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Peel & Holland Insurance reached their goal of 500 votes + shares and won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance for Soup for the Soul, whose mission is to feed the hungry in Calloway County. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

The office of Peel & Holland Insurance in Murray, Kentucky, is about 100 feet away from Soup for the Soul, a nonprofit that serves the hungry in Calloway County with “food for the body, kindness for the soul, and hope for the future.”

But in reality, Soup for the Soul is even closer to Peel & Holland—because agency president Roy Riley and his wife, Jennifer, have been involved since shortly after it was founded.

“Peel & Holland has been entrenched in Soup for the Soul from the early stages,” said Kenny Roth, a risk advisor for the company. Roth was recruited by Jennifer Riley to serve in the soup kitchen after she saw the passion that founder Debbie Smith had for feeding the hungry.

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Coming together to fulfill a dream

“Debbie realized that each day, many in our area were hungry and without food,” he said. “But the nearest place for them to receive a hot meal was miles away. So we all banded together to help her dream become a reality.”

The day it launched in 2015, Soup for the Soul served sandwiches to 10 people. Now, it provides over 100 hot meals some days—and the Summer Lunch & Literacy Program feeds both mind and body, delivering meals and books for over 300 kids a week when school is out.

‘We’re ready to serve at a moment’s notice.’

—Kenny Roth, risk advisor at Peel & Holland Insurance

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Three Peel & Holland employees, Clare Boggess, DJ Story and Tyler Bohannon, prepare 100 to-go boxes for Soup for the Soul.

The agency’s involvement has continued to grow as well, with the Rileys remaining a driving force. Roy assists in guiding the nonprofit’s vision and goals, while raising funds and even serving as “lead dishwasher.” Jennifer, a longtime board member, also chaired the board for three years and spearheaded the summer program for kids. Roth joined the board soon after Soup for the Soul opened, and is in the kitchen weekly.

In total, 15 Peel & Holland employees are involved, with a group regularly volunteering for a six-hour shift one day a month preparing and serving dinner. “We’re ready to serve at a moment’s notice,” Roth said.

“The work we do could not continue without people like Kenny, Roy, and Jennifer—and companies like Peel & Holland,” said Olivia Robison, program manager and volunteer coordinator at Soup for the Soul. “As the need has grown during the pandemic, their support is more vital than ever.”

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Olivia Robison, program manager and volunteer coordinator and a volunteer, David Morgan, with the many fruit baskets given by the nonprofit during Thanksgiving 2020.

Steady support in the wake of COVID

Peel & Holland is still there for Soup for the Soul, even while in-person volunteering is restricted. When the nonprofit created a to-go meal system in the wake of COVID-19, requiring modifications to the building, the agency not only helped spread the word about the project, but made a substantial contribution as well.

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And a 2021 Make More Happen Award will help Soup for the Soul continue to provide a sense of community in addition to nourishment—“more than just soup,” as the nonprofit’s motto says. The award includes a donation of up to $10,000 from Safeco and Liberty Mutual on behalf of Peel & Holland.

“The appreciation and genuine gratitude of the people we serve at the kitchen each day makes it all worthwhile,” Roth said. “We’re not just feeding hungry people. We’re building relationships that help them grow mentally and spiritually as well.”

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574 Votes
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Phillip Hunt
2 years ago

Peel & Holland is a great agency supporting a great cause. As usual, they set the bar for the rest of us to follow.

Brittney Stinnett
2 years ago

Thankful to be part of team that passionately cares for our community! 

Adam Murphy
2 years ago

Best of luck to our KY Keystone Partners, Peel & Holland, and Soup for the Soul!! Both are outstanding organizations in Western KY that do great work for those they serve!!

2 years ago

What a wonderful way to raise people up!

Elizabeth Schenk
3 years ago

Seeing the humanitarian efforts of Peel & Holland does not surprise me, that’s what good people do.

Tamela Darnell
3 years ago

Keep up the great work!

3 years ago
  • Peel & Holland has my vote! Keep up the great work with Soup for the Soul!
Barbara Cook
3 years ago

What a beautiful way to help the community

Christian Barnes
3 years ago

A great organization for our MKY community!

Dorothy Wilson
3 years ago

Great community effort.

Denham Rogers
3 years ago

What a great service for the community.

Courtenay Stocker
3 years ago

Thanks for all your work in the community!

Jack Kerr
3 years ago

Soup for the Soul is a top notch humanitarian organization. We are lucky to have them in our community!

3 years ago

How wonderful! Keep up the great work touching lives!

Ronnie Hoffman
3 years ago

We love Soup for the Soul! It’s so important and beneficial.

Laura Ken Hoffman
3 years ago

I am so thankful for what Soup for the Soul does for everyone in Murray!

Maddie Foriest
3 years ago

I’m thankful that our community has an organization like this for people in need. Thank you for what you do.

Terry Strieter
3 years ago

Soup for the Soul is such a worthy endeavor, it is obvious that Peel & Holland are stepping up to the plate to support this cause

Darcy Locker
3 years ago

Great job Peel & Holland!

Kelly Locker
3 years ago

My vote is for Peel & Holland!

Emma Locker
3 years ago

I am so proud of this team!

Kelly Locker
3 years ago

This is awesome!

Randy Smith
3 years ago

A great project for Peel & Holland and Calloway County.

Kim Strickland
3 years ago

Great job guys!!!

3 years ago

Commendable. Great job folks.

3 years ago

What a blessing for our community to have Soup for the Soul and Peal & Holland!

Amber B
3 years ago

Thank you for all you do!!

C. Curtis
3 years ago

Such a worthy cause! Poverty kills. Kudos and blessings to all who serve this organization.

Tammy Wade
3 years ago

Soup for the Soul feeds so many who might otherwise miss meals for multiple days. It allows community members and organizations to come together to provide the next meal. Soup for the Soul is a beautiful and God inspired daily journey.

Allison Burger
3 years ago

Amazing work!

Phillip Robinson
3 years ago

Y’all do such great service for the community! Here’s to helping you reach your goal!

3 years ago

Doing great work for the community! Thanks for all you do!

Brooke Donnelly
3 years ago

Big fan of Soup for the Soul! They are a great addition to our community!

Karen Wright
3 years ago

What a worthy cause!

Allen McKeel
3 years ago

Soup for the Soul’s service to the community is so needed and such a blessing to all. Thank you Peel and Holland for your giving spirit.

Ryan Polczynski
3 years ago

What a great service! Thank you

Pam Wilkerson
3 years ago

This is wonderful

Michael Corder
3 years ago

What an amazing outreach!

Cecili Corder
3 years ago

This is a incredible way to give back to such a strong community . Thanks for program and the help they get from the local businesses and locals.

Ben G
3 years ago

Wonderful work y’all are doing. Keep it up, and may God bless you!

Kimberly Grenier
3 years ago

Awesome opportunity!

Mike Rice
3 years ago

Really awesome! Way to go.

Martha Polczynski
3 years ago

What a blessing this is!

Michele Grathwohl
3 years ago

So good you are helping so many people!

Lisa Cope
3 years ago

I hear so many fabulous things about how Soup for the Soul helps people in our community. I loved reading their story!

Cherie Shelton
3 years ago

How wonderful for the community!

Jenna Keith
3 years ago

Way to Go, Soup for the Soul!!!

Angie Bogard
3 years ago

Go soup for the soul!!! How exciting.

Jerry Pace
3 years ago

Thankful for soup for the Sole for the great mission they do

3 years ago

What a great community-minded partnership!

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