Serving those who serve us

Serving those who serve us

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Mainline Insurance Services reached their goal of 500 votes + shares and won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance for Big Table, whose mission is to provide triage crisis care and ongoing coaching and support for restaurant and hospitality workers. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

Entire communities rest on a foundation of restaurant and hospitality workers. These individuals are an essential part of our daily lives, and yet they often don’t get the services they need to thrive in their own daily lives.

Serving those who serve us 3

The restaurant and hospitality industry hires more people from vulnerable demographics than any other sector of the economy and many have little or no safety net. Big Table is the only non-profit in the country that is focused on providing triage crisis care and ongoing coaching and support for these workers. Big Table takes every step necessary to ensure that those in this industry who require care and assistance can receive it.

The organization is equipped to address all areas of a person’s life including food and housing stability, medical care, addiction recovery, job readiness, mental health support and more.

Serving those who serve us
Independent agent at Mainline Insurance, Ramses Hernandez, has served at every Big Table dinner, which honors service industry workers, since the nonprofit expanded to Chula Vista, California in 2019.

In love with the cause

Since Big Table’s founding in March 2019, Mainline Insurance in Chula Vista, California has had a volunteer presence. “While we were advising Big Table on their insurance we also just fell in love with their cause,” says Ramses Hernandez, a Commercial Broker at Mainline. “Now more than a quarter of our staff is involved through volunteering.”

“While we were advising Big Table on their insurance we also just fell in love with their cause.”
Ramses Hernandez, Mainline Insurance

Serving those who serve us 4
A volunteer from Mainline Insurance helps donate a car to a Big Table Care Recipient!

The mission in action

Three times each year, the nonprofit hosts a dinner event for people working in the industry, complete with up to seven courses prepared by one of the city’s top chefs. Mainline has volunteered at every dinner since Big Table’s founding.

At one of the industry dinners, Big Table surprised one of their guests – a single mom-to-be – with a much-needed stroller, car seat and package of diapers.

According to Jesse Vigil, Big Table’s City Director in San Diego, big gestures like these are what this non-profit is all about. “The goal of Big Table is to care for every individual that gets referred to us to the best of our ability, whatever their situation is, with no strings attached,” said Vigil.

We’re going to be with you through the dark moments, and there’s no judgment.”
Jesse Vigil, San Diego City Director for Big Table

Serving those who serve us 2
Mainline Insurance and Big Table partnered to provide food and essential items to a hospitality worker who was furloughed during the pandemic.

The need persists

Over the course of this pandemic, few businesses have been hit harder than bars, restaurants and other hospitality providers. According to Vigil, though we’re beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the real-life needs of those working in these establishments haven’t faded. “We’re going to be with these workers through the dark moments, and there’s no judgement.” said Vigil.

Your vote is much more than a simple share or comment. That click means Big Table is one step closer to a total of $10,000. With care needs averaging between $250-$500 per care recipient, that’s up to 40 people and their families served. Visit the Mainline Insurance Services and Big Table websites to learn more.

553 Votes
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3 years ago

This is perfect!!

Jack Eiselt
3 years ago

I loved learning about Big Table and Mainline’s important work! Good luck to the team!

3 years ago

How wonderful this is! Way to spread the love!

Tom Adamson
3 years ago

Jesse and Company are incredible, committed, and have hearts for service.

Samantha Smith
3 years ago

Thanks for recognizing the need and giving back to the communities hit hardest by the pandemic!

3 years ago

This is amazing!

Tami Kennedy
3 years ago

I love Big Table!

Sharon Swanson
3 years ago


Tony Lopez
3 years ago

You guys are amazing! and what a positive impact for our community!

Linnea Goodrich
3 years ago

Big Table is the nest and I totally support what you guys are doing. God Bless ❤️

3 years ago

Love what you do!

3 years ago

Love Big Table! Thanks for supporting our indsutry’s fodservice workers!

Sharina Hicks
3 years ago

This is so awesome! Thank you, Mainline Insurance. You’ve got my vote!

3 years ago

Big Table is amazing! Love working with their teams.

3 years ago

BIG Table is a game changing organization. BIG Table and their supporters go beyond what defines A charitable organization. It’s about building community. Through their actions and philosophy the founders of BIG Table have set an example of what it looks like to love and “feed” others in their moment of need. Amazing organization!

Julius Caesar Navarro
3 years ago

Super cool!!!!

Nicole Eggers
3 years ago

Love Big Table!

Joey Mongold
3 years ago

Big table rocks my socks off

Mary Deluna
3 years ago

Big Table is a game changer. Thank you Big Table and Mainline.

Willie DePascale
3 years ago

very cool

Megan Palmer
3 years ago

Wow! What a phenomenal organization! Thank you for all you do to help those in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Laura Robles
3 years ago

Awesome work!

Meghan Long
3 years ago

Yay! Thanks Mainline!!

Meghan Long
3 years ago

Thanks Mainline!

3 years ago

Let’s go! Thank you Mainline!

3 years ago

Keep it up Big Table!

3 years ago

This is amazing! Woohoo

Leah vigil
3 years ago

Love big table!!

3 years ago

Yes Big Table!! Doing such good work and getting the attention it deserves!

3 years ago

Thanks for your support of the restaurant industry!

Natalie Garcia
3 years ago

I cannot believe the work that Big Table does to help our restaurant and hospitality community!

3 years ago

Big Table is incredible! I love this organization.

Desiree Lopez
3 years ago

Big table is absolutely awesome!

Mary Robin Jensen
3 years ago

This is an absolutely amazing thing that is being done.

3 years ago

LOVE big table and all that they do!

3 years ago


Jesi Rae
3 years ago

I love Big Table

3 years ago

Gods love in action! ❤️

Brian Myers
3 years ago

Big Table is amazing! Jesse and his team have saved my butt during this ordeal. Thank you for everything you have done for me and others insurance industry.

Abby Call
3 years ago

We love big table! Thank you for the way you love our community!

Andrew Call
3 years ago

Love Big Table! They should get 100,000

3 years ago

We love Big Table

3 years ago

Big Table is amazing!

Alex R.
3 years ago

Big Table deserves this with the great work they do.

3 years ago

Make more happen! Let’s Go!!!!!!

3 years ago

Great job to all involved. This is a worthy cause.

Jerome B
3 years ago

Road to 500! Go Mainline

3 years ago

Big Table does awesome things for those in need. Thanks for supporting them.

Matthew Szymanski
3 years ago

I love Big Tables vision!

Phyllis Sarkaria
3 years ago

Go Big Table! You are changing lives for the better!

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