A place for kids to thrive

Located in Monrovia, Calif., Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills (BGCF) works to ensure that all children have access to quality programs and services at an affordable cost. It strives to enable young people, especially those who need it most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. To cast your vote, use the social media buttons to share this story, or leave a comment below. If they reach 500 votes, the $5,000 donation they’ve already earned doubles to $10,000!

Kids need consistent care and attention to thrive. That’s why BGCF operates during the critical after-school hours and over summers and holiday breaks — precisely when many kids need positive things to do. Unlike many other after-school programs, BGCF is not a drop-in center. Instead, it’s a fun and nurturing place for kids to gather on a regular schedule to enjoy supervised programs that promote healthy minds and bodies. And it’s working. More than 86% of its members attend more than 100 days a year. This structure and consistency have shown to significantly improve the lives of the more than 350 youth they see each day.

A place for kids to thriveDenise Weaver and Vanessa, her reading mentee, have been reading together at the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills for more than four years.


Coordinated, consistent care

Matt and Denise Weaver, owners of Weaver & Associates, exemplify the long-term approach embraced by BGCF. Other members of their agency, including the couple’s daughter Dana, who runs the day-to-day operations, Dana’s husband, and 14 other employees, are dedicated to showing up for the kids at the center.


Matt organizes special field trips and has served on the board for more than a decade. Denise has been a reading mentor for more than nine years, spending an hour per week at the Club reading with elementary school-aged children. “What I love best about the reading program is seeing the kids’ confidence soar as their reading improves,” she said. “This past year, one child improved over 500 points on their school reading tests!” Other Weaver & Associates employees help with annual fundraisers and support various programs such as the running club.


This consistency was particularly important throughout the pandemic. BGCF was one of the only youth-serving organizations in the San Gabriel Valley that stayed open during the pandemic. They provided a safe, structured environment that included education and social engagement for kids of first responders and essential workers while schools were closed. In addition, the Club offered virtual tutoring so volunteers like Denise could safely continue to work with kids who were falling behind. All this adapting and flexibility gave a whole new meaning to the Boys & Girls Club tagline, “Whatever it Takes.”

A place for kids to thrive 4
Agency co-Owner Denise Weaver and her mentee, Vanessa. Denise has been a reading mentor for more than nine years at the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills.

Building confidence through mentorship

BGCF programs help youth of all backgrounds develop the qualities they need to overcome obstacles and grow as leaders. And this starts with building confidence. “Confidence and self-worth are essential life skills,” said BGCF Executive Director John Wilson. “Like most skills worth honing, this can take time and reinforcement. BGCF relies on steady volunteers like Matt, Denise, and their team to support us in helping kids develop confidence, leadership skills and healthy habits.”


Matt has seen this support in action at BGCF and is encouraged by the results. “The way the Club gives kids an opportunity to be more than they ever imagined they could be is truly remarkable,” he said. “We realize how important it is to show up regularly for these kids. They deserve it. For some, the Club is often the only consistent thing in their lives.”


“What I love best about the reading program is seeing the kids’ confidence soar as their reading improves.”

– Denise Weaver, Co-Owner, Weaver & Associates, Inc.

A place for kids to thrive 1Denise took Vanessa, her mentee at the Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills, to the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside, Calif to conduct research for a school project.

“BGCF relies on steady volunteers like Matt, Denise, and their team to support us in helping kids develop confidence, leadership skills and healthy habits.”

– John Wilson, Executive Director, BGCF

A place for kids to thrive 2
Club volunteer Denise Weaver and her mentee, Vanessa, reading together at the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills in Monrovia, Calif.

Leadership skills for life

If awarded, BGCF would use a $10,000 donation from Safeco and Liberty Mutual Insurance to retain staff and buy supplies so they can continue to support kids who need a safe and nurturing place to gather during the summer or after school.


To vote, share this story using the blue icons to the left, comment below or both. Every vote or comment gets BGCF closer to a $10,000 donation, which will provide children with access to quality programs and services. Visit Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills and Weaver & Associates to learn more.

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21 days ago

Awesome work Durham & Bates for nominating this group of Amazing folks at Albertina Kerr! Thanks for all your volunteer work with them as well! Let’s get Albertina Kerr that $10k grant from Liberty Mutual!

Dana Dattola
21 days ago

Yay! Thanks for the generous donation – let’s double it!

Faith Mellinger
21 days ago

This is such a valued organization for our community – let’s get them funded!

21 days ago

Thanks for all you do, Weavers!!

