results in recent years. These include many new and effective drugs on the market over the past decade, a better understanding of MS risk factors and improved treatment methods to help improve patients’ lives.

“By coming together to raise money and awareness, we can bring hope to those with MS, help them lead full lives and ultimately find a cure.”

– Chris Young, Principal, Chris Young Agency

Finding a cure for MS is a personal cause for Chris Young, the principal of the Chris Young Agency. In 2014, his wife, Tonya, was diagnosed with MS. Eager to do something positive amidst his grief, that year Chris signed up for the Bike MS ride in Colorado, which is part of a national effort to direct money to MS research and programs.

Heartened by the $9,000 he raised during the 2014 event, and the vital emotional support he and his wife received, Chris decided he wanted to do more. So, in 2020, he started the MS Sucks Golf Tournament to serve the cause. His two employees also help organize the event along with the support of many agency clients. By coming together to raise money and awareness, we can bring hope to those with MS, help them lead full lives and ultimately find a cure,” said Chris.

The annual golf tournament attracts more than 125 participants each year along with business sponsorships and proceeds from an auction of donated items and services. The profits from the event are donated to the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which funnels it to national research efforts as well as local programs and services for those living with MS.

These services include counseling, wellness programs, and resources to improve the quality of life of those affected. For example, one year Chris played in the tournament with a woman with MS and her husband. During the round, he discovered they couldn’t afford her medicine. With the help of the MS Sucks Golf Tournament and the Colorado MS chapter, they connected her to programs that enabled her to get the medicine and treatment she needs to continue her fight.

“We are thrilled with the amazing awareness and support of our mission that Chris and Tonya bring through their annual golf tournament,” said Robyn Moore, President of the National MS Society’s Colorado/Wyoming Market. “They are making a real difference for people living with MS and their efforts are moving us closer to a cure.”

“Chris and Tonya are making a real difference for people living with MS and their efforts are moving us closer to a cure.

 – Robyn Moore, President, National MS Society, Colorado/Wyoming Market

In addition, Chris continues to raise money through the Bike MS foundation and will be completing his eleventh ride this year. So far, he’s raised more than $170,000 from the ride. Plus, as proof of what’s possible with advancements in medicine — along with sheer determination — Tonya Young completed her own 150-mile Bike MS in 2022 and plans to train for and complete her next ride in 2025. That’s doubly inspiring!


Keep the ball rolling for MS research

Your vote can help fund further MS research so that people like Tonya can continue to live rich lives and scientists can get that much closer to discovering a cure.

Help the Chris Young Agency win $10,000 for the MS Sucks Golf Tournament and National MS Society by clicking the vote button. Get them an extra vote by cheering them on in the comments below by June 30, 2024.

626 Votes
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Kent Holliway
9 days ago

What a great cause to support, well done!

Sharlene Kolbaske
11 days ago

Chris, thank you for all you do for this cause. You are very inspiring, and a GREAT guy!!

Jen Ghigiarelli
11 days ago

Chris is a rockstar – as an insurance agent, as an advocate, and as a human being. Thank you Chris, for your inspiring dedication to this cause!

Jessica B
11 days ago

I came here to vote for the non-profit that our agency, Hamilton Insurance, has and I saw this one. I have MS, and I really appreciate this! Thank you for all that you are doing!

Jennifer Campbell
11 days ago

Love your support for this cause!

Jennifer Bahr
12 days ago

Chris-you are such an amazing person and all that you do to kick MS. Good luck!

Michelle Welch
12 days ago

Here’s hoping for a good day of golf and of course ultimately a cure! Love that you actively support this mission.

Robyn Moore
12 days ago

Go Chris go! Thank you for ALL you do to support Bike MS CO and our mission!

Heather Salisbury
12 days ago

This is fantastic!

Kelsey Galletta
12 days ago

Thank you for everything you do for the MS community!

Michael Pierce
13 days ago

Amazing job, Chris!! Thank you for everything you do to support the National MS Society!

Travis Flowers
13 days ago

Thank you Chris for leadership in supporting this cause. Your work in this area is inspiring and Safeco/Liberty Mutual are excited to partner with you.

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