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Johnson Insurance needs your vote by August 31 to win $10,000 for Cognition. Read about their amazing dedication to providing interactive, community spaces for people of all ages to come together through play, exploration and creative growth.

They say knowledge is power. But for the small town of Mocksville, North Carolina, knowledge is much more than that. It’s a driving force for community, togetherness and growth.


“We want to create an interactive space for children, families and the community to play and learn together.”

— Becca Lard, education center manager, Cognition


Helping children develop their passions

Not many towns can say they have a museum specifically for children. Cognition made this a reality for Mocksville when they founded a children’s museum and an all-ages Makerspace to enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Children come to the museum for hands-on learning about topics including science, technology, engineering, arts and math. They’re able to explore different hobbies and life skills that help shape their growing interests and future careers.

In addition to the children’s museum, Cognition offers a Makerspace for teens and adults, where they can take classes on practical life skills like sewing and cooking, or new technology like 3D printing. “We want to create an interactive space for children, families and the community to play and learn together,” says Becca Lard, education center manager at Cognition. “Learning is for everyone.”

Partnering through the ups and downs

Johnson Insurance has been involved with Cognition since the very beginning. With shared goals to provide education and build strong personal relationships in the community, the partnership was a natural fit.

Cognition had just opened in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders forced the team to close their doors. Johnson Insurance was at the ready, helping to adjust the nonprofit’s insurance coverages as needed and identify opportunities for grants and financial assistance.

As Cognition opened back up in June 2021, the Johnson Insurance team was eager for more hands-on volunteering. Several staff members signed up to help lead children’s field trips. Jessica Yarbrough, vice president of operations at Johnson Insurance, joined Cognition’s board of directors and helped ramp up programming.

The collaboration reached an all-time high earlier this year when two Cognition staff members had to call in sick right before a field trip for 75 children and their parents. When the Johnson Insurance team heard what was going on, they jumped right in to help facilitate. “We were so thrilled to help when Cognition needed us most,” says Jessica Yarbrough.


“We were so thrilled to help when Cognition needed us most.”
— Jessica Yarbrough, vice president of operations, Johnson Insurance



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A Make More Happen Award from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance will allow Cognition to upgrade its customer relationship management (CRM) software, invest in staff development and grow the Makerspace class offerings.

Help Johnson Insurance win the full $10,000 donation for Cognition by cheering them on with a vote!

If your agency volunteers with a 501(c)3 nonprofit, learn how you can win a Make More Happen Award here.

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M. Choate
1 year ago

Great Job, everyone!

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1 year ago

Great Job Gang!!

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1 year ago

Good luck

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1 year ago

Rotary Rocks

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1 year ago

Rotary group is awesome!

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