Independent Agent Giving annual report

Tyler's Open Letter 1Thank you for a year of partnership, resilience and impact.

A message from Tyler Asher


At the beginning of 2020, Liberty Mutual and Safeco kicked off a Decade of Good Deeds. As a pledge to walk alongside agents in their pursuit of a greater good, the Decade of Good Deeds was created to inspire action, invest in community and champion the charitable work of our independent agent partners.

As with many things in 2020, come March, lives changed essentially overnight and plans needed to pivot to address a new reality: One of mounting needs for food, shelter and comfort in communities across the nation. As the gravity of COVID-19 became more evident, it also became clear that we had a responsibility to help address these mounting needs in partnership with our agents.

By April, Liberty Mutual and Safeco committed an additional $1 million to Independent Agent Giving.


This $1 million was earmarked for emergency community grants to ensure we could quickly get funds into the local communities of our agents and start helping those most impacted by COVID-19. The response was remarkable. Our agents submitted more than 3,300 applications, allowing us to distribute nearly 150 grants to nonprofits addressing the most pressing COVID-related needs by the end of May.

2020 Annual Report 2

This is just one example from a year of challenge and change. Independent agents show up for their communities all year, not just when the need is so obvious. Through our other established programs, Make More Happen™ and Change Agents™, another $375,000 was distributed to the causes most important to our agents. An additional 84 nonprofits were touched through these efforts, with more than 120,000 votes of support casted online showing the power of activation.


This Independent Agent Giving Annual Report represents so much more than the facts and figures. It represents the resilience of independent agents, their commitment to the communities they serve, and the tens of thousands of lives touched by their charitable work.

Behind every agency named in the report are hundreds more that are actively giving back, each with their own unique story: Of passing on a spirit of giving from generation to generation, of personal tragedy turned into purpose, of passion, hope and commitment.

2020 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report 1

This year has been unlike any other, but our strength is revealed in the most challenging of times. Together, we can do more and be better. Please join us in continuing the Decade of Good Deeds through 2021 and beyond.

Tyler's Open Letter




Tyler Asher
President Independent Agent Distribution

Thank you for joining the decade of good deeds

Lighting the path to a better life