Feeding children all year

With the help of Hausmann-Johnson Insurance reaching their goal of 500 votes + shares,  Blessings in a Backpack won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance to further their mission of providing food security for hungry children in the community. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

In Waukesha County, Wisconsin, while school meal programs provide food to children during the week, food-insecure families often cannot provide nutritious food on weekends. Roughly 15,000 children are at risk of facing hunger on weekends throughout the county. Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County (BIABWC) aims to fill these gaps.

Historically, BIABWC has organized large bag-filling events, where volunteers and donors come together to fill bags of food to redistribute to hungry children. Hausmann-Johnson Insurance, located in Madison and Pewaukee, Wisconsin, has been involved in these events since 2017 and continues to work closely with the organization.

Feeding children all year

Before COVID, Hausmann-Johnson was a big supporter and participant in the FatHead Golf Event to benefit Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County. Hausmann-Johnson principal and agent Diana Schmidt is also the Vice President of BIABWC’s Board of Directors and long-time volunteer at Bag Fill events.

Changes in the wake of COVID-19

In the summer of 2020, COVID-19 forced BIABWC to cancel their usual events, a particularly stressful hiccup because the organization was simultaneously ramping up to extend food distribution beyond the school year and into summer break. This made it more important than ever to work with partners like Hausmann-Johnson Insurance to organize successful alternatives.

‘We still needed to get bags filled for these kids!’

—Diana Schmidt, agent and principal at Hausmann-Johnson Insurance and Vice President of BIABWC Board of Directors

“As a group, we pivoted our thinking and began offering bag-filling volunteers the opportunity to host their own ‘at-home’ bag-filling events,” said Schmidt. Each at-home kit allowed for 240 packed bags of food, and the at-home food collection wound up being a huge success.

Feeding children all year 4
Schmidt virtually presents a donation check from Hausmann-Johnson Thanksbidding Online Charity Auction to Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County.

Developing donation alternatives

In addition to at-home bag-filling events, Hausmann-Johnson Insurance supported Diana’s other initiatives to help BIABWC throughout 2020. This included a personal Giving Tuesday Facebook campaign that raised $640, a golf event that raised another $600 and a donation request to a local church that brought forth an additional $1,000.

The agency’s biggest contribution came from their Thanksbidding Online Charity Auction in November 2020, which brought in $5,675 for BIABWC. “Everyone at the agency was encouraged to donate, bid, and solicit auction items and sponsorships from local businesses, clients and business partners,” said Schmidt, who filmed a promotional video to further foster participation.

Feeding children all year 5
Four members of the BIABWC Board of Directors and volunteers fill bags and raise awareness for Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County on February 12, 2021.

Funding for the future

BIABWC faces additional challenges due to COVID-19. Food manufacturers that previously worked with the organization shifted their focus from creating individual-sized items to family-sized. The supply chain has also faced interruptions, making it harder to deliver food on time.

Feeding children all year 2Schmidt’s family even pitched in to help with the at-home bag fill drives,
a new type of volunteer event she helped develop in response to COVID-19.

And losing the larger bag-filling events was a serious blow: “We’ve since shifted to purchasing pre-packed bags of food that come ready to distribute,” Schmidt said. “This is convenient, but we lose community engagement and word-of-mouth marketing that traditional bag-fill events provided BIABWC as an organization.”

‘Food is an essential building block, and in this case, it’s truly a blessing, especially to a hungry child!’

—Nancy Major, managing director at Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County

The 2021 Make More Happen Award includes a donation of up to $10,000 from Liberty Mutual and Safeco on behalf of Hausmann-Johnson Insurance, which would help provide over 2,500 hunger-free weekends to children in Waukesha County.

Feeding children all year 10
The Make More Happen Award will go toward purchasing more food for BIABWC Bag Fill events to prevent childhood hunger in Waukasha County, Wisconsin.

“It costs about $4 a week to feed a child through this program,” said Nancy Major, managing director of BIABWC. “The results? Nourished kids ready to learn. Food is an essential building block, and in this case, it’s truly a blessing, especially to a hungry child!”

Vote for this story and help Hausmann-Johnson win $10,000 to feed more kids in partnership with Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County. Use the social media share buttons to add it to your feed, or simply leave a comment below to cheer them on. Then head over to their websites to learn more about Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County and Hausmann-Johnson Insurance.

