A second chance to thrive

Access Insurance Agency needs your vote by October 7th to win $10,000 for Bro2Go. Read about their inspiring dedication to helping ex-offenders reclaim their lives and their self-worth. Then vote for them by using the social media share buttons or by leaving a comment when you reach the end of this story.

Restoring confidence, changing lives

People leaving the prison system often struggle to secure a place to live, find a job or access available resources. To support non-violent ex-offenders during this vulnerable transition, Bro2Go offers mentorship, employment programs and other services to help them regain their self-esteem and become successful members of society again. This includes fostering relationships with employers in the greater Harrisburg, PA, area so they can connect ex-offenders with jobs with long-term career potential.

With a mission to empower, equip and motivate formerly incarcerated men and women, the mentors at Bro2Go prepare their mentees for interviews and help them develop marketable skills. The nonprofit further offers temporary assistance with housing costs, utility bills and work clothes to help hold mentees over until they earn their first paycheck.

The organization also provides social services to other under-served populations including veterans, at-risk youth, low-income families and people in recovery looking for another chance.

A second chance to thrive

Bob Ormsbee, co-owner of Access Insurance Agency, holds twin sisters at an April 2022 bowling party sponsored by the agency.

“It’s amazing to watch a person who was once completely down on themselves make a comeback, said LeeAnn Ormsbee, co-owner of Access Insurance Agency. “Watching people grow and succeed at something they never thought possible is so inspiring.”

“It’s amazing to watch a person who was once completely down on themselves make a comeback.” – LeeAnn Ormsbee, Co-Owner, Access Insurance Agency

A web of community support

Bob and LeeAnn Ormsbee, the owners of Access Insurance Agency, began supporting Bro2Go in 2018, a year after the nonprofit was founded. The couple saw the value the organization brought to the community and were inspired to lend their support. They were particularly moved by its work with children.

Along with giving backpacks and supplies to kids who need them each school year, Bro2Go provides a safe place for youth to express their feelings, make friends and have fun. “The people at Bro2Go truly care about others and want to make the world a better place,” said Ormsbee.

A second chance to thrive 1

Bob and LeeAnn Ormsbee, owners of Access Insurance Agency, with the Sponsor of the Year Award presented to them by Bro2Go in 2021.

The agency supports this mission by sponsoring monthly education and mentoring events that help children grow into healthy and successful adults. The Ormsbees also support two free bowling and pizza parties that Bro2Go organizes each year for kids as a way to show them they are valued and loved.

The power of redemption

Everything Bro2Go does is designed to help people make positive and lasting life changes. “We believe in the power of redemption,” said Bro2Go CEO Da’Laine Simpson. “Remarkable things happen when you give people a second chance and then back it up with training, a caring attitude and community support. It gives hope to those who thought all their opportunities were gone.”

“Remarkable things happen when you give people a second chance and then back it up with training, a caring attitude and community support.” – Da’Laine Simpson, CEO, Bro2Go

Helping others overcome obstacles

A $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance would help Bro2Go continue its existing programs as well as add more events for children. Help Access Insurance Agency win another $5,000 for Bro2Go by leaving a comment below and sharing their story to social media using the buttons to the left.


If your agency volunteers with a 501(c)3 nonprofit, learn how you can win a Make More Happen Award here.


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Maurice Davis
8 minutes ago

Great cause – keep up the great work!

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15 minutes ago

Bro2Go got this! Great work

19 minutes ago

Great cause.

34 minutes ago

Voting !

1 hour ago

Incredible work!

2 hours ago

Making my vote count for this incredible organization!

Monika Ross
7 hours ago

This is my vote. This is such a worthy organization.

Steffany Diaz-Parra
9 hours ago

Great work!

Teresa Donovan
9 hours ago

That’s awesome, happy to support a worthy cause!

Angela Castillo
10 hours ago

Bro2Go!!! Great work, good luck

Desiree Johnson
10 hours ago

What a beautiful way to show kindness and love!

Jennifer Stough
23 hours ago

Love you Bro2Go

Stacey B
1 day ago

You got this!

Erica B
1 day ago

What a great organization! Thanks for sharing their story!

1 day ago

Rooting for you!

Kindra Holman
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Katie Anooshian
1 day ago

Keep going… this is awesome!!!

Richard Lehigh
1 day ago

Bto2go is a wonderful organization, it is great to see the transformation that takes place in the lives of the people they help.

Suzy Teter
2 days ago

So proud of the work Bro2Go does in our community!

Nic Anzalone
2 days ago

Let’s go Bro2Go!

Carley Furlow
2 days ago

We love Bro2Go

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Ryandell Simpson
2 days ago

Great Event! Keep doing what you are doing!

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Montez Parker
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Shauna Mosley
2 days ago

Very inspiring!! Keep up the good work.

4 days ago

You got this!

Kevin Belle
4 days ago

Let’s get it done

Todd K
6 days ago

That’s awesome

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Katie Stohler
7 days ago

Good luck

7 days ago

What a great cause. Congratulations!

Alexis Holzer
8 days ago

Go Bro2Go!

Elise Renninger
10 days ago

They deserve to win!

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Neil penza
11 days ago

Help support

Ashley Mixon
11 days ago

Way to go!

12 days ago

Congrats to Access Insurance and Bro2Go.

12 days ago

Way to go

Andy A
12 days ago

Great cause! Congrats!

Ruth Monaghan
12 days ago

Love the second chance opportunity!

12 days ago

This is amazing you can do it!

Lindsay Brookshire
13 days ago

Great job!

Lisa Fazio
13 days ago

Great cause!

Matt D
13 days ago

Nice work!

Aimee Long
13 days ago

Great Job!

Matt Warye
13 days ago

Great cause!

Kerrie Oliver
13 days ago

This is so inspiring! Best of luck in all your efforts!

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