Megan Brown
21 days ago

Loved reading about this. Thank you for giving back and inspiring others to do so. ♥️

Bryan Frenkel
20 days ago

Thank you for all you do!

20 days ago

Love the Boys and Girls Club let’s get them this donation!

Amanda Navar
20 days ago

Matt & Denise are an amazing duo! Their unwavering commitment to BGCF has had a huge impact on the lives of the kids we serve!

Jose Farias
20 days ago

Congratulations, Weaver & Associates! Let’s do this, BGCF!

Sofia Farias
20 days ago

BGCF is a great place to volunteer! Let’s get them this donation!

David Farias
20 days ago

I love the Boys & Girls Club! The staff and volunteers there are amazing!

Cathy Baum
20 days ago

Boys and Girls Club is an amazing resource for kids and their parents. They go above and beyond in giving kids a fun, safe place to spend their afternoons.

Denise Weaver
20 days ago

Yes!!! So thankful for the support Liberty provides to our office and community!

Summer Rehkop
20 days ago

Love this! What a great organization! Let’s get the donation doubled!

Teresa Mullins
20 days ago

Wonderful organization!

Amy Harrison
20 days ago

Such a privilege to call Weaver & Associates my work-home! I love watching the Weaver’s and Dattola’s give back to the community in so many ways, specifically through BGCF! Keep it up!

Dina Rios
20 days ago

This is AMAZING! Go Weaver & BGCF!!!

Michelle Nguyen
20 days ago

Amazing work Weaver & Associates! Your agency is in inspiration. Let’s double the donation to $10K for the Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills!

Krystal De Sangre
20 days ago

Let’s Go Weaver & Associates! Double Donations! So inspiring – Let’s goooo!

Sheree Michele Tromblee
20 days ago

Lets do this! B&G club deserves this!!!

Deena Martinez
20 days ago

great – my grandkids love the Boys and Girls Club

20 days ago

Awesome job Weaver & Associates AND BCFG!! Fingers crossed! Hope you get this!

Juianne Navar
20 days ago

Great story! Congratulations to Weaver & Associates. BGCF does great work!

Dawn Farry
20 days ago

Couldn’t go to more deserving people/organization! Hard-working, big-hearted and responsible leaders in the community. Double it!

Carole Ortega
20 days ago

Thank you for all that you do with the BGCF and making a difference in the community! These kids are our future!

Jason Shafer
20 days ago

This organization is so important to our community! Praying they get all the money they need!

Scott Owen Potter
20 days ago

Great work Weaver & Associates!!! All the work you do for Boys and Girls Club is inspiring.

Tammy Nicholson
20 days ago

Congratulations, Weaver & Associates! Let’s do this! Double that donation 🙂

Jeanine Scott
20 days ago

Let’s double the gift – thank you, Weavers!!

Brad Scott
20 days ago

Appreciate you!

Mandy Farias
20 days ago

Great job, Weaver & Associates!

20 days ago

Thanks fir all you do!

Julie Navar
20 days ago

These organizations are making a big impact in the lives of our young people!

charlyn quiec
20 days ago

Amazing! Thank you Matt and Denise!!

20 days ago

Thank you Denise and Matt Weaver, the whole Weaver & Associates staff and the BGCF staff for making more happen in your community!

Heather Ziegenbusch
20 days ago

Thank you for all you do!

20 days ago

Great work Weaver and Associates and BGCF!

Laurie Gill
20 days ago

They are doing great work! I support!

20 days ago

Fabulous work to help these kids!!!! The Weavers rock!

Jan Hall
20 days ago

Thank you Weaver & Associates for the good work you do!

Karen Hinze
20 days ago

We have known the Weavers for many years. They are the most giving and loving family and it shows in their commitment and love for their community.

20 days ago

Thanks for supporting this great organization!

Kurt Luginbuhl
20 days ago

Thank you Weavers, Thank you BGCF! So inspiring!

Andrea Hensler
20 days ago

BCGF brings amazing support to children, helping them to thrive and realize their potential. The dedication of staff to provide such quality programming is impressive.

20 days ago

Love to see it! Thank you for supporting!

John Wilson
20 days ago

Denise, Matt, Dana and the team at Weaver are the best! Thanks for making a difference.

Linda Harvey
20 days ago

Weavers are amazing people, The Boys and girls club also!

Alex O'Leary
20 days ago

Excellent agency and fantastic organization! Thank you for all that you do, Weaver & Associates! It’s a joy working with you all!

20 days ago

Woo! Go Weaver & Associates! Let’s Double those Donations!

20 days ago

What a great investment in the kids and community!

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