Delivering fully prepared nutritious meals to those in need 1
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Delivering fully prepared nutritious meals to those in need

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Columbia County Recovery Kitchen prepares and delivers nutrient-rich,
cost free meals to vulnerable adults and children who have been referred to them.

MetzWood Insurance has been involved with many nonprofits, selecting a different nonprofit for their referral program each year. When agency principal Matthew Wood learned about the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen, a local organization providing food to the needy, he knew that this was a cause that would be worth supporting.


Providing meals to the most vulnerable

The co-founders of the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen – Carole Clark and Pam Kline – knew the state of food insecurity existed in the county before the Covid pandemic and realized that that vulnerable population would be severely impacted and the number would grow exponentially. With the COVID safety protocols in mind, they created CCRK, got it certified, found 2 unemployed chefs, a kitchen, financial support from the community and a cadre of volunteers who delivered the meals to people in need all over the county.

“Our goal is to not only feed the food-insecure population but to also provide them with nutrient-rich foods prepared with fresh ingredients that come from our local agricultural community.

—Pam Kline, co-founder and board chair of Columbia County Recovery Kitchen

COVID offered a unique opportunity to connect with the community using video chat rather than in-person meetings, allowing CCRK to move much more swiftly. Thanks to Clark’s existing relationship with the health department from her days as a restaurant chef/proprietor, they were up and running within a month.

Columbia County Recovery Kitchen employs professional chefs who manage a kitchen of many volunteer cooks. The nonprofit has become successful enough that they keep a waiting list of those who wish to volunteer in the kitchen and support their efforts.


Supporting the community

“It’s really important for MetzWood to give back to our community, just because the community has done so much for us,” said Wood. “As a community-based business, we’re only as strong as the communities that we serve.”

MetzWood Insurance regularly offers donations and volunteers time to directly help people in need. The agency even allows paid volunteer time to all their employees, encouraging them to make a difference in their community on their own.

Each year, the agency selects a nonprofit for their referral program, which allows customers to contribute as well. The Columbia County Recovery Kitchen gives back so much that it was a no-brainer to pick them as one of the nonprofits they wished to support. Right now, when any referral comes through, the agency donates $10 to the nonprofit. They also incentivize customers to donate with fun giveaways.


Reaching more people in need

Initially, the nonprofit provided 200 meals a week. By 2024, that has increased to 1,600 meals a week. With time, it became evident that severe food and nutrition insecurity existed pre Covid and would continue after the pandemic ended.  To reach more needy families, CCRK intends to increase its outreach. In addition to providing meals, the nonprofit also wants to begin providing education to families to teach them about nutrition and how to make healthy meals on a limited budget.

“It’s really important for MetzWood to give back to our community, just because the community has done so much for us. As a community-based business, we’re only as strong as the communities that we serve.”

—Matthew Wood, president of MetzWood Insurance

“Our goal is to not only feed the food-insecure population, but to also provide them with nutrient-rich foods,” said Kline. “And we further aim to support our community by building the meals we deliver with fresh ingredients that come from the agricultural community here in Columbia County.” With the help of donations and volunteers, Columbia County Recovery Kitchen aims to make that goal a reality.

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665 Votes
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Laurie a. Johnson
1 month ago

Thank you so much! I know several elderly locals who benefit from this

Matt Brisk
1 month ago

Incredible dedication to your community! Grateful for your partnership!

Last edited 1 month ago by Matt Brisk
Verity Smith
1 month ago

This org does so much for so many! With so many wonderful volunteers.

1 month ago

Fabulous cause, fabulous work. Thanks to all who contribute.

Theresa Parsons
1 month ago

Do it!

Joseph A Harris
1 month ago

Hard working volunteers are helping to keep people alive. It’s just too bad that the government is not funding this work!

1 month ago

What an amazing cause!

Richard Kanto
1 month ago

Great work Matt and Team!

Jenna Clemishaw
1 month ago

Congratulations and thank you for supporting such an admirable cause!

Frank Moran
1 month ago

Congratulations and best of luck! Let’s get those votes and comments!

Margaret Davidson
1 month ago

Thank you for supporting a very worthy cause–CCRK is serving the Columbia County community and MetzWood is helping them continue the good work.

Leila K
1 month ago

Thank you for supporting CCRK and strengthening our community!

Peter Frank
1 month ago

Terrific agency supporting a terrific organization!!

1 month ago

Congratulations! Thank you for giving back to our community!

Daniel MacNeil
1 month ago

Great cause! Excellent Job, MetzWood Insurance!

Kim Breen
1 month ago

This is wonderful, thanks for contributing!

Carl Canales
1 month ago

Congrats to a great agency and a great cause!

1 month ago


Michael Cushman
1 month ago

Congrats and Keep up the amazing work

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