Medical care for the most vulnerable

Fourth Street Clinic and Miller Insurance Group’s tireless support have never been more important than now. To vote for them, use the social media buttons to share this story, or leave a comment below. If they reach a combined 500 votes and comments, the $5k donation they’ve already earned doubles to $10k!

Medical care for the most vulnerable 3
Independent agent Alex Meade (center) volunteers with Fourth Street Clinic in many different ways, including helping on their mobile bus to reach people experiencing homeless in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The already abundant challenges with the healthcare sector are only amplified for those who experience homelessness. In Salt Lake City, Fourth Street Clinic exists to be there for this vulnerable population when all else fails.

Since their founding in 1988 as Wasatch Homeless Healthcare, Inc., the organization has served over 5,000 people in the region annually. This care encapsulates everything from providing medications to offering mental health and substance abuse counseling. The heavy weight of this work requires community support, and over the last five years, Miller Insurance Agency has poured its heart into helping support that weight.

Medical care for the most vulnerable 2
In addition to medical care, the nonprofit (and Meade) also provide hygiene supplies and clothing for their unhoused neighbors in SLC.

Passion to help takes many forms

Members of the Miller Insurance Group staff each contribute in their own ways, whether it’s through launching hygiene kit drives or taking the load off clinicians with snacks and meals.

Alex Meade, the agency’s Principal Broker, serves as the Chairman of the Advancement Committee on Fourth Street Clinic’s board. His fundraising efforts have included out-of-the-box ideas like hosting town halls for the community and starting a film festival focused on the subject of homelessness.

Medical care for the most vulnerable 8
Ken, a Fourth Street patient, receives his COVID-19 vaccine from a medical provider on the clinic’s Mobile and Street Outreach team. He worked with Fourth Street Clinic to find counseling services to get him into permanent housing.

The beautiful moments that arise from struggle

The seemingly basic health services that the clinic provides can mean the world for their patients. “Any one of these visits can bring on the change that allows someone experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet,” said Meade.

Earlier this year, Miller Insurance Group staff stepped into the clinic’s front-line pandemic fight to volunteer. They got a firsthand view of the joy that receiving the vaccine brought many of the patients. “One patient told me the clinic got him connected with resources to address his alcohol addiction,” said Meade. “He was excited to get the vaccine because it meant he could remain healthy and have the energy to focus on his recovery.”

“Any one of these visits can bring on the change that allows someone experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet.”

-Alex Meade, Principal Broker, Miller Insurance Group

Medical care for the most vulnerable 5
Alex Meade sitting with Leonard, a patient who had just received his COVID-19 vaccine. Leonard has been homeless for the better part of 40 years but has avoided shelters in fear of the virus. He was overjoyed to receive his vaccination.

An uncertain future requires creative ideas

“In 2020 we saw a 34% increase in expenses directly tied to our COVID-19 response,” said Laurel Ingham, Development Director of the Fourth Street Clinic. “The clinic has worked to be as creative as possible to respond to the list of uncertainties that have continuously cropped up.”

One solution was to hit the road in their medical bus, visiting different resource centers to do COVID-19 testing and ensure individuals in congregant living were safe. To get around ventilation issues, they even improvised by turning their parking lot into a COVID-19 treatment camp, complete with military medical tents.


Medical care for the most vulnerable 7
COVID-19 spread quickly when it first impacted the homeless populations in Utah. Fourth Street Clinic quickly adapted their strategies to safely care for patients.

“From the onset of the pandemic, the clinic has worked to be as creative as possible to respond to the list of uncertainties that have continuously cropped up.”

-Laurel Ingham, Development Director, Fourth Street Clinic


The Fourth Street Clinic plays a challenging but essential role in the Salt Lake City community. $10,000 would allow the clinic to fully immunize 40 children, purchase much-needed PPE or fill over 650 prescriptions. That means your vote has the power to change a life.

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Laurel Ingham
27 days ago

This is a huge boost and a lovely gift to our community! thank you!

27 days ago

Fourth Street Clinic is amazing! Love the work they do in SLC’s community.

