Supporting kids in foster care

Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker insurance agency needs your vote by August 31 to win $10,000 for Project Never Again. Read about their amazing dedication to extending compassion and dignity to children in foster care by providing duffel bags for their belongings. Then vote for them by using the social media share buttons or by leaving a comment when you reach the end of their story.

Dignity through duffels

On top of the trauma children entering foster care may have endured comes an additional humiliation. When they move to a foster home, their belongings are typically placed in a trash bag, not luggage.

Seema Steffany founded Project Never Again in part because of her own experience as a child left roadside with her belongings in a small box. “It is not what my belongings were placed in but rather, how this experience made me feel is why Project Never Again exists.”


“How this experience made me feel is why Project Never Again exists.”

– Seema Steffany, founder and president, Project Never Again


Because Project Never Again is a small organization with no paid staff, nearly all of their funding goes directly toward getting duffel bags into kids’ hands. Hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life join in at events to prepare thousands of bags and write “courage cards,” personal messages of hope and inspiration inserted into all bags.

Supporting kids in foster care
Olivia Astrue, EPB&B personal lines account manager, creates a courage card to be tucked inside a duffel bag for an Oregon foster child.

About 10,000 kids are currently in the Oregon foster care system. They’ve typically experienced neglect or other traumatic experiences and may feel angry, fearful and a deep sense of loss when they move to a foster home. A duffel bag with a personal note, journal and luggage tag they can write their name on provides a sense of dignity and shows them someone cares about their well-being.


Caring for the most vulnerable

Supporting kids in foster care 1

EPB&B staff proudly present the proceeds of their 2021 virtual holiday fundraiser to Seema Steffany (far right), Project Never Again founder.

EPB&B insurance has been serving the Portland area for over 70 years. “Supporting our community is part of the culture at Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker. It is in our DNA,”  says EPB&B’s president, Marc Baker. “We are always looking to support local, grassroots organizations that make a difference to those in need in our community, and Project Never Again hits the mark.”

Just one month after meeting Seema, Marc and his staff designated Project Never Again the recipient of the agency’s 2021 holiday fundraiser. Through the strong relationships the agency has built among customers, professional partners and staff, they succeeded in raising $10,600 to support Oregon kids entering foster care.


We are always looking to support local, grassroots organizations that make a difference to those in need in our community, and Project Never Again hits the mark.

– Marc Baker, president, EPB&B Insurance


 In addition to the holiday fundraiser, EPB&B staff have participated in courage card events and will be among 200 volunteers attending a duffel packing event in August.

Supporting kids in foster care 2
EPB&B staff were all smiles after participating at the May 2022 courage card event.

A duffel for everyone in need

A Safeco Make More Happen Award will allow Project Never Again to continue to purchase duffel bags, supplies for courage cards and luggage tags for children in foster care, with the hope that no child has to live with the shame of carrying their personal items in a trash bag. Additional funds would allow the organization to expand their outreach, recruit volunteers for courage card and duffel packing events, and pay for gas to transport duffel bags to Oregon Child Welfare offices.

How to Vote

Help EPB&B win the full $10,000 donation for Project Never Again by cheering them on with a comment below and sharing their story to social media using the buttons to the left!

If your agency volunteers with a 501(c)3 nonprofit, learn how you can win a Make More Happen Award here.

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Tamara Reece
2 months ago

WOW! This is incredible! Way to go EPB&B!

Alice Pettyjohn
2 months ago

Such a great idea to make a difference in the world! A way to make someone feel better and smile!

2 months ago


Dennis McMichael
2 months ago


Sheila T
2 months ago

This is a great idea! I never heard of anything similar and definitely a very deserving cause!

2 months ago

What a FANTASTIC Idea, I volunteer with CASA. These little ones are precious!

Maureen Norejko
2 months ago

Great group of people supporting great cause!

Maria Geary
2 months ago

I hope you guys do well in the voting. This is a very needed and beneficial program.

Elizabeth Clothier
2 months ago

Amazing!!! I love this whole concept!! Fingers crossed they win!

2 months ago

Great cause! Helping the kids is most important 🙂

3 months ago

Hope you all win. Great cause

Larry sjogren
3 months ago

Really amazing and such a great cause

Trudy Tallman
3 months ago

Wonderful idea!!

Chris Greig
3 months ago

What a tremendous cause. Well done.

R Agustin
3 months ago

Amazing story! Awesome job!

Maurene C
3 months ago

Kudos for all your hard work.

Alysia Hart
3 months ago

What a beautiful thing! Definitely need more of this!

M Coloma
3 months ago

Such amazing work. Job well done.

Scott W
3 months ago

Their leadership communicates compassion and a vision for bringing dignity to children in transition. Their passion for helping children in foster care inspires dozens of volunteers to help bring about change.

Lauren M
3 months ago

Way to go EPB&B!

Randy D
3 months ago

Amazing organization with a passion that cares for the youth

Lynn C
3 months ago

Continue to do your great work

L Castillo
3 months ago

amazing work

Jenna Orefice
3 months ago

Awesome work EPBB, you are a leader in supporting our community!

Kelly Cress
3 months ago

Keep up the good work EPBB!

3 months ago

Amazing organization with a critical cause

Scott A Mayer
3 months ago

Great people
Great cause

Matthew Altman
3 months ago

Great Cause

Cindy Cosenzo
3 months ago

Project Never Again is such a wonderful organization with a simple mission, to provide #dignitythruduffels for children and youth entering foster care. I applaud their mission and the beautiful way they engage the community to fulfill it. We all want those children and youth to know they are worthy and have tremendous value in our world.

3 months ago

Great cause!

Carmen Jacobson
3 months ago

What a great cause.

3 months ago

What a great idea for such a great cause!!

Chris A Stewart
3 months ago


3 months ago

What an amazing organization!

Nick De Vine
3 months ago

Such a great cause!

Noah Kragerud
3 months ago

Project Never Again is such an awesome organization who truly puts kids first

Ramona Childers
3 months ago

Ramona Childers

3 months ago

Way to go!

Lenne Adams
3 months ago

Put kids first

3 months ago


Kim Hawkins
3 months ago


3 months ago

May God bless you and yours and keep you safe. You are doing great work.

Ronni Phillips
3 months ago

Let’s do this!!!!

3 months ago

We are almost there!!! Yeah!!

Sherri Dannat
3 months ago

YAY, getting closer.

jeremy dickman
3 months ago

Woot woot, we have the power!

3 months ago

getting close !

3 months ago

This is a great charity. Way to go!

3 months ago

Make More Happen EPBB!!

3 months ago

Great cause!

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