Harnessing the healing power of food

Project Angel Heart provides an essential service to Coloradans, and Cherry Creek Insurance Group wants to help maintain that service. To vote for them, use the social media buttons to share this story, or leave a comment below. If they reach 500 votes, the $5k donation they’ve already earned doubles to $10k!

People with life-threatening illnesses take on challenges that would be unthinkable to many of us.  Managing treatments and medication of illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS and lung disease is a massive undertaking, but satisfying day-to-day needs alone can be a huge point of stress. Doing regular grocery shopping and ensuring those foods meet medical needs is particularly difficult.

In 1991, a group of Denver neighbors teamed up to deliver food to friends living with HIV. This group began expanding this service, and became Project Angel Heart. They haven’t stopped growing since, delivering more meals to Coloradans facing serious illness each year than the last. This year, they’ll deliver over half a million meals to more than 3,500 people.

It takes a village to serve your neighbors

Since 2019, Cherry Creek Insurance Group (CCIG) began its long-term commitment to the Project Angel Heart cause. CCIG staff volunteers at two to three events each year, and up to a third of the large agency participates.

“The most rewarding feeling about volunteering with Project Angel Heart is knowing that even this small fraction of our day will speed up the delivery of meals to many of their clients,” said Diana Rojas, a member of CCIG’s community outreach committee. “It is a team effort by so many, from the chefs and dieticians to the volunteers, to work together to provide healthy meals to those who need it the most.”

“The most rewarding feeling about volunteering with Project Angel Heart is knowing that even this small fraction of our day will speed up the delivery of meals to many of their clients.”

-Diana Rojas, Cherry Creek Insurance Group community outreach committee

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Before the pandemic, CCIG was able to help Project Angel Heart pack meals for many individuals in need.

Food is one thing – medically-tailored meals are another

Delivering meals takes the pressure off of these individuals and their families, but delivering meals made specifically for them can do even more. This is what Project Angel Heart’s chefs and dieticians mean by ‘medically-tailored meals.’

“Nutrition is a key factor in maintaining good health and decreasing the prevalence of chronic disease,” said Rachel Rooney, Development Partnerships Officer at Project Angel Heart. “When an individual’s health is compromised, food can slow or prevent the progression of illness. Food actually becomes a form of medicine.”

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Project Angel Heart chefs and staff cook and freeze meals every day, while the volunteers help package them and prepare them for delivery.

For example, a person living with kidney disease often requires meals lower in potassium, phosphorous, and sodium – minerals that may be troublesome for people whose kidneys aren’t working properly. For these clients’ meals, Project Angel Heart cuts out the dairy, and replaces the tomatoes and beans with roasted red peppers and rice. These small changes can help minimize symptoms for people with kidney disease.

“When an individual’s health is compromised, food can slow or prevent the progression of illness. Food actually becomes a form of medicine.”

-Rachel Rooney, Development Partnerships Officer, Project Angel Heart

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CCIG is consistently able to round up volunteers from their staff to lend a hand at the Project Angel Heart facility when the help is needed.

Kind gestures become essential services

“The threat of contracting COVID-19 often makes accessing, affording, and preparing healthy meals impossible,” said Rooney. These very real dangers only pile onto the barriers to food access for those individuals who may be facing fatigue and mobility challenges.

Where many saw limitations, Project Angel Heart saw the pandemic as an opportunity to expand their services, including launching a vaccine clinic in the neighborhood where their Denver kitchen is located. CCIG has maintained their commitment through this crisis as well, continuing to prepare meals for the organization’s clients, so they can put their energy into getting healthy.

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While the pandemic has created challenges and has forced Project Angel Heart’s hallmark events to be cancelled, the organization has still committed to meet community demand for meals. CCIG hopes to help lighten that load with this $10k.

Your comment or share is no small contribution. In fact, it can help CCIG reach $10,000, or 1,200 meals for the people who need them most. Use the social share buttons to share their story with your community, and leave a comment below. Each action you take gets Cherry Creek Insurance Group and Project Angel Heart close to their goal!

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Jennifer Campbell
1 month ago

I am so proud of CCIG’s commitment to volunteering, specifically with their application to highlight the nonprofit organization, Project Angel Heart. The Make More Happen Award will help Project Angel Heart make an even greater impact to Coloradans who have life-threatening illnesses. Congratulations and let’s earn the full $10,000!!

1 month ago

Awesome organization!

Chad S.
1 month ago

What a wonderful and inspiring way to give back to your community. With so many deserving and needing people, your service and commitment will help them get through the day and hopefully enable them to have a brighter future.

Beth Lindeman
1 month ago

This is an amazing organization.

Michelle Toole
1 month ago

CCIG is an amazing place to work. Their commitment to volunteering around the Denver area is outstanding. I am proud to work and volunteer alongside the people of CCIG.

