A positive outlet for kids

All Pro Insurance Agency reached their goal of 500 votes + shares and won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance to spread awareness for Eastlake Youth Basketball, whose mission is to provide adults with developmental challenges the best chance to be a part of the world around them. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

A positive outlet for kids

All Pro Insurance owner and Eastlake Youth Basketball volunteer Dane Frasure brings a team together for a cheer.

Sometimes, sports can mean more than the game itself—a lot more. Dane Frasure has seen that first-hand through his work with Eastlake Youth Basketball in Eastlake, Ohio.

And in one instance, it might even have made the difference between life and death.

“One high-school-age player in our league had been hanging out with the wrong crowd,” said Frasure, the owner of All Pro Insurance Agency in Eastlake and

longtime league coach who also served as president from 2015-2019. “Because he had practices and games to go to, he eventually lost contact with the people who were leading him down the wrong path. The night before one of our games, three of them were shot—and he is convinced he would have been, too, if not for the league.”

Transformational opportunities

That’s an extreme example, but it’s a testament to the positive outcomes that Eastlake Youth Basketball makes possible. The organization, founded in 1968, serves about 400 kids from ages 4-18 in four counties, according to current president Logan Shreves. And a division for players with developmental disabilities includes players from ages 4-40.

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Co-director for Eastlake Youth Basketball, Cameron Shreves, and one of the nonprofit’s tournament participants.

“Just playing basketball has given them confidence, new friendships, and a different outlook on life.”

—Dane Frasure, owner, All Pro Insurance Agency

Frasure has seen the transformative effects of that as well—he started the Adaptive Division after seeing kids on the sidelines yearning to play. “I had a parent tell me about how becoming part of a team helped their child overcome issues with isolating from family and friends,” he said. “Just playing basketball has given them confidence, new friendships, and a different outlook on life.”

Group photo after a basketball game for youth with disabilities.

Pamela Grinstead and Kristine Shreves help out at the nonprofit’s basketball tournament for youth with disabilities.

Nobody is turned away, regardless of financial situation or playing ability, said Shreves, who also played in the league as a kid and coached as a young adult. That means donations and volunteers are crucial: Eastlake Youth Basketball typically needs about 50-60 people to coach and perform other duties during any given season, while most funds come from local businesses and an annual fundraiser.

Pandemic challenges

The league wasn’t able to operate in 2020 due to COVID-19, which also hampered fundraising efforts—but a 2021 Make More Happen Award also will help get the ball rolling again. The honor includes a donation of up to $10,000 to Eastlake Youth Basketball from Safeco and Liberty Mutual on behalf of All Pro Insurance Agency.

The funding will help with paying for gym time for 400 games throughout the next season, along with uniforms and referees. It also will play an important role in purchasing the special equipment disabled players need to take part.

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Ready to play again

Both Frasure and Shreves are looking forward to getting kids back on the courts, and Frasure has All Pro clients waiting in the wings to support the league, too. “Whatever the league needs from me, I’ll be there,” he said.

Shreves is well aware of that dedication. “Dane is an invaluable asset to Eastlake Youth Basketball,” he said. “He has given tremendous guidance, been a sponsor, helped with our website, and made valuable connections for us with schools and gyms. We look forward to working with him and All Pro for years to come.”

Cheer the team onto $10,000 by using the social share buttons to add their story to your feed and leaving a comment below. Learn more about All Pro Insurance Agency and Eastlake Youth Basketball.

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8 months ago

What a great group! Good luck!

Aimee Long
8 months ago

What a great story and motivating organization! Love that All Pro Insurance is supporting this in their community!

Jessica Wrigley
8 months ago

What an amazing story!

Logan Shreves
8 months ago

Thanks for making this all happen!

Tammy Woodruff
8 months ago

This is amazing!

Kristine Shreves
8 months ago

It’s such a wonderful group of kids! Volunteering, seeing these kids enjoying the game makes it all worthwhile!!

8 months ago

This is an amazing story! Thanks for making this happen!

david C brown
8 months ago

This is such a great group of people. My son was sad that he couldnt play last year but is looking to play this year. Great Job Guys!!!!

Marcus Salas
8 months ago

Glad to see great people doing great things! Amazing work.

Tiffany hill
8 months ago

Well said!! Great group of people to work with and grow with!! Good luck guys!

Rhonda Axelrod
8 months ago

I love this league!! My son played and my husband coached for several years.

8 months ago

Wonderful for our community! Love to see it!

Natalie Arnold
8 months ago

Awesome story!

8 months ago

Thank you Dane and The Shreve Family for making basketball enjoyable for everyone.

Rhonda Crisp
8 months ago

Great story and amazing work! Thank you for all that you are doing!

Cameron Shreves
8 months ago

Awesome story! Happy to be apart of it.

Shawn Dodd
8 months ago

Let’s help support the kids. Proud to see our alumni giving back and making a difference

8 months ago

let’s make it happen #Eastlake

8 months ago

Wonderful story! We love Eastlake basketball

David Turner
8 months ago

Youth sports are amazing for the community

Ryan h
8 months ago

Here to help a good cause !!

Michaela Nagy
8 months ago
Jon Marich
8 months ago

This is fantastic

Adam Sulic
8 months ago

This is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Michael thomas
8 months ago

Great thing to see in the community!

Lindsay B
8 months ago

Amazing! ❤️

8 months ago

Love it!!!

Alexandra O’Leary
8 months ago

Amazing story!

8 months ago

It’s important for all to get involved! Good luck this year!

Patricia Kirchner
8 months ago

Such an awesome organization!

Anita Scott
8 months ago

Great to see another independent agent supporting the community!

Andy Henderson
8 months ago

Love to see stuff like this especially for organizations I was apart. Let’s go #Eastlake

Devin Wilson
8 months ago

Absolutely love the league! So beneficial for the kids and the community!

Mark Derrick
8 months ago

Awesome stuff! Excited to see this program develop and grow.

Dawn Gelsinger
8 months ago

wonderful people helping wonderful kids.

Krystal Minadeo
8 months ago

Great league! Can’t wait for the upcoming season. Awesome coaches , kids and volunteers!

Karen Kirchner
8 months ago

Love this story!

Ryan Rowland
8 months ago

Wonderful Story!!

8 months ago

amazing work!

Travis Picquet
8 months ago

Amazing story and great community!

8 months ago

This is amazing !!

8 months ago

Amazing group doing great things for the community everyday!

Toni Kolawole
8 months ago

Wow…now this is definitely an organization worth supporting! I love this 🙂

Chad Huffman
8 months ago

Yo! This is fantastic! While I did not participate in sports much.. it’s incredibly important to have community programs such as this one! Hope everyone involved has a great and fun time! 🙂

Gabrielle Juka
8 months ago

Love this!! Keep up the good work 🙂

Suzanne Biddle
8 months ago

My four kids all have played in this league, and I still have one son currently playing in the Adaptive League… he LOVES it, we have played every year since the start and it’s been wonderful to have a place for our special kiddos to play !

8 months ago

Great job!!

Marquita Lavallais
8 months ago

This is so amazing I’m very proud!!!! Making a difference!!!!!

Ariel Elmore
8 months ago


Lisa Wilson
8 months ago

Such an awesome story! Love this league

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