Serving the most vulnerable 1

Serving the most vulnerable

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Serving Oregon and Southwest Washington, Albertina Kerr empowers people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), mental health challenges, and other social barriers to lead self-determined lives and reach their full potential. They reached their goal of 500 votes and doubled their donation to reach $10,000.

Kerr has been caring for Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens since 1907. Today, the nonprofit offers children and teens struggling with life’s challenges crisis psychiatric care and outpatient mental health services. Kerr also provides safe and supportive 24-hour residential care for individuals experiencing I/DD, and employment services for adults with I/DD.

Serving the most vulnerable
Three members of Durham & Bates attend the 24 Hours of Kerr fundraiser in 2019 to help raise money for the nonprofit.

From agency to dedicated partner

Durham & Bates began its relationship with Kerr in 2007 when the agency was hired to help manage the nonprofit’s insurance needs. After seeing the positive impact Kerr was having on the community, Durham & Bates was inspired to do more, and its staff was soon volunteering in multiple ways.


For example, employees have joined Kerr’s Grant a Wish holiday gift drives since 2007 and worked on a variety of other fundraising efforts and events as well. The agency has also been a high-level financial contributor since 2013. Additionally, Durham & Bates provides its associates with 12 hours of paid volunteer time each year, which many associates use to sort donations and make phone calls at Kerr. Today, 15 agency employees are actively involved with the nonprofit.


“Albertina Kerr events are beautiful, memorable evenings full of warm people, kindness, and true friendship,” said Durham & Bates CEO Jeremy Andersen. “A spirit of real service, charity, and good works fills the halls and the events are unlike any others we attend.”

Serving the most vulnerable 4
Among other programs, Albertina Kerr matches client employees who are experiencing I/DD with local businesses who are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, to provide an integrated workplace setting where their clients can grow and thrive.

A personal connection

One former Durham & Bates producer developed a special relationship with Kerr. As the mother of an autistic child, she is passionate about securing resources for children experiencing mental health issues. This led her to help fundraising and outreach efforts ranging from galas to golf tournaments. She recognized the transformative power Kerr’s work has on families like hers and wanted to help more people benefit from its services.


Albertina Kerr events are beautiful, memorable evenings full of warm people, kindness and true friendship.”

– Jeremy Andersen, Durham & Bates CEO

Serving the most vulnerable 1
Durham and Bates Associates assemble kits to be mailed to the 2021 Rip City Race for the Roses participants, one of Kerr’s signature fundraising events.

Consistent support brings lasting results

Kerr and Durham & Bates have collaborated for nearly 15 years to fulfill the nonprofit’s mission. “We love being able to support Albertina Kerr,” said Andersen. “The organization is led by talented people with high standards of service, and everything it does reflects this winning approach. We are proud to support its critical mission in any way we can.”


Mary Ann “Miki” Herman, Kerr’s Interim CEO, attests to this power of this partnership. “The dedication the people at Durham & Bates have shown to us and the people we serve is inspiring,” she said. “Whether helping at one of our many events or making financial contributions as an agency, their consistent support allows us to reach more people in need.”

“Whether helping at one of our many events or making financial contributions as an agency, Durham & Bates’s consistent support allows us to reach more people in need.”

– Miki Herman, Interim CEO, Albertina Kerr

Serving the most vulnerable 2
Durham & Bates associates sort and deliver gifts donated by staff members for the Grant a Wish program at Kerr in 2020.

Removing barriers and improving lives

Kerr continues to develop new ways to help people experiencing I/DD and mental health challenges lead richer, more independent lives and to develop the skills needed to thrive at school and in life. If awarded, a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance would contribute to adding a clinical supervisor and three mental health therapists to Kerr’s Children’s Mental Health staff as well as extend telehealth services. This support will help ensure that mental health care is available to all children in need.


To vote, share this story using the blue icons to the left, comment below or both. Every vote or comment gets Albertina Kerr closer to a $10,000 donation, which will allow the most vulnerable among us to survive, thrive, and lead more fulfilling lives. Visit Albertina Kerr and Durham & Bates to learn more.

