Fighting child hunger one pack at a time

O’Quinn Insurance and Provision Packs work together in Volusia County, Florida, to close the child hunger gap. They reached their goal of 500 votes and doubled their donation to reach $10,000!

Imagine trying to learn a new math concept or read a book when all you can think about is how hungry you are. This is the reality for millions of children across America who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. School lunch programs help alleviate hunger during school hours – but what about weekends and extended school breaks?


That’s where Provision Packs comes in, closing the childhood hunger gap in Volusia County, Florida, since 2015. With the help of community donors and volunteers, Provision Packs distributes approximately 17,000 meals to 550 elementary school children every week. 

“We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us.”

– Andrew Van der Brugt, principal and manager at O’Quinn Insurance

Fighting child hunger one pack at a time 4
Agent Andrew Van der Brugt is on the move as he packs spaghetti in the weekly Provision Packs.

Impacting the community directly

For the O’Quinn Insurance team, working alongside Provision Packs is another great way they can give back to their community. “Provision Packs is local to all of our staff and clients,” said Andrew Van der Burgt, principal and manager at O’Quinn Insurance. “We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us.”

Fighting child hunger one pack at a time 8
Amy Knox, Tom O’Quinn, Andrew Van der Burgt and Casey Epton Roush (of O’Quinn Insurance Services) host a table at the Provision Packs Kids Fest in early 2020. The event, which has more than 500 attendees, raises money and awareness for families in the community living with food insecurity.

O’Quinn Insurance employees volunteer weekly to help fill the packs and distribute them to schools. They also participate in Provision Packs’ four major fundraisers throughout the year, setting up a community tent with a food or beverage giveaway and information about the agency.

Fighting child hunger one pack at a time 7
Every Thursday evening, volunteers gather at the assembly line to fill the packs for approximately 550 families.

A need that keeps on growing

The pandemic’s impact on the hunger gap was huge, making Provision Packs even more important in these children’s lives. As the service industry shut down, many parents in Volusia County were left without a stable income and school closures made childcare and meals even harder to come by.


“O’Quinn Insurance has been a true partner in helping close the hunger gap in our community.”

– Carrie Torres, founder of Provision Packs


Provision Packs quickly pivoted and organized a pick-up program at local schools so families could still get the meals they needed while children learned from home. “It’s up to all of us to make sure children have what they need to thrive,” said Provision Packs Founder Carrie Torres. “O’Quinn Insurance understands this responsibility and has been a true partner in helping close the hunger gap in our community.”

Fighting child hunger one pack at a time 6

Andrew Van der Burgt of O’Quinn Insurance and Carrie Torres of Provision Packs work together to fill the packs on a Thursday evening.

Working together

If awarded $10,000, Provision Packs would designate the money toward its fresh fruit and vegetable fund. The fund supplies each child with a fresh fruit or vegetable, introducing some children to these nutritious foods for the very first time. “Childhood hunger feels big,” said Torres. “But together we can fight it … one pack at a time.”


Vote below by sharing or commenting on this story. Your vote gets Provision Packs one step closer to a $10,000 donation, which will help close the child hunger gap in Volusia County, Florida. Visit O’Quinn Insurance and Provision Packs to learn more.

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Nanette Johnson
2 months ago

What an inspiring community outreach by an amazing company

10 months ago

Thank you for everything you do for your community in Volusia County. We do a similar thing in our community but it is on a little smaller scale. I love seeing people giving back and giving their time to feed God’s Children.

Danielle Beach
10 months ago

A great cause!

Brady V
10 months ago

Great organization that helps a lot of kids!

10 months ago

I volunteer at this organization and hear about the impact Provision Packs food bags have on the children. This program deserves all ofour support.

10 months ago

Every pack makes a difference!

10 months ago

Packs for the win!

10 months ago

Feed the kids!!!

10 months ago

We love provision packs! Amazing cause

10 months ago

Yessss love it

10 months ago

What an amazing thing you are doing for the community!!!

Ally V
10 months ago

My cousin is very involved in this organization. Go Lara and the rest of the PP team!

10 months ago

This is a great organization that really cares about kids.

10 months ago

Love this organization.

Mary Ann Donaghy
10 months ago

Refreshing to hear about an insurance agency doing something that is so needed. Thank you all.

Harley Yarbrough
10 months ago

A great organization and great mission!

Jayne C Fifer
10 months ago

Hunger hurts. Good Job!

10 months ago

Love this program!
Carrie Torres is the real deal!

Paul Mena
10 months ago

Couldn’t pick a better organization to donate to!

10 months ago

Amazing organization! Thank you so much for all that you do!!!

Kasheen giampietro
10 months ago

We’re fortunate to have such involved people working together to address our local needs.

Erin LeDuc
10 months ago

Thank you for the incredible work you do!!!

10 months ago

Thank you for all you do!

10 months ago

Provision Packs

10 months ago

Great organization!

Julie ufheil
10 months ago

These guys are amazing-I am fortunate enough to have helped bag food!

Beth DiPietro
10 months ago

Can’t think of a more worthy cause and organization to support. Amazing!

Ryan Ranick
10 months ago

Awesome stuff!!

Mary Whan
10 months ago

Thanks, Provision Packs, for all you do!

Dixie Yarbrough
10 months ago

Great way to help your community

Nichols Mavis
10 months ago

Great work

Kai Birchall
10 months ago

They’re killing it!

10 months ago


Erick P
10 months ago

Erick p

Amy V
10 months ago

Thanks for supporting the community

Tyler Zorn
10 months ago

Great to see!

Jody Wheeler
10 months ago

Such an amazing organization started & maintained by an amazing woman!

Ryan Giampietro
10 months ago

A good and worthy cause!

Loida Dela Vega
10 months ago

Provision Pack is doing great work in the community. What a blessing in the Daytona Beach area. Keep doing the amazing job you all doing.

Nancy Bell
10 months ago

Excellent work! Thank you for all you do.

Melissa Wilson
10 months ago

Provision Packs is a staple to our community. My daughter and I have been active volunteers for a couple of years. Let’s close the gap!

Ruth Fox
10 months ago

Provision Packs is a great organization that helps kids & families

sarah tillman
10 months ago

Amazing organization!

Kevin Wakefield
10 months ago

My favorite local charity, doing great things for our future generation!

Vivian Thiry
10 months ago

Great organization!

10 months ago

Awesome! Provision Packs is an incredible organization with a phenomenal leader in Mrs. Carrie Torres!

Robert Auclair
10 months ago

Let’s get the vote out!

10 months ago

O’Quinn Insurance does many great things for our community. Provision Packs is blessed by this partnership

10 months ago

I love volunteering.

Carrie Torres
10 months ago

We are so grateful for this amazing partnership.

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