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10 months ago

I’m proud of Diana and her commitment to her community. Thanks so much!!

Phil Hausmann
10 months ago

Way to help so many in need!

Emily Wortman
10 months ago

What a great cause for a great community!

Aaron Busche
1 year ago

Blessings in a Backpack is an incredible organization and your contributions are making an amazing impact in the community for those in need. Thank you for doing your part to make our part of the world a little better.

Karen Stolen
1 year ago

What a wonderful organization to support! Keep up the good work!

1 year ago

We’re proud of you and all of your hard work, Diana!

Jeff Starck
1 year ago

It is great to see the good side of people come out. Thank You for caring and the work you do to help people. Awesome group for an awesome goal.

Lisa Morris
1 year ago

A great program. Thank you Nancy Major for your leadership

Taylor Scot
1 year ago

This is an awesome organization and anything I can do to help, I am willing! Lets get to 500 votes!

1 year ago

Making a difference in the world starts with making a difference in your community. Diana is such a great example to us all!

1 year ago

Awesome work

Ethan Scherwinski
1 year ago

Wow awesome work! Happy to see stuff like this!

Crista salceda
1 year ago

Wow so cool

Jennifer Waltz
1 year ago


Bonnie Jaskolka
1 year ago

I love volunteering with Blessings. What could be better than helping to feed hungry children?

Mandi Kirby
1 year ago

What a blessing to our community!

Bob Klimko
1 year ago

Happy to support such a worthwhile organization! Thanks for all you do

Rachel H.
1 year ago

I absolutely love this program! I wanted to share that when this started in Waukesha County, my son’s school was one of the first to use Blessings in a Backpack. When I was asked if it would be okay for my son to get this, I was truly blessed. This is a great program and I am grateful that our company helps out with Blessings in a Backpack.

Bob Klimko
1 year ago

The work that Blessings in a Back Pack does is second to none. Your efforts are much appreciated and you work and your hearts a true blessing.

Thank You

Bob Klimko
Director, Market Development
ORBIS Corporation

Aaron Freund
1 year ago

It’s been a fantastic experience helping out with Blessings in a Backpack and understanding all the communities and school children we’ve been able to work with and hopefully make their days/weeks that much better. Well run and great organization to donate time to over the past several years!

Susan Kane
1 year ago

Diana–thanks for all you do for the Waukesha County chapter of Blessings in a Backpack and for the kids the chapter serves!

Brent Glass
1 year ago

Go Blessings!

Catherine Richardson
1 year ago

Amazing!! Keep doing this good work, you have created something very special!

Anne Pulver
1 year ago

I love everything about this! Keep making a difference!!

Mary S
1 year ago

A great example of how we can all make a difference supporting the communities we live and work in!! Thank you Diana!

1 year ago

Thank you for everything you do!

1 year ago

Great Job! Awesome Mission!

Julie Dean
1 year ago


Betsy Schrader
1 year ago

Such an important mission and a great organization!

1 year ago

What an amazing organization!

1 year ago

Great way to make a difference.

Robyn Ludtke
1 year ago

This is an amazing organization! I feel blessed to be apart of it!

1 year ago

Awesome job now open one up in milwaukee

1 year ago

Awesome organization!! Have volunteered with them in the past to help pack bags… they are doing wonderful things for our community!

Sophie McCormack
1 year ago

This is such a great organization!

1 year ago

This took my breath away! I find it incredible that there are people out there who put so much effort and love into an amazing organization! This couldn’t make me any happier 🙂

Jack Hoban
1 year ago

This is AWESOME!

Ronke Jackson
1 year ago

This is an amazing Community Mission making a huge difference in the world!

1 year ago

Thanks for helping feed the children!

Austin Williams
1 year ago

This is awesome!

1 year ago

this is awmazing!!

Jack N
1 year ago

Great cause I fully support it. Good Luck!

1 year ago

Very awesome project

Tasi Bamba
1 year ago

This is amazing!!

Amelie L
1 year ago

Love this organization!

Holly Shaffer-Joers
1 year ago

Very Thankful for Diana and all of the volunteers in this organization. This is a great program with a wonderful way to help the kids in our community!

Jacob Lopez
1 year ago

This is sweet

Reid Spencer
1 year ago

This is great!

ben dover
1 year ago

love this!

Eamon Hays
1 year ago

Love the work!

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