A shot at a happier future

Thanks to E.J. Coyne & Company reaching their goal of 500 votes + shares, The Harbour received a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance to provide essential services and hope to young women in northern Illinois. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

Cook County, Illinois has the second highest population density of any U.S. county. The systemic issues that impact such an enormous metro area are bound to have a ripple effect on the surrounding region. Suburban Cook County, just outside of Chicago, is no exception, as it grapples with how to provide young people experiencing homelessness with the resources they need.

In Cook County, The Harbour has spent the past 50 years providing a safety net for young women facing homelessness. In moments of crisis The Harbour provides emergency housing and services, as well as support for long-term employment. Nearby insurance agency, E.J. Coyne & Company, joined the cause 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Finding a home in the cause

In 2006, E.J. Coyne & Company began providing insurance for The Harbour, but quickly saw a deeper role for themselves in the important work the organization was doing. Occasional monetary donations evolved into long term volunteering, and now the agency provides year-round staple events for The Harbour’s clients, as well as fundraising support. Four agency employees are regular volunteers, and agency leadership has even taken up Board-level responsibilities for the nonprofit.

Giving young women a shot at the happy future they deserve 3
Ed, Matt and Karen Coyne along with associates Chris Duerwachter and Rotary representative Steve Huntz at the 2019 barbecue. The agency holds this event every summer, inviting up to 30 clients and staff from The Harbour.

Fostering more than a sense of home – a sense of family

E.J. Coyne & Company has stayed involved with The Harbour in very intentional ways. The agency’s efforts all drive toward a common purpose of creating community and helping build the futures of the organization’s youth. From annual barbecues and “Top Chef” style cooking events to holiday gift-giving and mentorship opportunities, the agency builds community and helps break the cycle of homelessness.

The Harbour’s annual gala most directly showcases the enormous impact this work has.

“At the event we hear from the young women who have been able to rise above their challenges,” said Leah Greenblum, Director of Development at The Harbour. “Many have completed their education, secured employment, and are thriving, living independent lives. While they may have experienced abandonment in the past, they’ve learned that there are adults in their lives that care about them.”

“Many of our youth have completed their education, secured employment and are thriving, living independent lives.”

-Leah Greenblum, Director of Development at The Harbour

Giving young women a shot at the happy future they deserve 1
Ed and Matt Coyne presenting a check for the Harbour House fund. This will be used to provide computer workstations in a new long-term housing building for the clients’ educational needs.

A flourishing future starts with big changes now

The Harbour continues to ramp up their focus on long-term solutions, providing resources to help the youth they serve with education and employment. Often, successful futures are made possible with even basic access to reliable technology. The nonprofit hopes to outfit that with desktop computers and laptops youth can check out in the new “Harbour House.” This new facility will replace the 90-year-old building they currently use and will house 10 young women, offering a safe, friendly location where they can restart their lives.

E.J. Coyne & Company’s most recent efforts have focused on fundraising to help complete this project. “With the increase in teen homelessness, it’s rewarding to know that we can help even a few of these young women move onto productive and happy lives,” said Ed Coyne, President of E.J. Coyne & Company.

“It’s rewarding to know that we can help even a few of these young women move onto productive and happy lives.”

-Ed Coyne, President, E.J. Coyne & Company

Giving young women a shot at the happy future they deserve 2
Ed and Matt Coyne in a Partnership Board meeting, discussing fundraising efforts to complete the Harbour House.

$10,000 would enable The Harbour to make the computer lab a reality in the new Harbour House. Your share or comment on this story would directly contribute to E.J. Coyne & Company’s efforts!

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Matt Coyne, VP E.J. Coyne & Company
8 months ago

Thank you, Safeco/Liberty Mutual for helping such a great organization. Proud to be part of the process.

Leah Greenblum
8 months ago

The Harbour and Coyne & Company have such an awesome partnership! Both doing such inspiring work together. Cheers to many more years of supporting our communtiy.

Tiffany R
8 months ago

Thank you for the work you’re doing to support our homeless youth!

Last edited 8 months ago by Tiffany R
Jennifer Sobecki
8 months ago

You’ve got Designs for Dignity’s vote! $10,000 will go a long way to make The Harbour an amazing space for its clients.

Sean Willett
8 months ago

Thank you, Liberty/Safeco for the great opportunity!

Bridget Bean
8 months ago

Wonderful examples of partnership, generousity, and good citizenship.