525 Votes
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Deanna Walters
2 years ago

Albertina Kerr is a wonderful group.

Monica Lemke
2 years ago

Thank you for all you are doing in your community!

Sabrina Shafer
2 years ago

You have our vote!!

Andrea Porfirio
2 years ago

A great place dealing with a great need. A. Porfirio

Carter McFarland
2 years ago

Way to go Durham & Bates and making such a great impact!

Marie Escamilla
2 years ago

Cheers Durham & Bates Team
What a wonderful way to give back to the community and helping a great organization
such as Albertina Kerr!!

2 years ago

Such a wonderful organization…Pround to vote for them!

J Sirena Tabet
2 years ago

This organization sounds most deserving of all the support it can get. I cast my vote for Albertina Kerr.

Mike Smith
2 years ago

Thank you Albertina Kerr!

Stephanie Murphy
2 years ago

Thank you for all that you do for our community Albertina Kerr!

Nathan Nordlund
2 years ago

Albertina Kerr is doing so much good for those in need. A wonderful organization made up of incredible people!

Tali Aflague
2 years ago

An incredible organization doing important work in our community!

Emily K
2 years ago

Incredible organization doing incredible work!

K. Lucey
2 years ago

A valuable organization within our community, doing wonderful things.

Chris Wiens
2 years ago

Love Albertina Kerr and their great work!

2 years ago

This is such important work for our community.

2 years ago

Albertina Kerr is a wonderful organization!

2 years ago

Albertina Kerr does a wonderful job!

2 years ago

Thank you Durham and Bates!

Aaron Nudelman
2 years ago

What a great cause. Thank you for the work you are doing to help!

Sandra Zaugg
2 years ago

They do such good work for people who can’t help themselves.

2 years ago

They get my vote!

Norma R Green
2 years ago

Such a worthy organization, they help those who can’t help themselves and do so with dignity and grace.

2 years ago

Thank you Durham & Bates for helping such a wonderful cause!!

2 years ago

You’re so close to 500! Let’s go!

2 years ago

Awesome job!!

Greg Ryerson
2 years ago

What a great cause and organization !

2 years ago

Keep up the good work!

Heidi Steeves
2 years ago

Thank you Durham and Bates for your support of Albertina Kerr.

karen leppmann
2 years ago

Thanks to everyone at Durham & Bates and Albertina Kerr!

2 years ago

These services are more crucial than ever! I’m grateful to these two organizations for partnering to make them happen!

Sophie Cowger
2 years ago

Albertina Kerr is such an incredible organization that fills an important need in our community! Let’s help them win additional $$!!

Nikki Rowe
2 years ago

Thank you for all you do!

Jeanine Fukuda
2 years ago

Thank you for supporting such an incredible organization!

2 years ago

Albertina Kerr does amazing work! Thank you for the support you provide to our community.

2 years ago

A wonderful company helping another amazing non profit. Glad to be part of this team

Linda S Butler
2 years ago

Albertina Kerr is serving those who cannot always do for themselves-giving them hope.

Kerrie Denner
2 years ago

Thank you Albertina Kerr for all you do to help our community and thanks D&B and Liberty Mutual for supporting this organization!

Jody Farmer
2 years ago

Thank you Durham & Bates!

2 years ago

Go Albertina Kerr

2 years ago

Thank you Durham & Bates, for all that you do in your community.

Debbie McQueen
2 years ago

What a great story of how a relationship has been built to serve children and youth in the community. Kudos.

Rhonda Felicity
2 years ago

Go team go! Awesome effort for an awesome cause.

Leslie Burton
2 years ago

So glad to see you behind a great organization!

Jeff Welder
2 years ago

Great organization

B. Early
2 years ago

Love what you do!

2 years ago

Yes please

Britton Kendall
2 years ago

Amazing organization!

Daniel Early
2 years ago

This is the type of organizational partnership that makes us better communities and people. Thanks to Durham & Bates and to the humane work of the Albertina Kerr organization.

Rebecca Early
2 years ago

Wonderful cause. Thank you for your work.

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