A home away from home

HUB International Missoula needs your vote by August 31 to win $10,000 for the Missoula Ronald McDonald House. Read about their dedication to reduce the stress and financial burden of being away from home for an extended time for a child’s medical treatment, by providing families with meals and a free or low-cost place to stay. Then vote for them by using the social media share buttons or by leaving a comment when you reach the end of their story.

Sharing the burden

Children coping with an illness need many things to recover, and the presence and support of family is at the top of the list. But when a family must travel to access care, it can add financial stress to an already traumatic situation. To help reduce this burden, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) provides the resources and support system families need to be together during a difficult, stressful time. It’s also their policy to never turn a family away because of an inability to pay.

A home away from home

Employees of HUB International Missoula performing house and yard maintenance at the Missoula Ronald McDonald House in the fall of 2021.

RMHC operates around the world, and each Ronald McDonald House plays a vital role in its community. In Missoula, the House is located across the street from the Community Medical Center, the city’s main hospital. This location makes it easier for families to be actively involved in their children’s care, while also giving parents and guardians a comfortable place to stay, and some solace, as long as needed.

A home away from home 4

Troy Carlson of HUB International puts in time, treasure, and talent with yard tools for the Missoula Ronald McDonald House.

Open every day of the year, the Missoula Ronald McDonald House has 12 rooms with private bathrooms available for guests. Families also have access to kitchens, a dining area, a fully stocked pantry, laundry rooms, a family game room and other amenities. Plus, several nights a week, guests are treated to home-cooked meals prepared by volunteers.

“The employees of the Missoula Ronald McDonald House are some of the most caring people I have ever met.”

– Gary Schild, HUB Gives Regional Coordinator, HUB International Mountain States Limited

Building a support system

HUB International offers business insurance products to customers across the U.S. and Canada. Through its HUB Gives program, each regional office selects a local cause to support, and its Missoula location chose to care for the Ronald McDonald House. This includes doing yard work and maintenance at the House, preparing meals for guests and spending time with the families to make them feel cared for and welcome.

The agency also donates money for meals and operating expenses, and supports House staff so they can focus on serving families. During the pandemic lockdown, when meals couldn’t be prepared in the House, the agency donated gift cards from local restaurants for families to use.

A home away from home 8

HUB Gives often sponsors meals for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. During the pandemic when they couldn’t home cook a meal like this one, they donated gift cards for the residents to use at local restaurants for food to-go.

“The employees of the Missoula Ronald McDonald House are some of the most caring people I have ever met,” said Gary Schild, the regional coordinator of the HUB Gives program. “We are touched by their dedication and proud to support them however we can.”


Much more than a place to sleep

The Missoula Ronald McDonald House operates on a tight budget and with limited staff, so it relies heavily on volunteers from the community to accomplish its vital work. “The House is more than just a place to sleep that’s close to the hospital,” said Amy Peterson, the CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Montana. “It’s a support system for families. And every day we depend on donors and volunteers like those from HUB International to help us fulfill our mission.”

“The Ronald McDonald House is more than just a place to sleep that’s close to the hospital. It’s a support system.”

Amy Peterson, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Montana

Counting on the dedication of donors    

The Missoula Ronald McDonald House primarily relies on grants, donations and volunteers to do its work. A $10,000 gift from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance would help the nonprofit pay for staffing, bedding, toys, health and hygiene supplies, food, furniture, house maintenance and other needed items. Help HUB International Missoula win another $5,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Montana by leaving a comment below and sharing their story to social media using the buttons to the left.

If your agency volunteers with a 501(c)3 nonprofit, learn how you can win a Make More Happen Award here.

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2 months ago

Wonderful organization!

2 months ago

Awesome charity ! Great job HUB!

2 months ago

Way to go HUB!!!

3 months ago

Love the Ronlad McDonald House!

Lauren M
3 months ago

Way to go HUB!

Mark Jones
3 months ago

Critical operation…would love to see an outpouring of community support !!

Madison Jones
3 months ago

Great organization!

Carmen Jacobson
3 months ago

What’s great cause!!

3 months ago

Great work!!

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Michael Armstrong
3 months ago

Go Hub!

Troy Ellis
3 months ago

I will forever do what I can to support RMHC. What a wonderful organization!!

Michelle Ross
3 months ago

Great work, HUB! Love to hear about your contribution!

Abby Roosendaal
3 months ago

I love this cause!! Thank you Hub!!

Aiden Steeley
3 months ago

Way to go! Keep up the hard work!

Liz Steeley
3 months ago

Such an amazing organization, I’m happy to see the work that being done in our community!

Joan Bolliger
3 months ago

This is such an important cause! Congrats on your award!

Elizabeth Espinosa
3 months ago

So close! Great work team – keep up the hard work!!

3 months ago

Love this! Go HUB!!

Beth Handley
3 months ago

Good luck

Mariah Kulkin
3 months ago

Congratulations on your award!

Susan Rasmussen
3 months ago

Great place to give back.

Deanna Roberts
3 months ago

HUB Mountain Rocks!!!

Paula Russell
3 months ago

What an outstanding organization – Thank you HUB for the great work you are doing!

3 months ago

Thank you HUB for your support.

Christi Wallace
3 months ago

If you’ve spent even a few days sleeping in a hospital chair due to a child whose ill – or worse weeks, you’ll know how incredibly important an organization like this is. Thanks HUB International Missoula for supporting the Missoula Ronald McDonald House!

renee niemi
3 months ago

What a great organization to support!

Erin Matury
3 months ago

Great job Missoula!!

3 months ago

Great Work!

Alli Kelly
3 months ago

The most amazing deserving place I can think of!

3 months ago

Make a difference Hub!

Denise Metcalf
3 months ago

Keep up the good work HUB Missoula

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Angie Atkinson
3 months ago

Go Hub!

Jim O'Day
3 months ago

Hard to explain the value and importance of the Ronald McDonald House in a few words. It’s made an incredible difference in the lives of so many people.

Karen Weaver
3 months ago

The RMH is amazing. They always have my vote!!

Angela Carlson
3 months ago

Yes! Love Ronald McDonald House!

3 months ago

Yes! RMHC is so very deserving of this generous community project.

Mattison Schilling
3 months ago

Another vote from me!

3 months ago

You have my vote! Great work!

Tim Waldo
3 months ago

Glad to help

Kathy Waldo
3 months ago

You have my vote!

Heather Ziegenbusch
3 months ago

Thank you for making a difference!

3 months ago

Love it! Thank you guys!

3 months ago

Good Luck!

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3 months ago

You have my vote!

Jaime G
3 months ago

Proud of you, Missoula!!

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3 months ago

Great job!

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