Delivering self-sufficiency

Meals on Wheels San Antonio works to eliminate hunger, decrease isolation and foster independence among seniors by providing meals, companionship and Alzheimer’s care. Each weekday, the nonprofit prepares and delivers a meal and a social call to more than 4,500 seniors in need. To cast your vote, use the social media buttons to share this story, or leave a comment below. If the nonprofit reaches 500 votes, the $5,000 donation they’ve already earned doubles to $10,000!

Providing more than a meal

Along with delivering nutritious meals directly to seniors, Meals on Wheels helps provide the gift of self-sufficiency. Its work enables older and disabled people to remain healthy and independent in their own homes. This further allows seniors to avoid expensive and invasive healthcare alternatives such as unnecessary trips to the emergency room, hospitalizations and nursing home placements.

Delivering self-sufficiency 1

A SWBC employee delivers meals to Meals on Wheels recipients during the pandemic in 2021.

Founded in 1977, Meals on Wheels began as a small program serving 20 clients a year. Today, it delivers more than 1.5 million meals to about 7,000 seniors annually across south-central Texas. Along with preparing and delivering meals, the nonprofit offers a range of supporting programs including AniMeals, Friendly Visitor, Comfy Casas and Grace Place Alzheimer’s Services.

The AniMeals service offers pet wellness services and delivers monthly pet food to seniors who would otherwise risk their own health to share their meals with their companion pets. Friendly Visitor provides much-needed social engagement to homebound seniors and disabled neighbors by pairing a client with a volunteer who regularly visits, calls and sends mail.

The Comfy Casas service enables clients to safely age in place by addressing their living conditions and home safety needs and doing free minor home repairs and modifications. Grace Place Alzheimer’s Services provides socialization and activities for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or related diseases.

“We love what Meals on Wheels does for our fragile senior population and we’re proud to support their work,” said Joy Larson, CEO of SWBC Insurance Services. “And delivering food is just the beginning. Since many recipients live alone, Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers also take the time to visit and brighten their day with compassion and companionship.”

Delivering self-sufficiency 2
SWBC staff donating a branded delivery van to Meals on Wheels San Antonio in 2019.

“We love what Meals on Wheels does for our fragile senior population and we’re proud to support their work.” – Joy Larson, CEO, SWBC Insurance Services

A team effort      

Through its foundation, SWBC Insurance Services has supported Meals on Wheels in many ways since 2000. It’s a true team effort with all 40 SWBC employees pitching in. Its staff helps by delivering meals to seniors twice a week, organizing an annual golf tournament the company started in 2021, donating money and volunteering time as needed. In addition, Larson has served on the board of directors of Meals on Wheels.

In 2019, SWBC gifted a branded delivery van to the nonprofit that it uses to deliver meals to those in need throughout San Antonio. And in 2022, the agency donated $10,000 to assist with Meals on Wheel’s Winter Storm Kit Delivery Event, which included dropping off a week’s worth of food to about 4,500 seniors in the community.

Delivering self-sufficiency
The SWBC Foundation presents a $10,000 donation to Meals on Wheels San Antonio in February 2022 to support its Winter Storm Kit Delivery Event.

Partnership during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Meals on Wheels saw a reduction in volunteers, especially from corporate volunteer groups. “We are so grateful that SWBC was one of the first corporate teams to come back and volunteer as the pandemic eased,” said Vinsen Faris, Chief Executive Officer of Meals on Wheels San Antonio. “Their dedication during these uncertain times ensures that our senior neighbors continue to receive the care and nutrition they need.”

“We are so grateful that SWBC was one of the first corporate teams to come back and volunteer as the pandemic eased. Their dedication ensures that our senior neighbors continue to receive the care and nutrition they need.” – Vinsen Faris, Chief Executive Officer, Meals on Wheels San Antonio


Care and companionship for the most vulnerable    

A $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance would help Meals on Wheels San Antonio prepare and deliver meals to 4,500 clients in the San Antonio community. In addition, the grant would also help with their support programs, such as the Grace Place Alzheimer’s Services, and continue to provide resources to families living with dementia. Help SWBC Insurance Services win another $5,000 for Meals on Wheels San Antonio by leaving a comment below and sharing their story to social media using the buttons to the left.


If your agency volunteers with a 501(c)3 nonprofit, learn how you can win a Make More Happen Award here.

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Anna Cossel
11 days ago

Good job!

17 days ago

I am certain we are here to lend a hand to others who need it whether by donating money, delivering food or visiting, while providing supporting words of encouragement. Thank you so much SWBC team for all you have done and to every single person who has championed, promoted and sustained Meals on Wheels initiatives.

