The power of entrepreneurship

J. Archer Insurance reached their goal of 500 votes + shares and won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance for She is a CEO to further their mission of creating opportunities for young girls facing poverty. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them! 

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The J. Archer Insurance Agency & SHE IS A CEO partnered with the Ashley & Adrian Peterson Foundation to give away 10 laptops to deserving girls during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For much of her life, Johnte’ Archer was afraid to tell her story.

Her mother was a drug addict. Her father was murdered when she was 16. And growing up in the poorest part of Houston, she was always caring for either her mom or her siblings—including a brother who was born prematurely and came home from the hospital addicted to drugs.

At that point, Archer essentially became a mom. She was 8.

After years of fighting to keep everything together for everyone else, and doing well in school for herself, the chaotic environment finally caught up her with around 7th grade. “I was hanging with the wrong crowds, doing the wrong things,” she said. “It took some special people to grab me and tell me I was different.”

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Johnte' Archer receiving a Congressional proclamation (on behalf of the SHE IS A CEO Foundation) from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and former City Council Member, Amanda Edwards for the organization's positive impact on young girls and the community.

The power of her story

Today, she owns J. Archer Insurance Group in Houston—and through her She Is A CEO Foundation, she does the same thing for other girls that those special people did for her.

“It wasn’t until these last few years that I started to realize how much power was in my story,” Archer said. “I founded She Is A CEO to provide opportunity to young girls with stories like mine, and to those who just needed to be inspired to dream again.”

‘I founded She Is A CEO to provide opportunity to young girls with stories like mine.’

—Johnte’ Archer, owner of J. Archer Insurance Group

The nonprofit—and the agency, which is heavily involved in both fundraising and programs—works with girls in 6th through 8th grades at schools that have a large percentage of students facing poverty. She Is A CEO offers a full entrepreneurship academy, fellowship with inspiring CEOs of color, and the chance for girls to be mentored by some of the most successful women in the country. Thousands have been exposed to the programs since 2015.

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The She is a CEO organization was founded to encourage entrepreneurship, build self-esteem, independence and the love of charity among young girls and women. Founder and independent agent Johnte' Archer, (front row, third from left), has helped mentor hundreds of middle school girls in the Houston area.

‘They can dream bigger’

“They are able to see beyond their circumstances and know that they can dream bigger than they ever thought possible,” Archer said.

She Is A CEO had to see beyond its own circumstances in 2020, when COVID-19 changed everything, according to Angela Newkirk, program director.

“Little did I know that the pandemic was just the beginning of a new way to do something remarkable and meaningful,” Newkirk said. “It gave us an important lesson in resilience right along with the girls.”

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In spite of the pandemic She is a CEO was able to graduate the 6th, 7th & 8th grade girls from the SHE IS A CEO Entrepreneurship Academy - and awarded each student with a minimum of $1000 for their dynamic business pitches!

A virtual transformation

The nonprofit held its annual pitch competition virtually, giving a new wave of little entrepreneurs $1,000 each to start their first small business. A partnership with the Ashley & Adrian Peterson Foundation provided laptops so girls could attend school online. And this year, She Is A CEO has created a full virtual entrepreneurship academy.

A 2021 Make More Happen Award will help She Is A CEO continue this powerful momentum. The award includes a donation of up to $10,000 from Liberty Mutual and Safeco on behalf of J. Archer Insurance Group—money that will be used to provide scholarships and investments for participants.

“The greatest gift I can give these girls is the spirit of entrepreneurship, from the passion to the freedom it provides and everything in between,” Archer said. “I want to bottle it up and hand it out to every girl I meet.”

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Anthony Newkirk, Sr.
1 year ago

Lives are being transformed and we have Mrs. J. Archer to thank for that!

1 year ago

This is amazing! Such an inspiration. The girls are fortunate to have this exposure as it has the power to change the trajectory of their lives.

Stephanie Chunn
1 year ago

Making a difference in the world one girl at a time is so important this is wonderful many blessings and dreams will come true during difficult times anything is possible

Recha Sofolawe
1 year ago

Leaders, especially natural leaders don’t lead for praise. Mrs. Archer is not only an inspiration to our daughters, but she is a necessary force and source for our community. SHE IS A CEO empowers brilliant young minds to believe and achieve.

Last edited 1 year ago by Recha Sofolawe
Tamela Smith
1 year ago

The positive impact and experiences that you provide is priceless. Thank you for being a true transformative change agent.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tamela Smith
Roshurn A Morgan
1 year ago

This is an awesome program!!!!

Michell Owens
1 year ago

It’s a Blessing to be a Blessing in the lives of young girls who want to be successful but simply need some constructive guidance and alittle “push” with a touch of love! Great Job to Mrs. J. Archer and her Program Director, Mrs. Angela G. Newkirk

Sheila Hill
1 year ago

Thank you Mrs. Archer for all your hard work and support to the young ladies in our community. Your making a difference!

