Helping kids experiencing homelessness

Thrive Insurance reached their goal of 500 votes + shares and won a $10,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance for Positive Tomorrows, whose mission is partnering with homeless families to educate their children and create pathways to success. Congrats to the team and thank you for supporting them!

Far too many children in the United States experience homelessness, and with that, diminished access to schooling too.

Helping kids experiencing homelessness 2Barb Olson, of Thrive Insurance, delivers 100 stuffed toys to Precious Timmons, development associate at Positive Tomorrows, for the annual Merry Market.

A shared goal

The only elementary school in Oklahoma devoted solely to educating children experiencing homelessness, Positive Tomorrows focuses on three areas: reducing barriers, supporting families and providing a robust education.

When Thrive Insurance Founder and CEO Taylor Richardson first learned about Positive Tomorrows, he knew it was the perfect partnership for his agency. To give back to his community, Richardson had recently developed a community outreach program, called Thrive Kids, to provide meals to food insecure children. While researching the best way to achieve his goal, he came across Positive Tomorrows, which was the leading organization supporting children who are not part of a regular school lunch program in Oklahoma.

Bettering the future for children experiencing homelessness 1
Students at Positive Tomorrows enjoy a break from class on the playground. The work of Positive Tomorrows and their partners like Thrive Insurance, allow kids who are experiencing homelessness, the chance to be kids and learn in a positive growth environment.

“We learned just how many needs in the community were being met by Positive Tomorrows …”

 – Taylor Richardson, founder and CEO of Thrive Insurance

As Richardson notes, “We met with the Positive Tomorrows team, and we learned just how many needs in the community were being met by Positive Tomorrows – such as food, clothing, schooling, housing stability and the Merry Market at Christmas too. The partnership just made sense.”

Bettering the future for children experiencing homelessness
Cassie, Barb and Taylor of Thrive Insurance at the entrance to Positive Tomorrows.

From gift-giving to mentoring

All ten employees of Thrive Insurance lend a helping hand to Positive Tomorrows. For each policy written, Thrive Kids provides funding for a meal at Positive Tomorrows. Around the holidays, Thrive Kids sells Christmas-themed T-shirts through social media and donates 100% of the proceeds to Positive Tomorrows. The whole Thrive team supports the Merry Market event by coordinating gift donations, wrapping gifts, assisting parents with gift selection and supplying snacks.

Helping kids experiencing homelessness
The Thrive team spends the day wrapping presents and assisting parents with toy selection at the annual Merry Market.

Thrive employees Karen Jackson and Barb Olson also serve as school volunteers, where they spend time with the kids and add stability, encouragement and support to the children’s lives. “The team at Thrive Insurance is truly dedicated to the children that we serve,” said Margaret Creighton, executive vice president of Positive Tomorrows. “It’s these consistent, personal relationships that really have an impact on these children’s lives.”

“The team at Thrive Insurance is truly dedicated to the children that we serve.” 

– Margaret Creighton, executive vice president of Positive Tomorrows

Dreaming big

The Thrive Insurance team looks forward to continuing to feed and mentor children through this time of uncertainty and beyond. “The impact of $10,000 on an entire family, who will have the opportunity to be on a path to success, is limitless.” said Richardson.

Helping kids experiencing homelessness 1
Taylor Richardson, of Thrive Insurance, seated at Clayton’s Clubhouse, a custom reading nook at Positive Tomorrows.

Vote by using the social share buttons to the left or by leaving a comment below. The more votes and comments, the closer Positive Tomorrows gets to a $10,000 donation, which would provide a scholarship for one child’s entire year of education and after-school programming, and support for their family to get into and maintain housing. Visit Thrive Insurance or Positive Tomorrows to learn more.

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10 months ago

What a wonderful program to connect to an undersupported community!

Amy Turner
10 months ago

Great Organization

Janice Parris
1 year ago

This is awesome!

1 year ago

Thank you, Positive Tomorrows, for all you do to support families in OKC.

1 year ago

Awesome initiative! Best of luck to Thrive and Positive Tomorrows!

Hannah Morris
1 year ago

I have always loved the mission and heart of this organization – Rooting for Positive Tomorrows all the way!

1 year ago

Positive tomorrows is great!

Aj hawkins
1 year ago

Giving back helping others love the positive energy

Michelle S Sopp
1 year ago

What a great partnership between Thrive and Positive Tomorrows!

Alice McMillin
1 year ago

Awesome and great

1 year ago

Wonderful organization!!

Becky Endicott
1 year ago

Rooting for Positive Tomorrows and all our special kids, families, teachers and staff who make this important work possible!

1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows is such a supportive and uplifting place for all of the families it serves!

1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows is doing great work with kids. Thank you for supporting them!

1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows is an amazing organization.

1 year ago

Thank you for all you do! This is amazing!!

Diana Valencis
1 year ago

Amazing Group! Happy to support

Diana Valencis
1 year ago

Great Cause! Happy to support!

1 year ago

Great Cause!

1 year ago

Community Speaks Out has my vote!

1 year ago

Good luck Thrive!

Robin Gallagher
1 year ago

Gladly have my vote

1 year ago

Such an amazing organization and need in our city

Sarah Hale
1 year ago

I love seeing local businesses with heart! Thank you, Thrive Insurance, for the support you give to Positive Tomorrows.

Jessica Confer
1 year ago

Thank you for supporting such a wonderful organization. Positive Tomorrows is able to make a difference in the lives of children because of your generosity.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jessica Confer
1 year ago

Children need all the support they can get and they are our future! Thanks Thrive for supporting such a special cause!

1 year ago

Loving this!!!

Chris Collins
1 year ago

Thanks for all you do!

Callee Mason
1 year ago
Lexi Skaggs
1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows is a true catalyst for change! Please support them

Sandy Milbourn
1 year ago

Love Positive Tomorrows for all love they give to these kiddos!!

1 year ago

LOOOOVE mentoring for the kiddos at positive Tomorrows!

Marissa Stinson
1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows does wonderful things. So thankful for the kids they have helped

1 year ago

I can’t say enough good things about Positive Tomorrows! They are a great organization!

1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows is making such a great impact!

Last edited 1 year ago by Misty
1 year ago


Dana Johnson
1 year ago

Vote today so that Positive Tomorrows can make an even bigger impact on the lives of those children in need! Please help us support this amazing organization! Thankful for agency partners to help support our efforts like Thrive Insurance!

Fynley Johnson
1 year ago

What an amazing organization! I’m proud to see all the great work Thrive is doing to support this fantastic cause!

1 year ago

Anything that helps kids is a good thing

Kelsey Ricks
1 year ago

My time serving at Positive Tomorrows was a pivotal point in my career path to teaching because it taught me so much about the systemic issues and complex needs that so many children in our community face. They are doing such important work!

1 year ago

Great job Thrive, this is a wonderful organization to help!

1 year ago

What a great service to the community!

Kathy Nix
1 year ago

Positive Tomorrow’s makes a difference in the lives of children! Wonderful organization! You are awesome!

Emily Tackett
1 year ago

Positive Tomorrows is the best place on this planet probably.

Greg Illston
1 year ago

Great cause

1 year ago

What a wonderful organization! Love seeing kids get a better chance

1 year ago

Share the love!

1 year ago


Kiley Gauthier
1 year ago

Thank you Thrive Insurance for helping the amazing children of Positive Tomorrows!!!

1 year ago

Love positive tomorrows!

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