Aiko Wynn
27 days ago

So proud of the work you do!

27 days ago

What a great effort, way to go

Scott W Ingham
27 days ago

Excellent information!

Dan Dowell
27 days ago

4th Street Clinic is the bomb!

Tricia Pearce
27 days ago

Great work Fourth Street Clinic

Christina Lau Billings
27 days ago

So grateful to have an organization serving those vulnerable in our community, especially in a health care crisis. Thank you, Fourth Street Clinic!

Marie Christman
27 days ago

4th Street Clinic provides a critical service to our community.

Marie Christman
27 days ago

Such a valuable service and organization. Thank you 5th Street Clinic!

Mary Ellen
27 days ago

Thank you for your important work helping our community.

Therese H.
26 days ago

Fourth Street Clinic continues to be a shining example of what a relatively small group of thoughtful, caring, intelligent, and creative people can accomplish for a large number of vulnerable people in our community.

26 days ago

We are so grateful for the food pantry. There are so many families that have needed the assistance this year more than others.

26 days ago

Great work!

Gail Nault
26 days ago

What a great donation

26 days ago

Thank you 4th Street Clinic for helping Utah residents!

Julee A
26 days ago

Miller Insurance Agency – thank you for your support of Fourth Street Clinic! Fourth Street Clinic staff have demonstrated incredible creativity and flexibility in serving Utahns experiencing homelessness during the pandemic.

Christy Meade Olivier
26 days ago

This Clinic does amazing work!

Karina Elias
26 days ago

Great work!

Nicole K
26 days ago

Keep up the great work!

David Leta
26 days ago

Thanks to Safeco/Liberty Mutual for supporting local heroes fighting the pandemic and helping battle homelessness in our community.

26 days ago

Thrilled to have the Fourth Street Clinic as part of our community!

Ben Welch
26 days ago

This is a great cause and does a lot of good in the community.

Pam Kittrell
26 days ago

Incredible work by incredible people.!

Paula Girouard
26 days ago

Thank you for all your hard work!

Peggy Hunt
26 days ago

Thank you Fourth Street Clinic for your work in our community!

26 days ago

Amazing compassionate team, well done! Keep up the great work!

26 days ago


Jack Eiselt
26 days ago

Good luck to the team! Fourth Street Clinic deserves the support!

26 days ago

These are some of the most dedicated and compassionate staff! Good luck with your fundraising goal, this team has more than earned it

Alex Meade
26 days ago

Thanks for the Support Liberty / Safeco.

26 days ago

So grateful to see so much community support!

Melissa Mason
26 days ago

Thank you for helping make the hark work possible!

Kamela Alisa
26 days ago

Thank you so much for your donation, Great job 4th Street Clinic!

Jim Cannon
26 days ago

I am amazed with the great work, dedication of the staff, kindness that they show to each patient, and the ability of the staff to send each patient away feeling better then when they arrived for care.

Kami Peterson
26 days ago

I am so proud to say that I work for this organization. Love working with the community and the staff are AMAZING!

David Berg
26 days ago

Thank you for this gift of healing!

Jim OConnell
26 days ago

Great work for your community!!

Felicia Rowley
26 days ago

4th Street Clinic is the best!!

Amanda Martinez
26 days ago

Thank you, Fourth Street Clinic, for providing amazing services to our community

26 days ago

yeet go team 🙂

26 days ago

Thank you so much.

26 days ago

What a wonderful way to support our community.

26 days ago

The Fourth Street Clinic provides an inspiring model for homeless health care across the country!

26 days ago

Great organization to help people in the community.

Nance Kunkel
26 days ago

Thanks for the work you do!!

Abbey Horrocks
26 days ago

Fourth street clinic absolutely makes a huge impact in our city! This organization is so deserving.

26 days ago

Wow, so cool! Thank you so much, very generous!

Bradley Barton
26 days ago

i have seen so much good come from FSC! Let’s get them 10K so they can keep making more good!

Michele Goldberg
26 days ago

Thank you!!!

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