Veronica Coyne
8 months ago

Great to see such productive community involvement!

Gail Wilkening
8 months ago

Proud to know the Coynes! Great work!

Edward Coyne
8 months ago

We appreciate the help from Safeco and Liberty Mutual in making this program possible.

8 months ago

Thanks for all you do!

Patti Szarnych
8 months ago

Wonderful Organization, great staff, and I was lucky enough to volunteer 2 years ago. I met some great girls who have a better outlook on life due to the Harbour’s.help. Thank you Safeco / Liberty Mutual for helping the organization.

Erin Szarnych
8 months ago

You’ve got my vote! Good luck and thanks for all you do!

Karen Coyne
8 months ago

Thank you Safeco/Liberty Mutual. The Harbour is a great and worthy organization.

Mariah Schlossmann
8 months ago

Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing! The help you provide to those in need is surely making the world a better place.

8 months ago

Thank you for your fundraising efforts!

Bill Welter
8 months ago

Great cause and something to be very proud to be associated with!

Leah G.
8 months ago

Wow! Such impressive collaboration.

Cheryl Coyne
8 months ago

Great organization. They provide much needed assistance.

Patricia McGuire
8 months ago

The Harbour is a wonderful organization! Thank you to Coyne & Company for providing the such great support.

Gareth L Kennedy
8 months ago

Thank you to the Coyne’s for everything you do for our Park Ridge Community!

Matt Coyne
8 months ago

Don’t forget to click the social media icons above to “vote” again and to share this story to your own friends. We need more 500 votes by 5/11 to get The Harbour $5000. Please vote !!!

Steve Schermerhorn
8 months ago

Ed Coyne Rocks!

Jessica Wright
8 months ago

Coyne family, it’s always an honor to work with your family and company! Our youth look forward to your events each and every time. Thank you for all you’ve done for The Harbour and each one of our youth directly!

Kelsey Johnson
8 months ago

Incredible! Great organization to support!

Nitin Aradhya
8 months ago

An amazing partnership and noble cause, a testament of true generosity, I am humbled to know the Coyne’s, thank you!

Jen Zitkus
8 months ago

my fave company!

Jackquelin Flores
8 months ago

Great work in community involvement! Always nice to see those helping others, thank you!

Mackenzie Duffy
8 months ago

What a great organization! Thanks for all the work that you’re doing!

Mary Burke-Peterson
8 months ago

This is such a great opportunity for The Harbour! Thank you to E.J Coyne Insurance for their support!

Adrienne F
8 months ago

This is fantastic! Thank you for all you are doing to support these young women.

Cathy Koenig
8 months ago

Great work. Excited to see such a great agency and organization win!

Brandi Sheets
8 months ago

This is amazing! Thank you for all you are doing in your community!

Ben Reynolds
8 months ago

this is fantastic – great partnership

Allie Tillman
8 months ago

What an amazing cause to support!

Deanna Roberts
8 months ago

Such an incredible organization!

Deanna Roberts
8 months ago

Thank you Coyne & Company for nominating The Harbour.

Gretchen Kapolnek
8 months ago

Kudos to the Harbour & Coyne & Company for seeing a need and making a difference!!!

Cat Donovan
8 months ago

EJ Coyne Insurance is a caring community partner. Their decades long dedication to The Harbour has undoubtedly benefited the lives of many girls in need.

Kevin Godsell
8 months ago

Thank you to the EJ Coyne & Co for helping those in need!

Stacey Mitchell
8 months ago

Thank you E.J Coyne & Company for being such a strong force for good in your community and in these young womens’ lives!

Thomas Villano
8 months ago

This is such a great thing you guys are doing. Keep it up.

Erica Fields
8 months ago

Fantastic! You’ve got my vote!

Erica Oliver
8 months ago

What an amazing organization! So proud to do my part and help you guys get more money for The Harbour

Adam Young
8 months ago

Thank you for the work that you are doing!!!

Kristin Swanson
8 months ago

What a great cause! Thank you for all you do!

Dan Schacke
8 months ago

Love the Coynes!

Susan N
8 months ago

Always affirming to see support for The Harbour and the wonderful work they do.

Jessica Wrigley
8 months ago

Great work!!!

Brent Schlicher
8 months ago

Thank You!

Joe M
8 months ago

EJ Coyne Insurance is a terrific supporter of our community and we are glad to know and work with them

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