Daniel S
19 days ago

I am proud to be part of a company that supports our senior community. Congratulations SWBC!

Lucinda Crane
19 days ago

Meals on Wheels does wonderful work in our community delivering meals and a smile to our beautiful seniors in San Antonio!

Sylvia Fijalkowski
20 days ago

Wonderful cause! Great work SWBC team!

Michele B
20 days ago

Great Story and Company

Anne King
20 days ago

Thank you SWBC for your continued service to the community!! Love this company that cares about people!!

Melissa Vela-Williamson
21 days ago

Meals on Wheels San Antonio is one of the hardest working organizations I’ve ever known.They were absolute heroes during the worst days of the pandemic and continue to serve more of our most vulnerable neighbors in 14 Texas counties. They deserve our support! Thank you, SWBC.

Ellen Boyer
21 days ago

I work for SWBC and when I was located at HQ myself and others delivered meals once a week in our lunch hour for Meals on Wheels for about 2 years. It was very rewarding and the seniors were always glad to send you. Go SWBC!

Meili Quiroga
21 days ago

Thank you, SWBC, for your continued service to the community. It’s an honor and a joy to work for such an amazing company who gives back to It’s community.

Mike Wise
22 days ago

The SWBC family epitomizes community service ! A great company to work for and to have in the community

Jorge De La Garza
23 days ago

This is service to the community. I am Proud to be part of the SWBC family.

23 days ago

I look forward to seeing the folks on my route each week. They are always so glad for the food and the attention. Thanks to SWBC for helping support out seniors..

Carol Dornbluth
23 days ago

This is an important service to seniors.

Ruben Alvarado
23 days ago

Providing nourishment and a smile to so many people. SWBC really cares. – Thank you

Kara Henkel
23 days ago

Thank you SWBC, what a great charity to help out!

Lupe H.
23 days ago

Thank you, SWBC!

valerie thompson
23 days ago

thanks swbc!

Nate Hopwood
23 days ago

SWBC is a wonderful company that gives back to the community.

Jenny Gaddis
23 days ago

So proud to work for SWBC! What a great program!

Nicole S
23 days ago

Great job SWBC, love your commitment to SA!

24 days ago

Such a wonderful organization and way to give back!

Renee Dalessio
24 days ago

What a great way to give back.

Kate Youngbauer
24 days ago

Moving in a powerful way, even in the midst of difficulty, positively impacting others. Thank you and bravo SWBC!

Arlene Todd
24 days ago

This is such a great program. Congratulations SWBC!

Bill Fritz
24 days ago

Outstanding ! Congratulations to SWBC Foundation! Excellent cause and organization!

24 days ago

Proud of the collaboration between SWBC and Meals on Wheels!

Elizabeth San Marco
24 days ago

This is such a wonderful program!

Michele M
24 days ago

Great cause

24 days ago

Thank you to SWBC and to Meals on Wheels for helping aid our seniors.

Christopher Quinn
24 days ago

Thank you!

24 days ago

I love charity and full bellies!

Tanya Baxter
24 days ago

We love that MOW helps so many family’s!

Misty Cardenas
24 days ago

I am lucky to be a part of this wonderful team!

Cipriano Arguello
24 days ago


Christine Hecker
24 days ago

Perfect way to make a difference and give back to the community! Meals on Wheels…Let’s help them wheels roll!!!

24 days ago

Meals on Wheels is a wonderful organization that I’m proud to support!

Shauna McEachern
24 days ago

Such a great initiative to support families in need!

Alex G
24 days ago

So happy to see the community come together to support our seniors and their families! Way to go SWBC!!

Michael Raimondi
24 days ago

Amazing work!

Katie O.
24 days ago

Thank you!

Claudine Meinhardt
24 days ago

I’m happy to see this! Thank you!

Last edited 24 days ago by Claudine Meinhardt
David Canales
24 days ago

This is awesome! So proud to work for SWBC! Great job everyone.

Bryan Robb
24 days ago

Fantastic work! Great job everyone.

Daniela B
24 days ago

Great way to give back to the community! Go SWBC!

24 days ago

A great example of team effort and a way to help our community. Way to go SWBC!

Steve Castner
24 days ago

Thank you for your help in the community!!! Go SWBC!

24 days ago

God Bless you SWBC Foundation, Liberty Mutual, and Safeco Insurance for helping us in the San Antonio area❣

Lili Montes
24 days ago

Way to go, SWBC! Congratulations!

24 days ago

Such a wonderful service. Thanks for helping the community!!

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