Brian Parks
1 month ago

I’m very proud of our team and our continued involvement in the Denver community. Way to go CCIG!!! 

Diana Rojas
1 month ago

We are so grateful for this amazing opportunity! 

1 month ago

Project Angel Heart is a fantastic organization that makes a difference to people who really need it. I’m proud to support them!

1 month ago

Great work everyone!

Cindy Hegarty
1 month ago

Thanks for all you do, Project Angel Heart!

Brad Milley
1 month ago

What an amazing cause! Congratultions and good luck on making it to $10k!

Karen Tibbetts
1 month ago

What a wonderful cause!

Rachel Rooney
1 month ago

I can’t say thank you enough to CCIG for nominating Project Angel Heart for this incredible opportunity – in addition to all their time and support over the last several years!!! And to Liberty Mutual and Safeco for creating this award and to all of YOU commenting and voting and sharing to help us double it. Together, we can provide over 1,200 medically-tailored meals for Coloradans who need them most. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Tera Prim
1 month ago

Shout out to all of our friends at CCIG! What an awesome group of people – we’re so grateful to have all of you supporting our vital mission!

Brandy Brogan
1 month ago

Thank you CCIG for supporting Project Angel Heart.

1 month ago

CCIG’s commitment to ensuring our neighbors living with life-threatening illness receive the nutrition they need is inspiring!

Kamisha Jones
1 month ago

Thank you CCIG for all your support!

Mike Brewer
1 month ago

Great work by CCIG team with a very worthy cause that supports local Coloradans !!

1 month ago

Huge thanks to CCIG, Liberty Mutual, and Safeco for helping Project Angel Heart provide life-saving meals to Coloradans with life-threatening health conditions!

Spencer Mahoney
1 month ago

Let’s go CCIG! Thank you Liberty and Safeco for supporting such an important cause!

Sarah Mirick
1 month ago

Thanks, CCIG!

1 month ago

So appreciate your support of our community! Food IS medicine!

Owen Ryan
1 month ago

We are so grateful to the team at CCIG. We couldn’t get this done without our volunteers! You guys are amazing.

Kyle Copp
1 month ago

Thank you CCIG for your continued support.

1 month ago

What a unique and cool nonprofit!

Michael Cuje
1 month ago

I am proud to be part of a company that is committed to having a positive impact on our community. This is great work by CCIG!!

Olivia Mayer
1 month ago

Thanks for being all in with Project Angel Heart. It’s an amazing organization.

1 month ago

Thanks for supporting PAH! I volunteer in the kitchen weekly, support delivery drivers twice a month, and sometimes deliver a route myself. Food is medicine!

Johanna Ladis
1 month ago

Project Angel Heart does amazing work in our community – and has been doing this work for 30 years!

Desiree Townsend
1 month ago

A meal with heart gives hope! Thank you for your support.

Scott Heymann
1 month ago

So proud of the CCIG team – way to go!!

Neil Cronkrite
1 month ago

Congrats on the community grant, and I can’t wait to announce the full $10,000. Let’s get those 500 votes!

Lindsey Murray
1 month ago

Proud of to be part of the CCIG team and our continued involvement with organizations like Project Angel Heart!

1 month ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

John Ikalowych
1 month ago

Project Angel Heart is such a great organization and I am so happy that CCIG generously supports them!

1 month ago

Love PAH! Thank you for your support CCIG! ❤️

Chad Atwell
1 month ago

A great organization, and they are so good to their volunteers.

1 month ago

What a great organization providing lifesaving services!

1 month ago

Thank you CCIG for your generous donation of your time for such a great group. Project Angelheart is a great group that provides nutritious meals to our most vulnerable.

1 month ago

Thank you CCIG, fantastic job!

1 month ago

So proud of Project Angel Heart and all they do!

Kristin Swanson
1 month ago

Amazing work!!

Sara Hoffman
1 month ago

That’s amazing! We love Project Angel Heart!!! The work they do in our community is amazing!

Stefanie Jones
1 month ago

Thank you for your support of Project Angel Heart!

Suzanne Hawkins
1 month ago

Project Angel Heart is truly an astounding organization. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Jones
1 month ago

So proud of all difference our agents make in their communities every day. Truly inspiring

Teresa Smith
1 month ago

We can do this!

Monica Teinert
1 month ago

Project Angel Heart saves so many lives! I have had clients who have cried with relief when they receive the food!

1 month ago

Thank you CCIG for helping a wonderful program as Project Angel Heart. What a great program to help people get through a hard time in there life. A good food source can make a big difference in the health plan for these people. Big Thanks for helping them.

Travis Flowers
1 month ago

Great Job CCIG!

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