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BJA Partners reached their goal of 500 votes + shares and won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance for Challenged Athletes Foundation with the mission to create opportunities for athletes of all ages to keep doing what they love. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

Sports are truly magical. They can create new friendships, build heathy lifestyles or form deep and longstanding passions. For many athletes however, physical challenges like paralysis, visual impairment or disabilities due to disease and traumatic incidents have barred them from participation.

Most health insurance companies don’t cover adaptive equipment and coaching for people with physical challenges. For many families, this means sacrificing sports completely. The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) in San Diego, California chose not to accept this, and for over 25 years, has been creating opportunities for athletes of all ages to keep doing what they love. In the last year alone, CAF directly helped almost 4,000 athletes across 103 different sports.

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Day 1 of the Million Dollar Challenge! Pictured are Challenged Athlete Brandon Lyons, paralyzed from waist down, riding a hand cycle; Jeffrey Essakow, CEO and Co-Founder of CAF, Dean Roeper, Scott Rhodes and Challenged Athlete Jamie Whitmore.

A mission that calls for all hands on deck

Through his friendship with CAF’s founder, as well as a personal health journey of his own, Myron Jucha formed a deep commitment to the nonprofit’s work. As the CEO of insurance agency BJA Partners, Myron has provided CAF with their employee benefits and other insurance needs for over 20 years. The agency staff has tapped the same passion, and now nearly all of BJA Partners is regularly involved.

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The BJA Partners staff cheers on Myron Jucha as he finishes the 620 mile Million Dollar Challenge ride for CAF.

Showing families a future for their kids in sports

Of the many ways that BJA Partners pledges their support, sponsorship of CAF’s annual “Million Dollar Challenge” is one of the most memorable for agency staff. Personally participating in this 620 mile bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego was one of the first ways Myron got involved with the nonprofit. That first year, Myron met the mother of a three-year-old boy named Zack. Zack’s mother had found CAF after making the unthinkable decision to amputate both of her son’s legs due to a birth deformity.

“Zack’s mom felt hope for her son that he could live a normal life,” said Myron. “CAF gave him his first pair of running prosthetics so that he could run around like every other three-year-old. Seeing Zack run across the stage in his new prosthetics was all I needed to know my involvement makes a real difference.”

“Seeing Zack run across the stage in his new prosthetics was all I needed to know my involvement makes a real difference.”

-Myron Jucha, CEO, BJA Partners

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Three-year-old Zack, with US Paralympic cyclist Brandon Lyons before the Million Dollar Challenge ride started. CAF is a longtime supporter of Brandon, who is currently training for the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics.

Adapting and staying motivated in the face of the pandemic

With the cancellation of in-person events last year, it would have been easy to lose inspiration. “CAF’s work directly stands up to the challenges of our time. A global pandemic, a devastating financial crisis and ongoing social injustices create even greater barriers for the community we serve,” said Jaimie Lynch, Event Manager at the Challenged Athletes Foundation. “Much of our community is at risk of serious health complications, requiring them to be under extreme quarantine through the pandemic.”

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CAF adapted quickly, replacing the Million Dollar Challenge with a new virtual event that brought people together to log their miles from afar. Collectively, their millions of miles raised millions of dollars, and gave thousands of athletes a sense of community in quarantine. The value of that experience is something we can all likely identify with after this past year.

“CAF’s work directly stands up to the challenges of our time. A global pandemic, a devastating financial crisis and ongoing social injustices create even greater barriers for the community we serve.”

-Jaimie Lynch, Event Manager, Challenged Athletes Foundation

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In addition to being a rider, BJA Partners sponsors the Million Dollar Challenge and has a presence at the finish line.

$10,000 would be life-changing for families involved with Challenged Athletes Foundation. It could buy a set of prosthetic legs for a child like Zack, or pay for the coaching of 10 different individuals. CAF’s impact could take any number of shapes – all they need is your vote. Learn more about BJA Partners.

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Annie Lee
10 months ago

Awesome cause

Donna Mae Gookin
1 year ago

They deserve a chance to show what they are made of! Real champs!

Lisa Daniels
1 year ago

Great to see the amazing contributions this group is making

Kirk Rossberg
1 year ago

What an awesome organization!

1 year ago
1 year ago

So cool!

Stacy Kahan
1 year ago

Go tram BJA! Bravo!

Luke Latchford
1 year ago

Go team BJA!

1 year ago

What a great cause!

Melinda Johnson
1 year ago

Excellent work Myron!!! Thank you for all you do for CAF.

Georgina Petrie
1 year ago

You keep on driving! Fantastic to see BJA Partners supporting such an amazing cause.

Doreen Rochells
1 year ago

Great job!

Tamara Reed
1 year ago

What a fantastic mission! Great job!!

Caleb Pirtle
1 year ago

What an amazing cause and team. Great work!!

1 year ago

Love this!

Juaísca Rodríguez
1 year ago

I’ve been recipient of CAF Grants, and only and just because CAF I’ve been able to keep going with my athletic aspirations and goals. Thank you CAF, thank you, Donors!

1 year ago

What a wonderful cause!

Bernadette Bueno
1 year ago

Great job! So inspiring

Jason Malvar
1 year ago

Great organization, appreciate all you do!

1 year ago

Love love love CAF and everything they do!

Kiernan Donahue
1 year ago

Awesome cause!

Craig Parks
1 year ago

So inspiring! Keep it up!!!

Gabrielle Platt
1 year ago

Wow! This is awesome!

Ty Gibson
1 year ago

This is so awesome! Best of luck on reaching your goal!

Kennedy Anderson
1 year ago

Go team BJA!!!

Brittany Bosca
1 year ago

What a great cause!! Go team BJA! 🙂 Very inspirational

1 year ago

Congratulations!! This is an amazing organization!!

Jennifer Rose
1 year ago

Thank you for your support of CAF!

Avanti Cheruvallath
1 year ago

Such a great cause!

Bradford Family
1 year ago

Go team BJA!

1 year ago

Awesome job! This is so inspirational!

1 year ago

This is amazing!

Jen Rolbiecki
1 year ago

What a great cause! Thank you for all you do to make a difference.

Amy Miller
1 year ago

Way to go!

Pio Isidro
1 year ago

This is such a good cause that is so worthy of our support!

Mariah Shevchuk
1 year ago

Good luck BJA! Great cause to support!

1 year ago

Great cause

Connor Carlson
1 year ago


Brandon Lyons
1 year ago

Great job CAF!

Joye D
1 year ago

Good luck! What a great cause!

daniel lenard
1 year ago

Keep up the great work! Such an amazing story

Jason Karavidas
1 year ago

Incredible! Thank you BJA for making such an incredible impact in the CAF community!

Deborah Ulan
1 year ago

Keep up the good work BJA.

1 year ago

Thank you, Myron, for all you do for CAF!

Monica Sereda
1 year ago

Wonderful organization and cause

Alexander Magtanong
1 year ago

Great way to support athletes in every capacity!

Patty Glenn
1 year ago

Excellent cause!

rick mays
1 year ago

Great cause

1 year ago

Great cause!!

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