Agnolia B. Gay
1 year ago

This organization is just what today’s young women are in need of.

Claudia McClain
1 year ago

What an inspiring program that helps young women to see the potential within themselves and provides them with the tools and mentorship that will enhance confidence and guarantee future success! Congratulations to Johnte and the J. Archer team!

Tammy Francisco, U.S. Army, MAJ(R)
1 year ago

She is a CEO has given young girls a place to be innovative and to freely discuss their ideas and watch them come to life. My daughter has truly been inspired by J. Archer and her colleagues in the start of her business. Her confidence has spiked and her communication skills are impeccable.

Thank you, She is a CEO

Peel & Holland
1 year ago

Wow! What an amazing impact in the lives of these young girls! You are truly an inspiration.

1 year ago

What an awesome blessing. Wishing you more success.

Veronique Connor
1 year ago

Thanks to Johnte’ Archer and her amazing team at She Is A CEO for encouraging and uplifting these future leaders. Representation matters!

Raymond Nelson
1 year ago

A beautiful soul who has created a wonderful set of opportunities for young ladies to aspire to, and more importantly, realize their aspirations.

1 year ago

Awesome organization

Laurel Ingham
1 year ago

this is awesome!

Anna Dilernia
1 year ago

Great job!

Patrick M Oliver
1 year ago

She is a CEO is creating the next generation of community activists, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Last edited 1 year ago by Patrick M Oliver
SM Terrell
1 year ago

She Is A CEO is an awesome organization! Thank you for helping out! Congratulations to Program Director Angela Newkirk!

Tamika Bearfield
1 year ago

She is CEO wow, I am in awe of the works you are doing by giving young girls an avenue to seeing their dreams come to fruition. Awesome!

Alisa Robinson
1 year ago

This is an awesome organization!

Johnte Archer
1 year ago

We are so excited to have this opportunity. Helping young girls is our passion! Thank you Safeco and Liberty Mutual!!

Sheila Harris
1 year ago

Great opportunity Angela works hard and very passionate about what she does. ❤

1 year ago

What a great cause and organization!

Urica Chevis
1 year ago

The power of women and young girls in entrepreneurship is so monumental. We are in this together!

Obi Arisukwu
1 year ago

Johnté is out to make a difference! You love to see it!

Hayford Kesse
1 year ago

I love this, so inspirational

RACHEL Johnson
1 year ago

Let’s Go, Johnte and the She Is A C.E.O. Family!

Wendy Ford
1 year ago

Absolutely love this!!

Terry Owens
1 year ago

Awesome organization that support the FUTURE CEO’s of tomorrow. Congrats to Angela Newkirk – Keep inspiring these young minds!!!

1 year ago

You are a blessing J Archer!!

Shenetha Simmons
1 year ago

She is a CEO is a blessing to those young girls keep up the great and encouraging work

Kevin Warren
1 year ago

In-powering is the true and pure empowering

Sherise Marshall
1 year ago

Ms. Archer is an amazing woman who is transforming the lives of young women.

Ezinne Ubosi
1 year ago

She is a CEO continues to be a driving force of inspiration to so many young girls in our community. Kudos to such a phenomenal organization!

Dr. Alexia McClerkin
1 year ago

What an amazing woman! I appreciate her and her foundation for all that they do for young girls.

Courtney White
1 year ago

She is a CEO is training the next generation of female entrepreneurs. I love the purpose of this program and cannot wait to see the continued fruit is bears as these young women change the world.

LaMonica Love
1 year ago

Such an amazing story!! I love the work you are doing with these young ladies!

Rhonda Crisp
1 year ago

Congratulations on this great award and Thank you for being an inspiration!

Richard Miles
1 year ago

Johnte’, I am so extremely proud of you and the work that you are doing with She is a CEO, J. Archer Insurance Group and the community at large. Not only are you operating in your purpose, you inspiring and helping others do the same. I appreciate you for being the change agent that you are.

Kyra Renel Hardwick
1 year ago

My daughter and her classmates are forever changed by the mentorship of She’s a CEO!

W. Carter
1 year ago

The guidance and the inspiration that SHE IS A CEO is providing an amazing and remarkable experience to the young ladies who are participating in the program.

Ronnie Gomez
1 year ago

Awesome!! Great stuff

Arquella Hargrove
1 year ago

She is a CEO is transforming the lives of young women. Support She is a CEO today!
Thank you for all that you do!

Tracy K
1 year ago

What an amazing organization! Thank you for your hardwood and dedication to the youth!!

Renee Andreasen
1 year ago

What a wonderful gift for young women. Thank you for doing this!

Kandice Sullivan
1 year ago

Love everything about She is a CEO!!

Yassmin Ibrahim
1 year ago

What’s Johnte & her team are doing is absolutely amazing and changing lives forever.

1 year ago

Wonderful organization that is really making a difference!!!

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