Food support, health education, and fire prevention

Jade Insurance Agency and The Fresno Center work together to help those in need become self-sufficient, productive community members while fostering cross-cultural understanding. They reached their goal of 500 votes and doubled their donation to reach $10,000.

The Fresno Center has been providing vital services to immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable populations since its inception in 1991. Originally focused on helping Southeast Asian refugees in the Central Valley, it has since broadened its scope to service diverse, multi-cultural low-income communities in the area.

Delivering food, health and smoke-free air in Fresno County
Jade Insurance volunteers ready food for distribution to local families. Between 500 and 600 families receive food on a weekly basis.

Paying it forward

The Fresno Center offers a comprehensive range of services to people in need, everything from immigration and citizenship support to employment readiness, mental health and wellness and financial assistance programs.

In addition to serving as its insurance advisor and managing its health benefits package, Jade Insurance provides The Fresno Center sponsorship dollars and volunteers to support events, community workshops and educational seminars.

“Being able to give back to the community is incredibly rewarding,” says Fuehoua Thao, principal of Jade Insurance. “Many of us at Jade were once on the receiving end of the types of services The Fresno Center provides. We all welcome the opportunity to pay it forward.”


“Many of us at Jade were once on the receiving end of the types of services The Fresno Center provides. We all welcome the opportunity to pay it forward.”

– Fuehoua Thao, principal of Jade Insurance Agency

Delivering food, health and smoke-free air in Fresno County 1
A Jade Insurance volunteer conducts an outdoor workshop on COVID safety measures, practicing safe social distancing in the process.

Getting families through the COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, The Fresno Center has made every effort to ensure struggling families are receiving the support they need to stay safe and healthy.

Disseminating accurate information about COVID-19 has been a top priority.  Through The Fresno Center’s educational events and programs, families have learned about the importance of safety measures like masking and social distancing as well as how and where to get vaccinated.

Addressing food insecurity has been another key concern. Partnering with the Fresno County Food Bank, The Fresno Center has met the challenge through the weekly distribution of fresh produce and other food items to thousands of families in need. Jade Insurance has supported the food distribution program by volunteering at the TFC Neighborhood Market, helping distribute food to families that suffer from food insecurity.

“The pandemic has had a crippling impact on the livelihoods of many of the families we serve,” says Pao Yang, president and CEO of the Fresno Center. “Our food distribution and housing assistance have played a vital role in keeping those families fed and in their homes.”

Delivering food, health and smoke-free air in Fresno County 2
Jade Insurance staff partner with The Fresno Center to clear debris in forest areas to help prevent future wildfires.

Mitigating the impact of wildfires

The foothill regions of Central Valley are among the most wildfire-prone areas in California. The 2020 Creek Fire alone burned nearly 380,000 acres.

As wildfires become more frequent and severe, residents of Fresno County are starting to be more proactive in managing forest lands to reduce the impacts of fires, and The Fresno Center is helping lead the way.

In partnership with Cal Fire, the nonprofit has been organizing crews of volunteers to help clear the debris from the forest floors that makes these fires more intense and difficult to manage. Jade Insurance staff volunteer on the crews, once again working to pay it forward for the health of their neighbors and the vitality of the air and land they share.


Be sure to vote for The Fresno Center by posting a supportive message below or sharing this story on social media using the buttons on the left. Each vote will get The Fresno Center one step closer to its 500-vote target and $10,000 donation! Want to learn more about these inspiring human beings? Visit The Fresno Center and Jade Insurance Agency online.

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Henry H Marvin
10 months ago

This is my Vote. Fresno can use the help and assistance, ISU Stephen B Marvin Insurance Agency

Jennifer Campbell
10 months ago

Thanks for all you do for the community!

Angelo Villarreal
10 months ago

Great organization that does great work for the community.

Panhia Lee
11 months ago

Keep up the great work TFC!

Pachia Xiong
11 months ago

Go Fresno Center I love what you guys are doing!

11 months ago

Thanks for looking out for the community.

Yer Xiong
11 months ago

The Fresno Center is doing great things for the community!

11 months ago

Keep up the hard work TFC!

Mao Beneke
11 months ago

TFC is doing great work for our community!

Mai Thao Lee
11 months ago

A wonderful organization to the community, has done many things to help the community and still continue to do so.

11 months ago

Thanks for serving the community!

11 months ago

Inspire, Empower, Cultivate!

Tang Fang
11 months ago

It’s always great to hear about people helping people.

11 months ago

The Fresno Center has done a really great job at reaching out to families and supporting members of the community.

Michelle Nguyen
11 months ago

Amazing work you’re doing here Jade Insurance Agency with the Fresno Center! You definitely have my vote!

Pheng Moua
11 months ago

A fantastic resource for the community!

Heather Ziegenbusch
11 months ago

Thank you for making a difference!

11 months ago

Thank you for lifting up the community!

11 months ago

Really good work happened Ng in Fresno for the community.

Lee Vang
11 months ago

Great Job!

Vang lee
11 months ago

The Fresno Center

Kelly L
11 months ago


Dao Lor
11 months ago


Diane Mitchell
11 months ago

Thank you TFC for all you do to support your community!

Wa Yang
11 months ago

Always…The Fresno Center is the best resource agency serving our community…thank you.

Last edited 11 months ago by Wa Yang
11 months ago

Go Fresno Center!

May keu N.
11 months ago

Does an Amazing job to help the community

Rose Vang
11 months ago

147 to go…

Julie Vue
11 months ago

Great community resource!

Charfauros Kia
11 months ago

Great job, TFC!!

Pao Houa Lee
11 months ago

Keep doing great things!!

Pao Houa Lee
11 months ago

We’ve got this!!

Mone C.
11 months ago

The Fresno Center gives hope and provides services to people in its community. It educates the disadvantaged the provides the resources to help individuals in need. We need more of these and organizations working together to create a sustainable way of living and defeat poverty.

Martha Flores
11 months ago

Great work TFC!!! Always ready to lend a hand to our community in need!

Kong Yang
11 months ago

Here’s my vote.

Mai lee
11 months ago

Thanks for doing a fantastic job in the community

11 months ago

The Fresno Center is doing a fantastic job in the community

Pao Houa Lee
11 months ago

Way to go The Fresno Center!!

Sherri Watkins
11 months ago

The Fresno Center is a great partner of adult education!

Last edited 11 months ago by Sherri Watkins
Thanh Bui
11 months ago

Great woek

Jin Thao
11 months ago

The Fresno Center has provided many marginalized communities with opportunities to better themselves and become productive community members. The current leadership has been on the forefront of community building. Thank you for what you do.

Emily Aguilar
11 months ago

Awesome work! Keep it up!

Her Ka
11 months ago

Wonderful job TFC!

Aaron Gutierrez
11 months ago

Fantastic, keep up the great work and continue to receive blessings.

Janet Tabor
11 months ago


11 months ago

Great work TFC!

Brook McGuire
11 months ago

Thank you for making such a difference in your community!

11 months ago

Great organization and agency supporting it! You have my vote!

Douangchahn Thao
11 months ago

Thanks to your programs and grants. It helped my family.

Krishna Nanda
11 months ago

this is the organization!!!

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